LPN's are giving IV Meds?

  1. I have heard LPN's in some states will be pushing IV meds, how do you as RN's feel about this change? Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   queenjean
    Not a change; LPNs who have IV certification have been giving meds for decades. The state board of nursing and the individual facilities put parameters on what type of meds the LPN can give.

    Most make sense; for example in my state they can't give IV insulin, or IV cardiac meds. Sometimes they seem rather arbitrary sometimes, though. For example, as an LPN I gave IV narcotics, antibiotics, and diuretics; but I couldn't give IV pepcid. What was that all about?
  4. by   natrgrrl
    If you take an extra class for IV certification in Nebraska, you are LPN-C which allows for extra responsibility with IVs. IMHO, this is a step toward eliminating the need for LPNs. At the skilled facility where I just finished my clinicals, they didn't have CNAs, only LPNs and RNs. As far as I could tell, LPNs provided only the care that would be delegated to a CNA but they were paid more. They didn't care for wounds or pass meds.
    I'm still in school so I don't know exactly what to think about the whole thing but I would love to hear from some RNs about this topic.
  5. by   riverrose
    In Idaho, you can hang IV medications ie. abx. But you can not push IV meds. Is it the same for you?
  6. by   Fiona59
    Do you ever have educators from your State LPN body talk to you during nursing school to expand on what the role of your fellow nurse is?

    We are not glorified nursing assistants.

    In my province we are doing iv meds and starts. Admission assessments, medications in all forms, wound care, education, discharge assessment. We have one Nursing Assistant for thirty beds. We all take care of our own patients with the NA usually assisting those who require two person care for their patients.

    In theory we care for stable patients, but on a surgical, gynie, or post partum unit who is really stable? If an ICU transfer lands in my empty room, they are my patient, I don't get to swap with an RN who has a more stable patient.
  7. by   Lovely_RN
    Wow the LPN scope of practice really varies by state. Thank goodness that I don't live in Nebraska it seems like an LPN is just a CNA with a bit more education.

    LPNs in NY do not have assessment privileges but we are allowed to collect data, (just fancy words to get around the word assessment).

    In New York an LPN does not administer meds IV push nor do we deal with PICC lines or CVCs.

    LPNs in NYS with IV certification can administer abx (not the first dose) or meds through a regular IV line and we can also be certified to hang blood.

    Not that I would bother to do it for $10/hr less than an RN thank you very much.
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  8. by   RNMay2008
    In Minnesota, a LPN can start IVs; give IV medications, but not the first dose of certain ones; cannot do IV push meds; cannot give blood or K+. I think every state is different as well?!
  9. by   SaraO'Hara
    In California, an IV-certified LPN can start IVs, hang fluids, and hang blood - but NO IV piggybacks or IV push.
  10. by   TRINI_RN
    At the hospital we have clinicals LPNs give IV meds. Our instructor said its based on each state's practice act and each facility.
  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    it all depends on your scope for practice for your state. texas lvn's have been pushin and hangin for years.
  12. by   Simplepleasures
    Pushin' and hangin' in WI also, with IV certification.
  13. by   KrysyRN
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    texas lvn's have been pushin and hangin for years.
    i'd like to add iv admixin as well.

    yup i got to do it all in texas, except hang blood.
  14. by   eccentricRN
    LPNs in WI can do IV push with the proper training & if the facility allows it.