OB, Peds, and Psych Clinical Rotations

  1. Hey All!

    I was just curious how many of you have a mandatory OB, Peds, and/or Psych clinical rotation? At my school both OB and Peds are an elective clinical and a Psych clinical isn't offered. My program has 2 semesters of MedSurg clinical junior year instead.

    I am going to try and get a Psych clinical for my Leadership class and I am hopeful that I will be able to get it because I am the only one out of my 50-ish student class that has any interest in doing Psych nursing.

    I just really wish that instead of the 2 semesters of MedSurg clinical that they split the second semester up into an OB, Peds, and Psych rotation. So many people want to do OB or Peds and then when they end up in it they hate and vice versa with the people who think they will hate it love it and they potentially will never find out. The no Psych clinical makes me sad because there are so many misconceptions about people with mental illness. The mind fascinates me so I am excited about the possibility of getting a Psych clinicals.
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  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I had mandatory OB, peds, and psych rotations. I did OB during the same semester as med/surg and ped during the same semester as psych. We only had one med/surg rotation. The other rotations were fundamentals (on a LTC/transitional care floor), leadership, and community health.
  4. by   86toronado
    My school had us do 3 weeks of OB, 4 weeks of peds, and 6 weeks med surg our second semester, and then 4 weeks of mental health with the rest med surg our third semester, which I guess is good. If it had been a choice for me, I definitely would have just done all med-surg, but it's probably better to have a broad understanding of the other specialties. <shrug>
  5. by   XYcsccSN
    One quarter of OB, one quarter of Peds, one quarter of psych
  6. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Hmm..I will be doing psych next month, that is, the term before my last term in august. I hope to enjoy it.
  7. by   Daytonite
    This idea of choosing clinical experiences is new and seems risky to me. I am curious to know the thinking behind it. When I was a nursing student 30 years ago our state board exam consisted of 7 different exams one of which was all OB, one was all pediatrics, one was all psych, one was all surgical, one was all medical. Having done clinicals in each of those areas helped. I can't imagine how anyone can feel confident in answering questions about these areas without having taken care of one of these patients. Maybe they are crossing their fingers and hoping for a stroke of good luck on the NCLEX.
  8. by   guiltysins
    This is the way that my school breaks down clinical rotations in two years for the BSN program.

    Semester 1:
    Fundamentals (Half the semester, first half is spent in the lab)
    Semester 2:
    OB/Gender for the entire 15 week semester.
    Psych for the entire 15 week semester.
    Semester 3:
    Pediatrics for the entire 15 week semester.
    Med/Surg I for the entire 15 week semester.
    Semester 4:
    Med/surg II for the entire 15 week semester.
    Community for the entire 15 week semester.

    All these clinicals are mandatory and all are 6 hours long except for the mental health one which is only 4
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  9. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Hmmm...We have to do mental health and it is 8hours long. Well, I guess programs are changing. My teacher told me once that they are cutting out the specialty like OB, Peds and mental health. I honestly do not know how true this is.
  10. by   cursedandblessed
    Ours is
    first semester:
    7 weeks Basic Care (CNA skills)
    7 weeks fundamentals/med administration/advanced skills

    Second semester:
    3 weeks Peds
    4 Weeks OB
    7 Weeks Med-surg

    10 clinical days doing CNA type work

    7 Weeks Mental Health
    7 Weeks Med-Surg

    7 Weeks OB/Peds (advanced)
    7 Weeks Leadership and Management
  11. by   NoviceRN10
    We have 16 wks of med-surge, 8 wks of psych, 8 wks of Maternity, and 8 wks of peds. Plus a semester of fundamentals to start things off (which includes 8 wks on a med-surge floor, just one day each week).
  12. by   BBStubbles
    1st sem. Med surg 16 wks
    2nd sem. Med surg cont. 16 wks (along with a rotation in the OR, Cath lab, and GI lab)
    3rd sem. (I start this May 28) 4 wks peds, 4 wks OB, and 4 wks pysch
    4th sem. cont. med surg/rounds in ICU I think too and preceptor for 5 wks!
  13. by   moncj66
    wow, consider urself lucky! I would rather do two semesters of med surg anyday over OB and peds..
  14. by   shrimpchips
    [FONT="Georgia"]I have manditory OB, PEDS & psych rotations. My first year was spent doing long-term care and then med-surg. next semester (fall 2009) I'm doing OB first rotation and then psych second rotation. PEDS isn't until my senior year.