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  1. First off, Happy Mothers Day to you all! It's my first mothers day (well 2nd, kinda, but I was still pregnant last mothers day) and I'm psyched!

    Anyway, to my real issue.... I started a BSN program, full time before I got pregnant. I got pregnant at the end of my first semester and due to the horrid horrid morning sickness (who invented that anyway?????) I ended up dropping out. (grrr with only a few weeks left). Well, now I'm finally going back (ASN now, switched schools - that whole baby thing turns everything around hehe). I'm taking my CNA over the summer, taking prereq's in the fall and spring then going to apply for the nursing program next fall.

    But my question is... how do you mom's do it?? I luck out, I have my mom to babysit - but Brucie's crawling now and getting into stuff and she can't keep up and, well, her baby raisin' days are over, so I don't wanna take advantage. So I'm going to try to take as many of my non lab classes online (like the psych, math and such) but I'm not sure I'm cut out for online classes. I'm afraid I'll be unmotivated.

    How do you mom's do it!? I'm scared to jump back in with a baby in tow!

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  3. by   Rapheal

    My kids were older but I fondly remember the days when they got into everything. To tell you the truth you have to want to accomplish this goal more than anything to make it. Nursing school is tough, and the schedules usually are not flexible. You will miss out on a lot of things with your child. But the payoff is that you will become a nurse.

    Before I became a nurse I made $8 an hour. Now I make more than $21 and have the opportunity to make more. I am not in it for the money, but I know that I could work 2 days a week and make more than my previous full time job. My children are proud of me and I have more self esteem. So how bad do you want to be a nurse, and why do you want to be a nurse? You may spend 2 years missing out, but have a lifetime of payoff. Please research this board for tips from moms. There has been some great advice. Good luck in school and your future career. 2 years will go by faster than you know it. Happy Mother's Days as well.
  4. by   Robin61970
    Lots of late nights with little sleep....TV dinners and paper plates. My house is never truly clean and sometimes I feed my kids cereal for dinner the night before a big test. It is a sacrifice, but I know in the end it will be worth it.....I do only get 4 hours of sleep alot of nights, but it is what it takes. You can do it!!
  5. by   cna on her way
    Well it can be done so go for it. I am currently waiting to see if I get in this year and am taking corequisite courses now. I work full time and have a 5 and 9 year old. It gets busy but its worth it and really I don't miss anytime with the kids because they are both in school now too. Lots of luck!
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    This is a hard question for me because I have mixed feelings about going back to school when I had young children. I did wait until my youngest was in first grade so I could be home when they were home but it was very stressful and took a toll on my family. Now I have a 21 month old son and made a decision to go back to work after a 4 month maternity leave only part time. My wish would be to stay home full time but my husband's job is seasonal. I have a 20 y.o. and an 18 y.o. and a 13 y.o. also and all I can say is time surely flies . . .I remember as if it were yesterday when my 20 y.o. was a tow-headed toddler and now he is in college. It is scary how fast that happened. And now I have this precious toddler and he is already almost two and it happened in a blink of an eye. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure it was worth it to make the sacrifice. I love being a nurse and am glad I can contribute to the financial needs of my family but I'm torn. I keep hearing that Harry Chapin song "Cat's in the Cradle"

    Cat's in the Cradle
    by Harry Chapin (lyrics by Sandra Chapin).


    My child arrived just the other day,
    He came to the world in the usual way.
    But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay.
    He learned to walk while I was away.
    And he was talking 'fore I knew it, and as he grew,
    He'd say, "I'm gonna be like you, dad.
    You know I'm gonna be like you."

    And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon,
    Little boy blue and the man in the moon.
    "When you coming home, dad?" "I don't know when,
    But we'll get together then.
    You know we'll have a good time then."

    My son turned ten just the other day.
    He said, "Thanks for the ball, dad, come on let's play.
    Can you teach me to throw?" I said, "Not today,
    I got a lot to do." He said, "That's ok."
    And he walked away, but his smile never dimmmed,
    Said, "I'm gonna be like him, yeah.
    You know I'm gonna be like him."

    And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon,
    Little boy blue and the man in the moon.
    "When you coming home, dad?" "I don't know when,
    But we'll get together then.
    You know we'll have a good time then."

    Well, he came from college just the other day,
    So much like a man I just had to say,
    "Son, I'm proud of you. Can you sit for a while?"
    He shook his head, and he said with a smile,
    "What I'd really like, dad, is to borrow the car keys.
    See you later. Can I have them please?"

    And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon,
    Little boy blue and the man in the moon.
    "When you coming home, son?" "I don't know when,
    But we'll get together then, dad.
    You know we'll have a good time then."

    I've long since retired and my son's moved away.
    I called him up just the other day.
    I said, "I'd like to see you if you don't mind."
    He said, "I'd love to, dad, if I could find the time.
    You see, my new job's a hassle, and the kid's got the flu,
    But it's sure nice talking to you, dad.
    It's been sure nice talking to you."
    And as I hung up the phone, it occurred to me,
    He'd grown up just like me.
    My boy was just like me.

    And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon,
    Little boy blue and the man in the moon.
    "When you coming home, son?" "I don't know when,
    But we'll get together then, dad.
    You know we'll have a good time then."

    I know this message will probably be different than those you have already read but I have to say that if I had it to do all over again, I may not have gone back to school. Hopefully you will take this in the spirit it is intended . .. from my heart.

    Best wishes on your choices. And Happy Mother's Day.

