I Passed!!!!

  1. We had our first Nursing Fundamentals test Monday. I PASSED with an 88 (I am not one to usually be happy with a B but I am now). The highest grade was a 94 the lowest was a 60; there were so many who did not pass. I am so sorry for the ones who did not pass but they have the opportunity to do better from know on and bring up their grade.

    We also had our first Check Off today and I got a satisfactory so life could not be much better (well if I did not have about 200 pages to read I would feel better).

    I am looking forward to the four day weekend. Mabey I will get all my reading and notes done??? Is there ever enough hours in the day???

    Thanks for listening to my joy over the test.
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    way to go!!! keep up the excellent work!

    our first test isn't until the 13th (i am not superstitious, i am not superstitious....) and we haven't even had our first lecture yet! this is only our first week and friday is lecture day.

    but clinicals started on monday... i am in the monday/tuesday group.

    i got checked off on vitals yesterday along with one other student... worst thing that could have happened was she could say go back and study more. it was only my 2nd day, but i managed to not drop the thermometer and was able to answer all the questions re: bp, pulse, temp and respiration. besides, how hard is it to do a blood pressure, stick a thermometer under someones tongue and count respirations and pulse anyway??!! notice i did pick something pretty easy to get checked off on though...

    well, i too have about 200 pages to read so off i go...
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    congratulations!!! don't forget to take some time for your self this weekend though! good job!

  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    ginger, way to go! keep up the great work./color]
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    ginger, way to go! keep up the great work.
  8. by   nrselisa
    Congrats!!! I still have to sign up for my first check off (hand washing ) We haven't had our first exam, but we do have a quiz on Friday. I'm glad you're doing well

  9. by   zacarias
    Ginger, congrats on the test!! Good start to the semester.

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    Congratulations, Ginger!! :roll :hatparty:
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    CONGRADULATIONS !!! :hatparty:
  13. by   Bonnie Blue
    Just some food for thought on VS. One of my instructors said pain should be considered a fifth vital sign because joint commission has put a lot of emphasis on it in their accredation process. Congrats on passing!

  14. by   tex
    Even when you have graduated > 10yrs ago, you never forget that wonderful and exhaustive happiness that you passed. It is what drives you to your next test and so on. Before you know it, you are waiting in line to take your state boards. Congradulations. Remember a C will get you a degree. Even though I made higher marks, that saying became important to me, espically as I watched some of my friends not make it. Remember, as I have stated on another thread. You have to want this degree "More than Air" Tex