I got accepted!!!! Woo hoo!

  1. I got my acceptance letter today to start Jan 2003!!!

    Orientation is Dec. 2nd.

    I'm happy, yet nervous too.


    p.s. I have to get the immunizations within the next month & a half. Can anyone tell me any side effects or what to expect....as far as pain. I'm needing the measles, mumps, rubella, & hepatitis B immunizations. And of course the tuberculosis test.

    One more thing I'm curious about...insurance.....is this something the school will offer or do I have to get a policy on my own? I know these are things they will cover at the orientation, I'm just curious at the moment. :roll
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  3. by   LuvaNurse04

    I remember the feeling I had when I was accepted. Best wishes to you. You've just made one next step towards your future!
  4. by   maire
    Congo rats, it's a great feeling to have that letter in your hand, isn't it?
    As far as insurance, are you talking about medical health insurance or malpractice liability insurance? For my school, health insurance coverage is offered if you don't have your own (I'm guessing they have a "deal" with a local insurance guru, but I'm not sure), and the malpractice is part of the tuition.
    As you said, you'll find out for sure at your orientation.
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  7. by   Amy W.
    Congrats jennerizer!!! Don't sweat the shots, not much pain. Good luck on your classes. I hope to graduate in Dec. 2002. Study hard and tape your lectures if you can--it will help to listen to them a few times.
  8. by   MidwifeWannaB
    I also start in the spring and just did my CPR cert. this morning. Had to get up at 5:30 this morning, but I guess I better get used to that, huh?

    Immunizations are fine. I didn't have any reactions or pain to mine. You'll be okay.

    Hey, Amy W. My name is also Aimee and my last initial is W. and I'm from Texas! Pretty nifty.

  9. by   Robin61970
    Congrats to you.....I also had no problems with shots...unless you count the soreness from that tetanus,LOL
  10. by   shelby88669
    congratulations---we start at the same time--i was worried about all of the shots also--i have a doctors appt on tues--hopefully it wont be to painful lol--again congratulations to you!!!!!!
  11. by   BMS4
    Congratulations!! That's wonderful.
  12. by   peaceful2100
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hatparty:
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    jen, congratulations and all the best to you!