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  1. Can you please tell me your experience on taking oline classes form your colleges. I'm thinking about taking a class online, no attendance required. Thanks for your info.
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  3. by   nursejws
    I'm thinking of taking medical term. as an online course in the fall.

    StudentRNTX...where are you going to school?
  4. by   GPatty
    I took Psychology over the Internet. (Specially set up by the school). Personally, I loved it! I could do my class when I had the time, and take my time to read and re read something if I didn't quite understand it the first time around.
    Give it a shot~~ you'll enjoy it too, I'm sure!

  5. by   sbonaparte
    I personally found taking online classes really fulfilling. I took nutrition, and government online. In the fall I'll be taking A&P, Life Span, Art Apprec. And History through a college in Houston all online. This is really great if you have a family. Good luck to you!!!

  6. by   christinemj
    I absolutely LOVE online classes!!!!

    I just finished Medical Terminology a few weeks an A (100%!!! and just finished A&P I last week (another A . I took both classes at VERY distant schools, and had the exams sent to my local community college, where I went to write the (proctored) midterms and finals. Boy, was I STRESSED taking those exams, but it was exhilerating too!!

    I found it SO much more enjoyable learning this way, and I think I learned MORE because I was "seeking" more knowledge....rather than dreading studying because I had to sit in a classroom for X hours listening to a professor's monotone. KWIM?? (Nothing puts me to sleep faster LOL)

    I registered for 2 more online classes next semester (plus 2 "in-person" classes). I plan to take as many classes as I can online. I'm THRILLED That this option is available...especially with 3 small kids at home!

  7. by   RNIAM
    I found it boring. I like the classroom interaction. The courses are fine and I believe a little easier than going in to college. I think if you prefer independant study then online courses are the place for you. If you prefer alot of feedback from peers etc then you may be better off at a college. Good luck either way
  8. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    I have to take Psychology on-line for Summer 3.

    If I could pay them a thousand dollars and take a "C" right now I would do it.

    I'd rather take "Music Appreciation,My Greatest Hits"

    From Yoko Ono!
  9. by   nightingale
    Peeps: That is pretty a pretty drastic thought; Yoko Ono teaching Music Appreciation. You would probably have to get on a ladder and read through a peep whole about the Music Titiles!

    I love Online Courses but do miss my study buddies oh so much. It is wonderful in taking an online class when a study partner and you can, at a minimum, phone over some support to one another.

  10. by   allthingsbright
    A lot of people I know love their online classes-although someone told me she expected them to be easier than they were. A lot of the learning is self taught, so if you do well at that, then go for it. I am taking History I online and I WISH I could take Speech online, but alas...LOL!
  11. by   stevie b
    my LPN/ADN merge class is online,it's great because I choose when class is. We do have clinical hours as well, but online really works if you have family,a job or a life.I wish I could take the remainder of my classes online
  12. by   babynursewannab
    Consensus: On-line ....Good!

    I'm so psyched. since I was admitted to the honors program at school, I get to register before anyone else at school.

    ONLINE Pathophysiology and Nutrition classes, here I come!!!!

    Take one if you can.
  13. by   StudentRNTX
    Thank you all so much. Your inputs were very helpful.
  14. by   amblessing
    I took Medical Terminology, Algebra, English Comp, and Literature online! It's wonderful. No attendance, but you do have to show up at school to take exams - but I still love it. My school offers online course for all of the basic classes, such as Psychology, History, English, etc!