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On the school? What I mean is, do most schools have, for instance, Med/Surg for semester 1, OB for semester 2, Psych for semester 3, etc? Or is every school different? I'm wondering because I... Read More

  1. by   Gompers
    When I was in school, we had set clinicals for each year but it varied when you took them throught the year. Sophomore year everybody took fundamentals together and we all went to various hopsitals and units to work on our basics - vitals, beds, baths, meds, etc. But junior and senior year, because we had 12 groups of 10 students each, there was no way everybody could do the same clinicals at the same time - the hospitals would be overwhelmed with students in those areas! We only went to a few different hospitals so we'd have 3-4 groups doing clinicals in different units in each hospital. Does that make sense?

    Junior year we took, in any order: OB, Peds, Med-surg, Elderly

    Senior year we took, in any order: Community, Psych, Advanced Med-surg

    Then for the last half of the last semester, everyone went off to do their preceptorships at various hospitals and units.
  2. by   ARmickie
    Our school only offers the LPN program right now, and it's in three semesters.
    First semester has 8 weeks of clinical in LTC
    Second semester is: OB, med/surg, and "drug admisition"
    Third semester is : peds, mental health, med/surg again and "leadership rotation"
  3. by   PennyLane
    Semester I - Fundamentals, no clinical (may be changing in the future)
    Semester II - OB/Peds/Psych or Med Surg
    Semester III - Reverse of Semester II
    Semester IV - Community, Senior Practicum
  4. by   TweetiePieRN
    1st semester-fundamentals and med/surg. clinicals start on the 6th week of school!!
    2nd semester- more med/surg. clinicals start on the 3 week of school.

    for the following semesters clinicals start the 1st or 2nd week of school:
    [3rd semester- geriatric/ltc/psych nursing. half of the semester is at ltc and the other half in the mental institution.
    4th semester- ob/pediatrics
    5th semester- advanced med/surg
    6th semester- more advanced med/surg, leadership, management
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  5. by   maire
    Well I'll add my $0.02

    Semester 1: Long-term care & Med/Surg
    Semester 2: OB & Peds
    Semester 3: Med/Surg & Psych
    Semester 4: Med/Surg
  6. by   neonatalRN
    At our school:

    Semester 1: Med/Surg
    Semester 2: Med/Surg
    Semester 3: OB, Peds, Med/Surg, observe one day in L&D and NICU
    Semester 4: Preceptorship (for some), Psych, Med/Surg

    So you see we get Med/Surg every semester Too much Med/Surg if you ask me!
  7. by   MyReign1
    At my school we have two clinicals per semester. We also have some none clinical courses mixed in as well. As for the clinicals,here goes:

    1st semester - Adult med/surg and psych
    2nd semester - maternal\newborn and pediatrics
    3rd semester - comm health and critical care
    4th semester - comm health ll and Leadership\management
  8. by   meesa214
    Mine goes like this...

    Semester 1: Fundamentals (clinicals in LTC and a miscellaneous unit. I'm on a Urology Surgical floor)
    Semester 2: 1/2 Med/Surg I AND 1/2 either OB or Psych
    Semester 3: 1/2 Med/Surg II AND 1/2 OB or Psych
    Semester 4: 1/2 Med/Surg III AND Peds
  9. by   nursepearl
    Here is mine...
    Semester 1: Med/surg
    Semester 2: med/surg & women's health (includes OB)
    semester 3: med/surg, psych, & geri
    Semester 4: med/surg, critical care, Peds and community. Also we have a seperate class this semester for leadership skills. We do things like, discuss unions, fact interview, resume, letters of inquiry and things of that nature.
  10. by   manna
    As far as I can tell in trying to decipher the handbook, my school has OB/Womens health clinicals in 2nd semester (out of 4). I'm ready for the info session so I can find out more details..
  11. by   breastfeedingRN
    at our school

    1st semester- Med/Surg
    2nd semester- Peds/OB/Long term care-leadership/Med-Surg
    3rd semester- Med/Surg and Psych
    4th semester- ICU, Peds/PICU, High risk OB

    it is the same at all community colleges in the county i live in. some hospitals like st. joseph's hospital, will hire you as an extern after 1 semester in the ADN program. probably in a BSN program too. depending on what's available, you can be on a unit like Peds or OB even if you haven't had the rotation yet!

    lots of hospitals will hire you as a PCT after one semester too.

    good luck!
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    During my plannning meeting with my nursing advisor she mentioned that I would probably want to do my preceptorship in L&D so it must be feasible at my school. Mine is a local CC.
  13. by   kwagner_51
    Mine is est up like this:

    Semester 1 Fundamentals
    Semester 2 8 weeks OB 8 weeks Med/Surg 1 We went to ENDO, Joint Replacement, OR , were Team leader [got to do dressing changes and give meds, IVPG, Sub Q shots. etc.
    Semester 3 8 weeks Peds We get to go to the area schools and Head Start for this one. 8 weeks Med/Surg 2 Next semester, we will do heart, lung, kidney, bladder, and Blood vessels
    Semester 4 8 weeks Psych We get to go to our local prison for 2 clinical rotations [I AM TERRIFIED!! If I wanted to go to prison, I would have broken the law!!! I am extremely clostraphobic and the thought of not being able to leave when I want too cause the doors are locked is enough to make my heart race!!!] 8 weeks Med/Surg 3 Final semester we will be on CCU and ER