Jealous much?

  1. So after every exam, everyone starts the whole "how did you do?" I have gotten three A's and a B so far. Today after my third A, we did the whole routine of asking how you did. So pretty much everyone knows I got good grades. Some people act a little funny towards me afterwards, like I've done something wrong. Anyone else having issues like this? I think I'm just going to tell people I passed, it's irritating when they get all ***** about my good grades, and their mediocre ones.
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  3. by   loriangel14
    I had classmates like that. It didn't take long before I started not sharing my grades. It's none of their business.I only had one close friend that I shared with.
  4. by   mjo07
    "Well I studied so much for this test, I got the grade I deserved, I need to go study now, bye!" walks away
  5. by   Skips
    HA. Yeah. That happened to me, too. People would literally frown at me whenever I told them my grades. I stopped telling people.

    By the way, I love your username, jakefromstatefarm. Made me laugh!
  6. by   Stephalump
    Eh, people get over it and/or you get used to it.

    Everyone comes into nursing school with great grades and everyone would like to keep them. There's no knowledge thar only a few will manage to do that and everyone secretly thinks it might be them.

    If it isn't, it's a let down. And a pretty big adjustment for some. Eventually most people settle into their groove and the competition really only continues between the high ranking people, in my experience.
  7. by   francoml
    The biggest mistake I made was not telling people that I get mostly A's... My biggest mistake was telling my peers and professors that I don't even have any books... Don't get me wrong, I do study (ALOT) but i just don't absorb what I read. I didn't think it was a big deal but that really rubbed people the wrong way.
  8. by   Katie71275
    Yes ppl are aggravating. I get mostly A's, some B's and I think ppl get aggravated.
  9. by   traumanurse2b?
    I never understand why people get upset because you got a better grade than them. I would be asking "how did you study?" or "would you mind studying together" so I could see if your techniques were better than mine!
  10. by   jakefromstatefarm
    I will just keep it to myself to avoid those awkward moments. It sucks though, I'm super excited to have a good grade and I get treated like I'm bragging! I'll keep the "bragging" to my family and friends
  11. by   Bouncyball
    You don't have to share. Just say "ehhh" and make a weird face and people will eventually stop asking. That's what I do.
  12. by   SunshineDaisy
    I usually tell people I got a lower grade than I actually did. Only because everyone thinks I'm oh so smart, but I don't want all of them trying to get me to study and blah blah. I like study groups, but I like MY study group. The select few I have been studying with since day 1. I don't like new people in the group, ya know? We work well together and get our stuff done and know and understand the material. I just find that a lot of the people goof around, and it bugs me, so I have stayed away. I'm not mean or anything, just never tell people when/where we are studying
  13. by   ChrisMarie09
    I just tell people I either did well or I didn't do as good as I would like. I don't tell people my specific grades. I honestly think it's rude to even ask.
  14. by   rubato
    I share my grades willingly. I just don't worry about it. Of course, my first semester of nursing school didn't go as well as I would have hoped, so I wasn't sharing 97s or anything like that. If people ask, I tell them. I truly could care less how they take it after that. They asked. If they don't ask, I'm not going to announce it or anything. One of my classmates managed a 99 on our hardest test. We did razz her a little, but only because she was receptive to it. It was all in good fun and we all started with how proud we were of her. Highest grade ever on that test since our school started. Gotta love that!