new kid on the block :)

  1. hi everyone... well thought i'd introduce myself to everyone

    my name is chrisite.... yea.. my username ain't that creative.. and i'm in my first year ... first semester, first term... whatever you may call it... and i was just skimming through this forum and realized that everyone here seems so great !

    i was reading this last post on the tests post thread ... can't remember who wrote it.. (but thanks for replying me by the way) , and it's cool that everyone here supports each other. i really need that too, so if i need to vent one day... you'll see me posted for sure.

    ooo and by the way, i'm from vancouver, bc (canada)
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  3. by   subec
    Welcome Christie!!!!!
  4. by   kittyw
    Hello ... welcome to the allnurses fam.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse

    come on in and join us! much continued success to you.
  6. by   Mkue
    Welcome, nice to have you here!
  7. by   essarge

    Best of luck to you and your endeavors! It will be tough sometimes and sometimes you feel like giving up but just remember that everyone here will support you, give you answers and direct you in whatever way we can.

    I've been coming here for over two years now and I can't tell you how many times I've asked for support and it's always been here! Kudos to everyone on this forum!!
  8. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Hi Christie,

    Welcome.... I start Nursing I in January 2003. So, I'm pretty much new, too. You and I are miles and miles apart. I'm from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  9. by   Forget-Me-Not
    Welcome Christie!

    I am a first semester nursing student in Vancouver, Canada as well. Are you here to look for a online nurse or just browsing? Keep up the good work. The semester is almost over.

  10. by   bewbew

    Enjoy the boards!

  11. by   Allison P
    welcome to the board christie

    allison p
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  13. by   missionnurse
    Welcome Christie!!

    Congratulations on choosing such a fine profession! I am only 6 months form completing my ADN. So my advice comes from being right there in the midst of it all!

    Don't give up! Keep working at it! Make sure your instructors know who you are! Ask for help. And may I suggest that you find or create a study group to study with? It will really help you to get things into perspective and to catch the things you missed in lecture. Plus, it will create an instant support group right where you are!!

    Keep up the work, and remember you will get to the end!!
  14. by   ancella marie