I'm so disappointed..

  1. My first midterm for my first quarter of nursing, I get an 80%! That is a C nowadays. It used to be a B back when I was in school long ago. I thought the test was easy when I was taking it. I saturated myself in all of it for weeks on end with study. If this was easy, and I got a "C" what is going to happen when it just gets that much harder?
    I am so disappointed in myself, of course my best friend that I've made in class did 10 points better than I did.

    I have no idea where I went wrong!!

    Just venting.
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  3. by   markuskristian
    All you can do is let this be a reality check that none of the tests will be easy. Don't let it discourage you. Rather, let it make you more determined.
  4. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Continue to study hard because it will get increasingly worst. These nursy examsmay seem easy but they can be very tricky. Stay strong and pray and hope for the best.
  5. by   That Guy
    I never understood why people let one test get to them. You messed up it happens. learn from it but dont dwell on it
  6. by   RockinLadySN
    What I quickly realized was that nursing school is hard.. and it will be hard til the day you graduate. lol. A test here and there, sure.. you may not do too great, or you may even fail. But that's ok! Well, not perfectly ok.. but it's not the end of the world.. you catch my drift. The grade can be brought up with future exams, and it's a good reality check to maybe re-evaluate how/what you study.

    Don't let one exam get to you.. you still got a C! And if you keep analyzing it, you will go crazy. You'll be fine, just study more for the next exam! Good luck! :-)

    Oh, and just another piece of advice (me still being in my first semester as well).. don't get into the habit of comparing yourself and your grades to others in the class. Some people in my class are absolutely obsessed with knowing how everyone did on an exam, or they brag about how well they did. If people ask me how I did, I just say I passed (or failed, but that hasn't happened yet.. lol). Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I feel your pain... I just got a C on a test that I thought I had earned at least an A- on... and 12% worth of it are contestable answers... but I'm not going to.

    You and I will both have to just suck it up and perform better next time around.

    It is frustrating, though... and a bit unnerving.
  8. by   PrincessDiRN
    AT LEAST YOU PASSED! Look at the bright side! If you want a higher score next time, work on truly understanding the material. Sometimes students tend to study for the test, not to study to learn. Nursing exams require critical thinking and sometimes it helps if you visualize youself. Ask yourself, "What would I do if I'm at the bedside right now?" ...if it's that type of question. You may also want to try flashcards...these would be helpful when NCLEX-RN comes along, too! Good luck on your future exams...because there will be plenty more!!!
  9. by   ghillbert
    Make sure you go see your instructor and go over the exam, if that opportunity is there. Having them explain why one answer was right and the others was wrong helps me a lot in terms of how I answer the questions.
  10. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Sometimes the first exam is harder than the rest. I'm sure you will do well next time !

    And remember " C= Continue.
  11. by   itsmyturn
    Nursing school is about surviving and I had to lower my standards and realize that it may not be possible to get the highest grade but very possible to learn the information needed to become a safe, educated nurse.