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  1. by   studentdeb
    Hi, I'm Debi and I am 39 (will be 40 in Dec.) I am married and have two children, 4 yr old girl and 19 month old boy. I just received my acceptance letter last week to the nursing program. Trying to decide what to take in August because I still have to take the A&P classes and micribiology. I'm scared and nervous, but also excited. Hope I can do it. I think I would like to work in labor and delivery.

    I love this site, it is so informative.
  2. by   Beach_RN
    Hi, I'm Brenda..just turned 35... married for 12 years to an amazing man! 2 kids... son 8 & daughter 5 1/2. Working on my pre-req's hoping to start my clinicals Sept. 2003! It's an ADN program.. so I would graduate 2005. Only 1050 more days but who's counting! I just happen to stumble upon this site and I have to say.. I just LOVE it! It's such an informative community and I really like the people who are on it!


    I love this site!
  3. by   jcardwell
    My name is Jill and I'm 37 years old. I've been married for 11 years and have 4 kids... 9, 6, and 2 year old twins. I'm making a career change of the business world to nursing. I had been working on my BSN prereqs for a couple of years, but recently I'm losing my bookkeeping job and decided to just jump in and take a CNA class which I'm currently doing this summer. I'm going to try to get a CNA job in a hospital for experience once I get certified. I decided to work on an ADN instead because it will be a little faster getting into school. It is very difficult to get into nursing schools in Portland because they have a long list of people wanting to get in with very few openings. I'm going to work on my anatomy prereqs this year and will applying for nursing school in December of 2003 and hopefully will be able to get into the Fall 2004 program. That seems so far away. So I will graduate 2006 if everything goes ok. So far I love my CNA class and wish I had done something like this sooner! It's been kind of a challenge going to school with kids but so far it has been ok except for when the twins rip out pages of my school books!

    Good Luck to everyone in school!

  4. by   moni rn
    hey guys & gals!

    my name is monica, & i am 29 years old (& holding!) i am married with 2 fur babies. i just finished my first semester of an adn program in may, & i don't start back up until august 28th. my ultimate goal is to become a women's health nurse practitioner/certified nurse midwife.

    i can't wait to get to know everyone !
  5. by   Tiiki
    Hi all, my name is Jo-Anne, I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Nursing is my 3rd degree and my first love. I worked on acute medecin but have recently transferred to the Trauma program in our ER. I work in a large tertiary hospital. I am a single mom, 37yrs old, with two great kids, and 4 very spoiled cats. My grandmother was a nurse, became one at 17 by lying about her age. She is my guide, my inspiration, even tho she died before I ever entered nursing school.

    Since I discovered this forum I have recomended it to all of my collegues. It's awsome! You guys understand!!!!!!!

    It's a gift to be part of this.
  6. by   DebsZoo
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  7. by   agallegirl
    Hi my name is April and I'm 29 and will be starting pre-nursing
    classes this fall! I have'nt been to school in over 10yrs....3 young
    boys ages 5, 2 & 1 ! My husband is currently attending law school. By
    the time I have my degree my youngest will be in kindergarten! I am
    taking my pre-req's at a local community 2 yr college and then plan
    on going to baylors nursing program........I hope..I have to keep
    very good grades to get into that program inparticular. I am on this
    board almost daily to see what everybodys up too, I don't post alot
    just read :-) I will admit that I look foward to school! I have been
    at stay at home mom for 5 yrs now and although I know school will be
    hard it will be nice to have a break from the kiddeos and get to talk
    to adults! I am taking English, Math, Intro to Socialogy and A&P
    1...I figure A&P will be my hardest class? anybody else going to
    school with a house full of kiddeos? I pray I can do this and do well
    in school.
    Goodluck to ALL....especially ME......hehehe :-)
    Oh! I almost forgot! Does anybody have any good study tips or advice
    on my A&P class? I though about getting flash cards and going ahead
    and getting started learning....BUT I'm worried about learning the
    wrong things? I would love to have a little head start on this
    class..any ideas?
  8. by   Debbie5
    Hi April

    I was so excited to see someone else from the Dallas area. I wanted to let you know in case you have not been in contact with Baylor yet, they require the upper leve A&P, which has a pre-req of General Biology. Which A&P are you signed up for? I took General Bio and did great and I know it will help me with A&P.
    I wish you all the best!! Going to school is so fun especially when you know exactly what you're working for. Let me know if you are attending one of the DCCCD'S. We have a terrific club for people going into the medical field. We've toured several nursing schools, medical schools, and had guest speakers from other medical related schools. We have an outstanding science department. Anyway, let me know how it's going.


    Oh, my bio is on page one of this thread.
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  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by starr234
    my name is starr. i am 39 yr old, married with 4 kids and currently working 12hr shifts in ltc as a lpn. i am possibly starting the rn program this fall. i am so tired from taking prerequisites this year. i may decide to start in january instead.
    starr, welcome!
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by nurse kat
    hello everyone!!! my name is kat and i am in my third and final year of nursing. i'm 20 and started the course straight out of high school, which is the norm here in melbourne, australia. i hope to work in a+e when i graduate this november. i've just been reading up until now and i love the site so i thought i'd jump on in. got a boyfriend and two pet dogs.
    kat, welcome
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by mzmckim
    hi...my name is judy and i am 29 y.o., married and mother of two 10 y.o. girl and 1 y.o. boy! changing careers and in the same boat as kardut...taking core classes prepping for the adn program at a local community college.

    best of luck to you all!!!!
    judy, welcome!
  12. by   ggfifirn05
    Hey ya'll! I'm 46, married, and down to the last two kids at home out of six (we're the Brady Bunch!) They are going to be a Senior and Junior in high school this fall. I'm just finishing up A & P I the end of this month, and will be taking College Algebra in the fall, along with two "fast-track" 8 week classes for A & P II and Psychology. I want to get as many of the prereqs finished now so I can apply for the ADN program at the local community college in December. I'm still working full-time in the the brokerage business, and plan to continue there until I am accepted; which, God willing, will be in Spring 2003. If everything else stays on schedule, I'll be graduating in fall of 2004 with my ADN.

    I've always wanted to be a nurse, but "life" intervened back when I graduated from high school, and I just wasn't able to follow my dream at that point. But I've also had the chance to raise up some really great kids, and have some fun-filled experiences (like community theatre and competitive skating) along the way, so I don't feel like I've "wasted" the last 28 years. I make very good money now, but I'm tired of letting numbers (read: other people's money) run my life...I get the most satisfaction from helping people, and human contact, so now is the time to finally reach for my original goal. I'm very excited to be back in school, and have a 4.00 GPA so far, so I guess the old girl hasn't lost her touch! My husband and family are extremely supportive, so I gues I'm finally on my way.

    Its great hearing about all of my fellow students...best of luck to all of you! I know we won't be able to completely alleviate the shortage, but it sounds like there are some fanastic nurses-to-be out there!
  13. by   NurseAngie
    You're so nice to welcome everybody!