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well my fellow student nurses, monday soon approaches us. it is the day i have been waiting for. the first day of rn school. who else will start theirs on this date? all the best to each of us.... Read More

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    thanks for you wishes everyone! god knows i need it... this is my 3rd attempt at college and i'm tired of looking like the perpetual student without a degree to my family and friends. this morning i went to church to pray and ask god that this will hopefully be my last attempt and that i will graduate from school with at least a bsn...
    your post was of interest to me because the very day i received my acceptance letter to the clinical rotation of rn school, i prayed as i typed and it still and will remain on my calendar on line. i am standing on the promises of god and i will do my part too. faith without works is dead and i am going to work and give it my very best. thanks for sharing your post.
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    Originally posted by SusanRN2004

    I hope an "A" in pharm is possible. I am one of those obsessed students. I have a 4.0 so far and would like to keep it through nursing school. I went to the graduation for this years class and no one graduated with a 4.0! I don't know why it bothers me so much....maybe low self esteem?
    DON'T COUNT ON IT. The faculty at my last school made it virtually impossible to graduate with a 4.0. First of all, A's were only earned on 92 (or was it 93?) or better scores, not 90.

    Second, they would require reading of say, 5 chapters. They would then proceed to pick out a fact on some chart never gone over in class having to do with a disease prevalent in patients between the ages of 5 and 6 in the arid region of the mountains in Timbuctoo that occurs only during a full moon on a leap year. They purposefully threw these questions at us and justified it by saying that EVERY WORD on EVERY PAGE of those 5 chapters (all 300 pages!) was fair game. They would include at least 2 of these types of questions on the exam.

    Granted, they are multiple choice with 4 or 5 answers so theoritically you have a 20 - 25% chance of guessing correctly. We as students tried to figure out why they did that to us. Our guess was to weed out the students who didn't know most of the material by failing them with these questions (under 72 was a fail) while not allowing their program to look easy by awarding A's. The HIGHEST scores, and we are talking from 4.0 students who know how to study and test, were in the 88 - 94 range. This is not the kind of course that the instructor offers "extra credit" to up your grade like some students need to pass a class, so if you did not really listen, learn and study endlessly you just did not pass.

    AND THAT IS WHY no one graduated from the RN program with a 4.0 and why I will be more than pleased to earn C's for the rest of my academic life. They sure changed my attitude on being an A student!
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    Thanks to you as well LPN Futere RN... : )
  4. by   Motivated, SN
    I start on Monday too; A & P. I am motivated, excited and

    SCARED!! It seems from reading past posts that mostly

    everyone on here who has taken it has gotten an "A". I'm

    not quite that optimistic. Good luck to everyone!!
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    My classes start the 26th, too. I can't believe it tho, I'm finally a senior! Two semesters left!
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    my classes start the 26th, too. i can't believe it tho, i'm finally a senior! two semesters left!
    all the best to you and much continued success!
  7. by   GPatty
    Hey SusanRN~
    A girl in our nursing class graduated with a 4.0.
    She's a single Mom of 2, and one the nicest ladies you would ever want to meet!
    It can be done....
    Good Luck!
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    I too start tomorrow---with an 8:00 a.m. pharmacology class----YIKES!!!!!!

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!!!
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    Good luck to ALL of you!!!
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    geri, thank you!
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    I never thought I could be so excited & nervous at the same time!!! We received a list a of our classmates a few days a go & a lot of my friends made it My nails are cut, back pack is packed & I am getting ready to go over last years A&P notes for an exam tomorrow! I hope to hear how everyones first day went!!!

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    well everybody, i will see you when i return. have a great day.