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Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone is in a nursing program that doesn't require chemistry. Or does anyone know a school that doesn't require it as a pre-req! Thanks it would be of great help to me!... Read More

  1. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Most ADN programs here in Ohio do not require Chem, either. But to transfer to a BSN, you would have to take it. So I guess it would depend on whether you wanted that BSN. I did the ADN and the Chem I needed to understand labs, meds, etc, was worked into either the A&P/Micro class or the Pharmacology class.

    Good luck!
  2. by   nursing 101
    I'm from Fl and just wanted to see some programs that did not offer chem. As Chem is a big thing in my school I'm doing Org and biochem and it's kicking my ... But at least I'm passing it. To tell you I don't see the relevancy of chem in nursing. I think basic chem is enough. Well I can show all these schools to my peers!
    Thank for your responses. It was a big discussion in my class today.
  3. by   kittylilly
    i know that the college i am attending does not require chem. at all. but that's in michigan.
  4. by   bet0326
    Funny you should mention it. It was huge discussion in my class yesterday was just talking to a girl in my Micro class yesterday that was looking for schools that don't offer it. You guys should talk!!!! LOL. I'll see you in class tomorrow Nursing 101!
  5. by   missionnurse
    I'm in Brunswick, GA just about 1 1/2 hrs north of Jax, Fl and we have no chemistry required for our ADN program....
  6. by   salgal
    Currently the two year program I have applied to does not require chemistry as a pre-req. I believe that may change for next years applicants. I think if I would have taken chem it probley would have helped alot in some of my other classes.
  7. by   GraceyB
    The school that I am applying to in NYC requires chem before A&PI. I thought that chem was needed to be able to calculate dosages and such. Am I wrong?
  8. by   passing thru
    Nursing 101 : LOL -- Your thread brings back anxious memories of my own experiences with chemistry classes.
    I think I have written this before on this BB.
    Anyhow, it sounds like you are ready to move to Siberia - if necessary - to find a program that doesn't require Chem.
    Chem is primarily algebra. So, if you can't "get it," advice is to take an algebra course first.

    Here is what happened to me.... I registered for Chemistry...."Chemistry for Nurses" the REAL Chemistry students called it. it was chemistry for health professionals....
    I was about 8 weeks into the semester & realizing weekly that even though I was studying and everything, I did not have a clue what the professor was talking about.

    I felt like a moron as the recently graduated from high school students who had studied chemistry in H.S. thought the class was a breeze. So, I dropped the course and continued attending every class. The next semester I took an algebra course at the junior college. Simultaneously, I attended every chemistry class again,............ not registered, just "auditing" the classes.

    Okay, my ""3rd semester"" of chemistry for nurses........ I registered, I studied, and believe it or now, now that I knew how to do the equations....which is all chemistry is.....math equations......I actually enjoyed the class...and passed....I think it was a C grade....
    If you think chemistry is hell.......check to see if statistics is required. LOL
    The moral of this story.....It took me a while, 3 semesters of chemistry and one of algebra to pass one basic chemistry course, but when it was all said & done, I was feeling competent and had confidence in myself for achieving/accomplishing something I never thought I could do.
    I still get palpitations just writing this & recalling the fear I felt when I realized I might possibly not be able to finish school--because of chemistry...LOL
  9. by   javamom
    I'm in Ohio and in the ADN program. I had to take Elementary chem and Chem for life sciences. For your BSN you have to take Chem for life sciences 2.

    I agree with Kavi. There is a great deal of reference to chemistry in any nursing.
    Meds is a good example, enemas and their hypotonic, hypertonic, isotonic effects. IV's, Enteral tube feedings and osmolarity, etc.. I could go on and on.
  10. by   NurseDianne
    Hey: I'm in Georgia and we don't have a required Chem class for our ADN program. I'm in south georgia. It use to be required, I took it 12 yrs ago, but no longer along w/ alot of other crap. Only about 2 hours north of the Fla line. I have a girl in my class now from Madison Fla.
  11. by   kimtab
    I think Chem is a good thing to suffer through even if it isn't your thing. You will use it! Concentration of solution, acid-base balance, osmolality, all those perodic table symbols and what they stand for (how else are you suppose to know that "K" is potassium?) and the math you do in Chem is good practice for dosage calc.
  12. by   obeyacts2
    Our ADN program has a requirement of either High School Chem with a A/B grade or a 5 unit Introductory Chemistry class. I had been out of school so long I really couldnt remember if I had taken Chem or not. so I took the class. It was tough but I passed first try. I was fortunate, our teacher was a PHD from Stanford who had worked her way thru school as a paramedic/EMT so all her practical applications were relevent and slanted to health occupations. Much better than some other classes, such as the AP class whose instructor is a rice farmer and the Physiology class whose instructor is a veternarian !!!

  13. by   nessa1982
    My ADN does not require it, but it is needed to get my BSN so I'm taking it this summer. Blech, I took in highschool and got a D, but I now took all the algebra I needed so hopefully it will make more sense than it did in HS