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Hello all - I have to take one math class. I took College Algebra in 1991 and got a C+. At the info meeting I went to for the nursing department they said that if you received any grade below a... Read More

  1. by   ejpetey
    Why do we have to take statistics for a BSN anyway... does anyone know of a reason???
  2. by   orrnlori
    We take statistics because many health and psychological studies are done and results extrapolated from the studies using statistical analysis and formulas.

    I am one who doesn't believe everyone can get math if they just study it enough. I'm a total math phobic, I have discalcula. I had tutors, great tutors, and I would get the homework but couldn't get the tests. It would all just fly out of my head when I looked at the test. So I relented, quit the Algebra, took applied math, and now that I'm finishing a bachelor's degree, I'm right back where I started, only trying to get statistics (upper level class even) at home by correspondence by myself. Talk about pulling teeth!

    But I WILL get it because I can't graduate without it. I'm wearing holes in my dining room table erasing and erasing and erasing problems and answers (wrong answers). AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  3. by   marilynmom
    Quote from ejpetey
    Why do we have to take statistics for a BSN anyway... does anyone know of a reason???
    I think it is pretty important for anyone in a health care field to take. There are studies done all the time and they are done using stat's. I have really enjoyed this class and now when I read medical journal's I can see and understand how they obtained the results and what they mean.

    Also I know for the BSN program here, you are required to do a research paper and that involves knowing and being able to do statistics. ADN program here doesn't require it but I think they should.

    Stat's really is a fun class to take

  4. by   Mandylpn
    Basic math, pre-algebra, and medical dosage math. Plus a math quiz before each clinical rotation you must pass. I'm in the LPN program. You will not be doing a math equasion for every med you give! But, you do have to know the difference between a kilogram, gram, milligram, etc. they put you through it so you know the difference, and avoid hurting or killing someone. good luck.
  5. by   Future_RN
    I was wondering how many years it will take to become an RN also what kind of math classes everyone had to take in high school? Im not taking any college prep classes that i know of yet but im going into 9th grade. I like math but only after I understand how to do it.
  6. by   grapejuice01
    Ive always been bad at math. I took college Algebra my freshman year in college and made a C+ also. The school Im applying for, however, only requires statistics (they only look at pre reqs for GPA) so I took that this past semester and it was easy for me (which is wierd because I SUCK at math)

    I think a lot of stats is a common sense sort of thing and it isnt as "math-y" as regular math classes. I would definitely recommend stats over any other math class.
  7. by   Koonie
    Hi Tracy,

    I too have a special place in my heart for Math. I took calculus and got Bs, that seemed to be good enough to get in. I've avoided statistics like the plague, I've never been very good with them. I know I'll have to take the class eventually in grad school, but for the time being I like having my head in the sand. Good luck with the class.

  8. by   Kiwi
    Quote from BGSUstudent
    Plus when you are questioning a drug calculation you can always call the hospital pharmasis. (Sorry can't spell)
    You don't know how to spell PHARMACIST?
  9. by   RedSox33RN
    I forgot that Stats was part of the Math for Allied Health class I took last semester. It was hard at first, but once it "clicked" for me, it was interesting.

    I took the Math intending to get into the Nursing program at the school I am currently at, in General Studies. It turns out I'm going elsewhere in September, and the school I'm going to does not require a Math class for its ADN program (but you had to have had a "C" or better in HS Algebra). For the BSN program at the same school, they do require a Biostatistics class (same as Stats? I'm not sure.)
  10. by   StudentNurseKelly
    I hate math ! I have done a lot better in it than I thought I would when I started back to school. I have to take a college alegebra class next smester. No fun!
  11. by   RNinRubySlippers
    I shudder at the thought of any math. Even easy. The word simply makes me sick. However, I was able to take algebra and get an A. I had an excellent instructor and it made all the difference. I have to take stats next year (year 3) and am pretty scared. But people in this years class were pulling 98% final mark. So, there is proof it can be done. I need to have formulas, with out them I am LOST. And I have to use them consistemtly to remember them. Oh well, good luck to everyone, and just remember...Stats is just plugging in numbers in the right part of a formula/equation. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
  12. by   kklownluv
    I am taking Statistics this Spring semester and it is the only required math class for the University of Oklahoma BSN program. I have been struggling w/ this math class for about 14 weeks now, and we are learning chi-square and anova which is actually starting to make sense to me. I have tried to explain what Statistics is when people ask me what is it. I tell them "you know all those buttons on a scientific calculator that you never use? We use them!!".

    I seriously cannot wait till this class ends. BTW, I am HORRIBLE at math.

    Good Luck to everyone who has to take stats.