Number of clinical hours

  1. This is more of a question for my own curiosity.... How many clinical hours does your program offer? What kind of program are you in and how long is it?

    I don't know what an average number would be and it has made me curious. My BSN program is 2.5 years long and we have to do a little over 1,000 hours. Our number of hours is supposedly twice as much as all the other programs in the area. I like that we have so many hours, I feel like we'll get more experience that way.
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    My pre-RN clinical experience was just about 1,000. That's a solid amount, you will be comfortable by then.
  4. by   QuarterLife88
    For my ADN program approx. 1056 hours.

    Each 7 1/2 week course (there are eight of them) offers approx. 128 hours of clinical time.

    When we had ECF the first semester that was the only 15 week course and there only 32 hours at that time.
  5. by   kbm318
    I went to a diploma RN program and we had over 1200 hours
  6. by   LCinTraining
    I don't know. I know it's 16 weeks per semester. Two clinicals per week at 6 hours each? So 12 X 16 = 192 per semester. So about 750 by the end, but that's just face to face patient care. However, I work in a hospital now and the nurses there are constantly working with me and giving me the opportunity to learn hands on when it's legal.
  7. by   eleectrosaurus
  8. by   Miiki
    My school has a little over 1200 listed on the curriculum.
  9. by   PNicholas
    We also do about 1100-1200 hours. But mine are mostly in 12 hour hunks so it doesn't seem so bad!!
  10. by   traumanurse2b?
    Wow, everyone on here has about the same number of hours as my program. Many people in my area made it seem like we were the odd ones out with the amount of hours we have. I think its great though!
  11. by   sKris
    Yikes! I'm starting an ABSN program in two weeks and I'm pretty sure our clinical hours are around 600 (it's a 12 month program).
  12. by   eleectrosaurus
    Quote from Jmtagg623
    ... we were the odd ones out with the amount of hours we have...
    More is better!! definitly, take advantage, take on as much as possible.
  13. by   tothepointeLVN
    We did 1200 hours for my LVN program over 12 months. 24 hours a week either 3 8's or 2 12's. That's in addition to theory hours.
  14. by   TheCommuter
    12-month LPN/LVN program (2005): 954 clinical hours

    14-month LPN-to-RN bridge program/associates degree (2010): 280 clinical hours