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  1. bananimal

    Graduates of WGU

    I would really like to hear from any graduates of WGU's RN-BSN program. Specifically, have any of you been accepted to another school's MSN program with a degree from WGU? I am worried about not being accepted with a degree from here.. I have contacted some of the MSN schools in my area but haven't heard back yet with an answer from them.. so I would really appreciate if anyone could share their success or unsuccess with this.. Thanks! :)
  2. I had the Cardiology III (Littman) and I absolutely loved it for clinical and working as a PCA. Just had it stolen (even though my name was engraved on it..) and I'm probably going to buy another one for my RN job I start next month. Pricey, but I highly recommend it. Also, this is coming from someone who hasn't used anything else-- so I guess I am bias :)
  3. bananimal

    Business Causal or Scrubs?

    I'm in the same exact situation and would love to hear some answers :)
  4. bananimal

    rn salary in ct

    Hartford Hospital base pay for new grads is currently 28.50. 15% evening/night differential, and 25% weekend differential.
  5. bananimal

    Psych nursing or nursing home/rehab nursing?

    I'm a new grad too and I am starting a in a locked psych unit in a hospital in september. I am one of only a handful of my graduating classmates that got a job in a hospital-- if i were you, I'd take it! Once you're in that hospital, you can always transfer to medsurg or something else that interests you down the line. From what I hear from my friends who are working in SNFs and LTC.. you really don't utilize much skill at all, mainly passing meds and dealing with less than ideal conditions and workers. Use your new pysch background as an advantage when interviewing.. you will know all your psych conditions and meds (which MANY patients in other areas will have psych issues!), you may have a sharper sense for something about to go wrong, you will be focused on safety (which is important in any setting), and your interview skills will be through the roof and you will be better equipped to calm down an agitated patient. Thats the way I see it anyways. And if nothing else... more money? Take it. :) Good luck!
  6. bananimal

    RN hourly wage for new grads

    I am a new grad in Hartford making 28.50 base plus %15 evening differential and %25 weekend differential.
  7. bananimal

    Help with math

    before school began we had to take an online dosage calc course which you could decide which way you wanted to learn; ratio/proportion or dimensional analysis and i picked ratio/proportion and i understood it so well and passed the course with an a+.. then i get into school and they want us to do dimensional analysis, and for some reason i can't figure it out and everyone else can. i think i might benefit from just taking that course over. i don't know. i need to get this settled quickly because i don't want any of this to translate into med errors. thanks for your help and patience so far :)
  8. bananimal

    Help with math

    That gets me started with the 2nd one.. But I feel like the way I do it is so complicated and unnecessary, I wish I could grasp DA! The formula I'm familiar with is mcg/min to ml/h... so I would do: 2000mcg/1000 x 60 mins = 120mg/h then, 120/2000mg x 500 ml = 30 ml/h. Did you get 30 ml/h? And for the first one, I am all screwed up because I have no idea how to incorporate mEq into that formula........ AHHHH > :(
  9. bananimal

    Help with math

    I am pretty desperate trying to figure out how to answer a few of these questions in a math packet we were given.. I am hoping someone can help me. I am able to do the simpler questions but for some reason these ones (all the same style) seem to be tripping me up..I don't know if I am reading too much into it or what. I do not use dimensional analysis-- i cannot figure it out. I do my calculations based on formulas and basic math.. and I just cannot think of how to solve these. I have been searching through past threads and I don't really see anything like these ones... and again, maybe I am just reading too much into them... Please set me in the right direction?? 1. Doctors order: 1000 ml D5W IV with 40 mEq KCL to infuse at 2 mEq/hr. Calculate rate of flow in ml/h. 2. Doctors order: Lidocaine 2 g IV in 500 mL D5W at 2mg/min. Calculate rate of flow in ml/h. There are quite a few more but they are all the exact same format. So I'm hoping if someone can explain these I can do the rest, but I will probably post the questions with my answers just to be sure I'm doing them right.. Thanks for any help! :)
  10. bananimal

    STCC 2010?

    I thought it started in the afternoon but that was so long ago, I really don't remember, sorry!
  11. bananimal

    STCC 2010?

    our orientation was in june, we got our letters in may at some point i believe.
  12. bananimal

    STCC 2010?

    its a bag that contains all the supplies you will need for the two years of lab (blood pressure cuffs, syringes, foley cath, etc etc etc).. and yes you need to buy it in the bookstore, you can't get it anywhere else, it is put together by the school.
  13. bananimal

    STCC 2010?

    You can buy whatever stethoscope you want. I have the Cardiology III and I love it... but I've also never tried anything else LOL. A lot of students have the classic II, I think. As for pen lights... I've bought 3 this school year. The first one died before I even got to bring it to my clinical site, I bought that one from Life Uniform. I bought one from the book store (which I LOVED..) at STCC and it lasted me up until a few weeks ago. I just bought another cheap crappy one from Life Uniforms just because the semester is almost over and I'll probably buy the nice one from the bookstore again next year. Be careful with these tools that you don't touch your patients with them, and alcohol swab the crap out of them between patients. I alcohol swab pretty much EVERYTHING I took into the hospital once I get home lol.
  14. bananimal

    STCC 2010?

    I've never been to Work n Gear. What stuff do you mean? Most of it you have to get through the school.. the only thing you could probably get away with is different pants.. just make sure they are the exact same color or they are going to spot you fast lol. They are pretty strict on dress code in the first semester, I wouldn't have bought different pants until I saw how relaxed the second semester was on dress code-- but that could only be due to my clinical instructor this semester. See if they have penlights or watches or stethoscopes or something else you will need... Or shoes! They probably have nice white nursing shoes.
  15. bananimal

    How many of you shop around for books...

    I didn't buy anything from the bookstore, they were all more expensive than at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. I actually looked up all of my books at both B&N and amazon and I ordered the specific books where they were cheapest. Standard shipping takes like 2 days.. nothing that can't wait, the way I see it lol.
  16. bananimal

    STCC 2010?

    Yes, Grey's is very expensive, but they are so soft and comfy (: I love them! I wanna say they are 26 or 28 dollars.. I got them at Life Uniforms. And yes, plan to be at clinical at those times, but sometimes there are reasons to be there longer or not as long-- just depends on how your clinical instructor does things. Mondays are when you go to your clinical site to collect your patient information, w/ some professors you can leave as soon as you've got it, with others you have to sit there the entire time. Plan on not having any sort of life on Mondays because it will take you several hours to complete all the paperwork you need to have done by Tuesday morning (looking up all their disorders, medications, labs, treatments, etc). Don't work on Monday if you can help it! Tuesdays are the days where we do all the patient care.