Managed to pass!

  1. I'm not sure how I managed to pass the NCLEX, because most of the questions were things that I think I had NO clue about. I must have been blessed with a smarter mouse than I thought I would get!

    It was hard! I cried all the way home, cause I thought I had failed, and the computer shut off after 75 questions. I wasn't quite ready to stop at that point. But they made me leave........

    Anyhow, I have a wonderful job and am enjoying every minute.

    Good luck to the rest of you!

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  3. by   Jayne LPN
  4. by   maire
    Congo rats MRed!
  5. by   essarge

    WHOOHOO!!!Congratulations!! You worked very hard to get there!!
  6. by   iliel
    :hatparty: congrats:hatparty:
  7. by   RNIAM
    Great job.Good luck to you!
  8. by   zebnkee
    WOW! I could feel your stress!! Hope I get blessed with a lucky mouse when it's my turn!


  9. by   marilynmom
    CONGRATS!!!! Now go celebrate!!!

  10. by   memphispanda
    Way to go! Congratulations new RN!
  11. by   NurseDixie
    Send that lucky mouse my way!!!Congrats to you. I'm glad you like your job. :-)
  12. by   Rnin'
    Congrats !!!!
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
  14. by   happystudent
    SWEET! If you dont mind me asking, what was it about the test that made you feel like you didnt pass?