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Hi All!! I got accepted and start the nursing program this fall and I'm so excited!! I was wondering if you could recommend where to get stethoscopes and what kind and also with shoes?... Read More

  1. by   LKMFleming
    11. A small bottle of hand sanitizer. They have them all over the hospital, but you just never know.
    12. A black permanent marker.
    13. A tremendous about of black pens. It seems like everyone will only want you to write with black ink. I have Papermate Grips that are actually click pens and come in a big bag.
    14. A good, reliable, water-resistant watch with a second hand. I wouldn't go crazy here, you really just need one with a second hand. I actually went online and got a cheap keychain watch that I clipped to my belt loop, as I don't like things around my wrists and didn't want to harbor any bacteria. A few of my buddies had wrist watches and found the best success were watches with a rubber or vinyl band, so theat it could easily be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.
    15. TONS of alcohol wipes and a role of paper tape...these are items that you can get from the hospital itself.
    16. A mini calculator keychain from Staples. I found mine by the register at the local Staples for $.99. I am comfortable using it to double check my math skills!
    17. A clipboard...the jury is out on this one with my friends and I, but I always carried one around clinical. I got a cheap plastic one at CVS that lasted me the whole year (and is still good). I liked it because we are required to do a bunch of paperwork and research on our patients, and I found a clipboard to be neat and easy when writing, with something to lean on when standing or sitting at the bedside.
    18. A bunch of mini notepads. You will need something to write down all the vital signs and so forth that you can whip out quick that should fit in your pocket.
    19. A're on your way to be a NURSE! Congratulations and all the best!!!! :-)
  2. by   CoachDiva23
    This is starting soon too and cant wait to get my school supplies. I need to make a trip to walmart while the sales are going on!!
  3. by   kitti419
    If you have flatter feet, the Danskos are going to kill you. If you don't believe me, just buy them from Zappo's so you can return them if you need to. Wear them around the house before you commit to them. I had a pair when I waited tables and it was torture on the feet. They were ok for a few hours but since they're designed for people with high arches, the bottoms press into the bottom of your (flat) feet, causing the very firm top of the shoe to put pressure on the top of your foot. My feet became red, swollen, and tingly. TONS of people swear by Danskos, but they are not for everyone. Try on some Cherokees or the Allegria shoes. It's like walking on clouds. Just my from experience. Congrats on getting in!! I'll be with you starting in the Fall 09.
  4. by   bananimal
    i got my littman at
  5. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I would check with your school before investing in scopes and stuff, some require specific ones for the students. Our school does.
  6. by   Chich
    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions!
  7. by   kboston77
    i checked at local stores but found better sales online. Now a days there are tons of different places to buy supplies. I found a site they had some pretty good buys and different stuff for RN. hope this helps
  8. by   SingDanceRunLife
    My school provides steths and such...and they tell you not to buy because of that. Check with your school to see what they say.
  9. by   kboston77 & both these sites had great information and products for nurses or nurse students.
  10. by   DUSN08
    Quote from try2banurse
    Shoes: Cherokee Harmony style shoes...the most comfortable and affordable at approx. $40

    Steth: Littman...mine was from and cost about $69 plus I had it engraved with my name so it wouldn't "grow legs" at clinicals. :-)

    Good Luck!
    Since you are just starting nursing school I would deffinately not go out and buy the most expensive steth out there however whatever yo do decide to get deffinately consider getting it engraved
  11. by   mkach
    The uniform store near me had stethascopes that you could try out. I ended up with a cardio because the cheap ones I could not hear a darn.