Nursing School Survival

  1. Help! We're trying to get a shirt put together for our class, and I'm in charge. We're probably going to do a top ten list, with the title being Nursing School Survival Rules...Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   christinemj
    How about........

    When you have a 7 page paper to write over spring break, don't wait until the Sunday night before it is due to start it!

  4. by   Brickman
    1. Beer
    2. Wine
    3. Prozac
    4. Valium
    5. Therapy
  5. by   wonderbee
    Medicate PRN for pain
    Learn to write very very small
    Nurse, heal thyself
    The instructor is ALWAYS right
    Patients are people too
    If in doubt, wash your hands is always a good answer
    JHACO has nothing to do with Michael Jackson
    Live, love, learn, work, collapse and wash your hands
    Standard precautions are not something used to prevent pregnancy
  6. by   OR1stRN
    1. Family members calling for info can wait, if you are busy taking care of pts.
    2. Don't use gel ink pens.
    3. Get a palm pilot.
    4. Chart early, chart succinctly.
    5. Get a pedometer and don't feel guilty about not "working out".
    6. One code a day gets the heart rate up to the "target zone".
    7. Always get lifting help... your back has to last you the rest of your career.
    8. Trust but verify.
    9. If you are overwhelmed... SAY SO! It's the only way you will get the help you need. 30-60 minutes is all the help you may need.
    10. Nursing supervisors are there for a reason.
  7. by   Wheaties
    Rob Schneider says, "You can do it!"
  8. by   colleen10
    When in doubt: nausea, vomitting and abd. discomfort are always side effects of medications.
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The correct answer is always "patent airway" or "handwashing"

    When in doubt, wash your hands.

    If it moves, ambulate it. If it doesn't move, turn it and reposition q2

    The instructor is always right.

    Remember the 11th commandment: Thou shalt not cross thy sterile field.
  10. by   nursesarah
    death is nature's way of telling you to slow down
  11. by   Jennerizer
    If you can survive nursing school - you can survive anything! Bring it on!
  12. by   Danelle
    1. Accept the fact that you will see your study group more than your family.
    2. Good shoes, good shoes, good shoes.
    3. Vicks vapor rub is your friend.
    4. Your classmates are your family now, and remember, you don't always like your family.
  13. by   RNIAM
    Get a lot of chap stick!!!
  14. by   epg_pei
    25 Ways to tell the semester is draggin on waaay too long !!

    1. Shaving becomes more and more optional by the day.
    2. You get more sleep in class than you do in your bed.
    3. You can no longer distinguish your bank balance from your GPA.
    4. You actually think, "If I were diagnosed with Pneumonia, I could get a doctor's note excusing me from finals!"
    5. You can't say the word "Lab" without qualifying it with some kind of profanity.
    6. You spend more time calculating the lowest possible mark you can afford to get on your final exam than you spend studying for it.
    7. You only wash dirty dishes when they outweigh you.
    8. The tomatoes in your fridge have become sentiment.
    9. The first thought you have when you wake up is "20 more hours and I can go back to sleep!"
    10. MasterCard is now master over you!
    11. You forget to pay rent, hydro and phone bills. But you'll do anything to ensure cable (and internet) isn't disconnected.
    12. Your concept of cleaning the toilet is "Aim for the stain"!
    13. Those "Train At Home For A Better Career" commercials seem like a viable alternative to your course of study.
    14. Being a stand up Comedian seems like a viable alternative to your course of study.
    15. Being a Professional wrestler seems like a viable alternative to your course of study.
    16. Your IQ exceeds your body weight. But you're just as stupid as you've always been.
    17. "Tearing your hair out" used to be a figure of speech.
    18. Just about anything constitutes a healthy meal provided that you drink it with milk.
    19. You are briefly convinced that your inability to get dates is actually a blessing because you don't have time for it.
    20. 3 meals in one day is special occasion.
    21. You memorize acronyms you learned in class and use them regularly. But have no idea what they mean.
    22. You can't remember a concept you learned last semester, but you can quote word-for-word an episode of the Simpsons you saw two years ago.
    23. "Catching the news" means watching Sportsdesk while eating breakfast.
    24. The only thing that keeps you from causing your roommate serious physical harm is the fact that the Hydro is in his name.
    25.You begin to remember high school as the best years of your life - in other words, you've become delusional