  7. by   javamom
    I have 3 boys that are 10, 7 and 3 and I'm married. I feel like I'm juggling life 90 percent of the time but it's worth it b/c I know it's only a few semesters to go!
    I do a lot of "quickie" meals, my husband is awesome for help with the house, laundry, kids, taxing them around, etc.. He picks up my slack plus some!

    We do day care for my 3 yr old and the older two attend an after school program that we pay for them to attend. I use the extra money from grants and loans to pay for that since I'm not working.

    You can do it, and don't expect that there won't be days you want to quit...this is my ultimate dream and there are days I think I've lost my mind making this change now. But I'm happy that even after suffering through all the pre-req and finished my first semester of nursing that I'm proud as heck and wouldn't change the decision if I could. Good luck to you and Happy Mother's day!
  8. by   marilynmom
    I am a mother to a 5 year old and a 16 month old and I dont really think of it as hard and I make good grades too. I do take some online classes and the rest I take are evening classes when my husband is home to watch the kids (neither are in school and I have no other babysitter cause my mom is not in good health).

    I mostly study at night when they are in bed for a fews hours and some night I dont have any time to study. My house is not very organized and there is always a sink full of dishes and laundry piling up. And my husbad knows not to complain about any of

    You can certainly do it!

  9. by   Gator,SN
    DO IT NOW! that is my advice! I have 3 children: 15, 13 and 5 and one thing I know for sure is that I should have done this when the older 2 were little!
    When they are babies, they need you to bathe them and feed them and dress them and that is physical work. When they are teenagers, they do everything for themselves pretty much and they need you more than ever! The changes that they are going through and the stress of growing up can be difficult if not agonizing. This is emotional work.
    When they are small, they want to be cuddled and loved and praised. When they are older, they still want this but in a less obvious way.
    It was very challenging trying to meet the older 2s daily scheduels as well as my own. The baby did whatever I needed to do.
    If you go to school, you will not be away from your child any more that you would if you worked full time. Less actually.
    You can always chose to do this part time. I did. It was the only way that I could handle everything. It took twice as long, but I was a mom first and a student second and I never missed a soccer game or a school play. I graduate next week and it was well worth it.
    If I would have been smart I would have done this years ago and I would be better off now.
    Things will be hectic, no doubt about it, but they are anyway. The trick is to take time out to enjoy life and live it.
    Oh and did I mention all the things that I leanred about raising children while in school! Sure would have come in handy years ago!

    I wish you the best of luck! I know how hard this can be. I was still breast feeding my son when I started back to college but now I'm done and he is headed off to kindergarten in the fall and he doesn't even know what a struggle its been because my husband I did not let it effect the way we raise our kids or the love we gave them along the way.

    Best wishes to you! Go for it! When you make yourself and happy and fulfill your goals you are ultimately a better person and a better parent.
  10. by   Angella Walker
    Ditto what robin1970 said. I am not a single mother (married one year this coming thursday). I just didn't put time limits on myself. I was a single mother of 3 for 7 years with my children. When my dh came along, it only added to the household burden. Dh's are babies too..... and he brought 2 teenagers (nephews) with him.

    I have been working on my degree on and off for 11 years. Family priorities definitely shape your school schedule. I have to work full time just to prevent eviction and disconnection of utilities. I have been is school full time for the past year and was fortunate to find a position at the school I attend. We get employee remission (classes get paid for up front, not at the end if we recieve a C or better) which is wonderful.

    You can do it! Be realistic with your goals and allow a time. The Lord has made a way for me, I know he can do it for you!
  11. by   Gator,SN
    Angella, pat yourself on the back girlfriend! You have my respect! What a great nurse you will make! :kiss
  12. by   gonnabeanurse2
    I totally agree with Gator...DO IT NOW!!! I waited until my boys were older..14 & 12 and believe me it is not any easier. They are still into everything, haha. Besides all the physical work there is the emotional...I am constantly worried about them. You see, when they are babies you know where they are and who they are with at all times, the older they get the more they are away from you by their choice and you are not always 100% positive of those things.

    Do it now. It can be done if you want it bad enough. Seek out and use all available resources. If you feel that full time is too much for now, investigate going part time. I think the on-line courses are a great idea--if you want it bad enough you will stay motivated.

    The best of luck to you!!
  13. by   zannie
    Thanks everyone!!!

    I think what is making it so hard for me is that my husband works rotating shifts.... so it's not like he's ALWAYS home in the evenings and I can take evening classes, that type of thing... no matter what I do, day, evening or weekend classes there is always going to be a time when neither of us can watch the baby.

    I think until he is working a more regular schedule I'll stick to just 1 or 2 classes/semester... maybe one on campus and one online. Afterall, I've wanted to go to nursing school for about 10 years now... it's not like taking 4 or 5 more years to do it (rather than 1 or 2) is gonna kill me. That way I can have the best of both worlds... school AND time with my baby.

    You guys are the best - thanks!!! Happy Mothers Day to you all!!!!

  14. by   allthingsbright
    Hey Zannie,

    I am getting ready to take the plunge into full time school! I have to dses ages 3 and 5. My 5 yr old starts kindergarten this fall and my three yr old will be in preschool two days a week and I am paying my mother-in-law to watch him at the other times when I am at school. DH works from home but travels two-three days a week-so I am in for it I think-but it will totally be worth it. I ahve finished most of my non-nursing classes so that will help with the work load a bit. If I dont get accepted this fall I have a couple other classes to fit in and that will make things even easier.

    Best of luck to you.