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  1. Providence Hospital

    It's certainly a nice looking hospital. I live only a couple miles from it. It would probably be easy to get a preceptor as South Alabama is also only a couple miles away.
  2. Student loans for more than cost of attendance

    If you wind up taking out 3rd party loans like SallieMae in addition to the federal loans then yes. I'm doing it to help me be able to live in this city and attend college.
  3. Enjoyable Depression

    A couple months ago I posted a question asking if it were possible for someone to more or less enjoy depression [or for depression to feel like a comfort zone]. Rather than anyone answering the question, all I received were personal experiences and e...
  4. Anethesia Assistant to CRNA

    Didn't the U. of Toronto just introduce the first ever CRNA program?
  5. Med school for experienced CRNA?

    Even in Illinois, it doesn't have be an anesthesiologist... it can be any MD. She could always work in another facility... in a dental office, a CRNA can supply the service and have the dentist sign off the paperwork.
  6. Do Faulkner courses transfer to UAB?

    If you can't get an answer from UAB then go to the adviser at Faulkner... surely they have had someone attempt to transfer the credits. Try calling UAB again... after I few tries I was able to have office personnel rely my question [also about trans...
  7. I have hope...

    I knew I wanted something in healthcare, and I liked that nursing is very horizontal... if you dislike one specialty, you can always swap to another... OR to Med/Surg to CVICU or with more schooling to anestheisa to practitioner to flight nursing... ...
  8. I need help majorly

    ADN and then bridge to BSN (possibly online)
  9. How to Study?

    Draw out concept maps showing the relationship between a number of those terms. Conceptualizing things makes it a lot easier for myself. I'm sure others have their ways too.
  10. Studying for A&P II

    When I was in ap2, I drew out a lot of the system myself.... draw it out and write conceptual processes out next to it.
  11. Where are nurses really needed in the USA?

    Montgomery, Alabama is in a shortage.. 40+ RN openings.
  12. Do I really want to become a CRNA?

    Quite a harsh commentary there. OP, I'm right where you're at. I'm a pre-nursing student using nursing school as a stepping stone to nurse anesthesia. I can tell you the main reason I'm going for it is a fascination with the way anesthesia works... i...
  13. Mercer requires a BSN... check their requirements again. "Applicants are required to have a bachelor's degree in nursing"
  14. Should I just give up on nursing?

    Perhaps this is just 'crude advice,' but what keeps me motivated is when I see SOME of the nurses around hospitals. I think, "if this dumb*** can do it, then I definitely can." Again, crude advice, please no one take offense.
  15. Chemistry HELP!!!

    I'm agreeing with the above stated. 1 unit of water is at 1 volume 1 unit of ice is at 1.09... volume 96mL of water becoming ice [96x1.09...] is ~105mL which will burst the sealed 100mL graduated cylinder. -------------------------------------------...