No Foolin'!

  1. Even though today was April 1st, I got the best news in the mail and it wasn't an April fool's joke... I got a scholarship!
    I had applied for a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship that would give me a half-price tuition waiver for my university. It came through today! I am so excited! I had been working to keep my GPA up through the prereq's and it paid off! My husband was so excited he put the university sticker on our car... he never puts anything on our car! WOOHOO!!
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  3. by   NurseRachy
    Wow Sandy that is the best news I have heard all day! Congratulations - you deserve it and will do well.
    All the best!
    Love Rachel
  4. by   maire
    Woohoo congo rats!
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  6. by   JudithL_in_NH
    What awesome news, Sandy!

    :hatparty: CONGRATS! :hatparty:
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    Alright!!! Congratulations! :hatparty:
    Money - the best reason I know to WOOHOO!!!!

  10. by   GraceyB
    Congratulations! That is great news to last for a month.
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    That is great. Congratulations. Go out and have a little celebration.
  13. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I found out today that it is worth almost $15000! I had heard several amounts mentioned,but called for the actual amount so that I could plan my budget. I was so excited! I didn't know that it paid half the nursing fees, since getting a nursing degree is several thousand more than their regular degree programs. All my work to keep that GPA up has been worth it!
    I want to encourage all of you to apply for scholarships! Last semester I had my tuition paid through a language arts scholarship. All it took for that one was at least a 2.5 gpa, an essay and a language arts course at the college... a prereq for nursing anyway. I don't think many applied, but it really paid off for me to try for it. I say go for all of them, what do you have to lose? Once you do up an essay, you can just tweak it to be more scholarship specific. Good luck!
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  14. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Hi, Sandy!

    You must be so proud to have earned this!

    My understanding is that Phi Theta Kappa is a 2-year college honor society; I know there's a branch of it at the 2-year tech I go to. But when I've looked at their scholarship regulations for my state, the scholarships are only applicable at 4-year institutions. Is yours sort of a bridge scholarship from a com college to a four year college? It seems to be that way in NH.

    I keep applying for scholarships, but so far no go . . . my CUM is excellent as are my references and record of community service, but I have a degree in another field, and they usually tell me the $ goes preferentially to students who don't already hold degrees, so I'm out of the running. It's frustrating because when I earned my first degree in the early-80s (3.8 CUM), I paid the whole bill myself by working, and didn't get any scholarships I applied for then either. I'm sticking another ap in the mail this week, though!

    Best of luck to you!