Pre-requisite Order

  1. Like almost everyone else, I have to take Anatomy, Physiology, Micro before I can apply to nursing school. I took them all before -- 35 years ago! LOL So I need to take them again.

    1. What order should I take them in?

    2. Chem isn't required, but I think I need to take Chem also as a refresher course (I can't imagine that I wouldn't need to for Micro), but should I take it before Micro or before Physiology?

    3. Since it's been so long since I've taken any of these courses, should I take just general Biology before I take anything else?

    I'm teaching myself medical terminology over the summer with a book and CD, just to give myself a headstart.

    Anything else I should know?

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  3. by   marilynmom
    Well here is what i have done: I took Anatomy first, then I will take Physiology ( anatomy and an intro chem course are both pre reqs before physiology at my school). Intro to Chem and either cell biology, zoology, etc pre req before Microbiology at my school.

    Have you talked to a counselor to see what you need to take and the format they sugget? I dont take anything I dont need to take because of the time involved. I do want to take a medical terminology class before I start nursing school though if at all possible.

    I think that is great you are learning some medical terminology over the summer....I really need to do the same. I also really enjoyed reading Echo Heron books as well, Ive learned a lot from those and they are fun to read too.

  4. by   RNIAM
    Unless you were horrible in Chemistry I wouldn't take it unless you need to. What you do need to know really isn't a ton but of course it's up to you. Most school have an order in which you take certain classes. I had to take A&P 1 before I could take Micro.
  5. by   GraceyB
    Of course every school is different. Chemistry is required before I can take A&PI. I agree with Marilynmom, speak to a counselor at your school before you register for anything.
  6. by   zannie
    Ditto regarding the counselor! That way you know you won't miss taking something or plan to take one thing that you needed something else for. ARGH, that would stink!

    Our school's nursing department has an admissions advisor who specifically helps with pre-nursing students and their prereqs... so maybe call the nursing department you plan to apply for!! They'll probably be pretty full of information for ya!

  7. by   zannie
    P.S. seeking help from the nursing department as well, might allow your name to be known there - esp. as someone who was trying really hard! Can't hurt!
  8. by   BellaTerra2002
    Thanks for the info! And I'll talk with the counselor also.
  9. by   Rhoresmith
    I had to take a General Bio class before I could take A&P because my other Bio was 25 years ago. The counselor's at my school were very nice and we mapped everything out. I have been accepted into the LPN program and am on standby for ADN and part of the reason is that in the Spring semester and Summer I have been able to get so many prereqs out of the way and maintain mostly A with only one B and that is taking 17 crdt hours and 12 over the summer. I am following the map but just at a faster rate then they planned but YOU have to do what you can so Good Luck and make an appointment with your counselor

  10. by   2banurse
    Because it has been such a long time since you've been in school, I would strongly suggest that you do as Rhoresmith suggests and take a General bio class. In my case, I had taken a human body class which was strictly lecture. When I got into A&P1, the class helped me so much that I finished at the top of my class. It gave me a strong foundation.

    I would definitely take Introductory courses in science before you take A&P1. It'll also help your confidence.

  11. by   BellaTerra2002
  12. by   renerian
    I took chemistry, life science 1 which is akin to biology, micro then life science 2..

  13. by   2ner
    My school requires A&P 1&2 and the englishes and math before the first nursing class, but you have until the beginning of the third semester to take micro. So talk to the counselor at ur nursing school. They'll be able to guide you.

    My school doesn't require chem either (although I DID take it about 4 years ago....not gonna take it again until I enter the RN-BSN program).

    I'm not taking anything that's not required b/c I wanted to be able to study MORE thru the breaks between semesters that way I'll be up to snuff when clinicals start in August, but that's just me. Like you, I'm trying to learn all I can about med terminolgy and all the fun stuff, so I'll have a better grasp on it before clinicals start.

    I took anp 1, then the next semester anp 2 and I'll start the first semester of clinical rotations in the fall, then take the 2nd semester of clin. rotations and then micro the summer before my 3rd semester (sure that's not recommended by some here, but b/c of financial aid and all that, that's the ONLY option I had).

    good luck!
  14. by   Mkue
    Since you already have such good advice already I just want to say ..

    Good Luck ! You can do it