I failed :(

  1. I am so upset right now. I made a "D" in Med/Surg I. I got my final grade early this morning and I was unable to go to the school to talk to my advisor to see what to do now. The thing that really gets me was that I thought I was going to be okay. I mean I really had to bomb my final exam in order to fail the class. I need a hug.
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    I'm so sorry!
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    Actually a lot of people in my class went into the Med-Surg final on the borderline of passing/failing. I was also one of these students. I was a 4.0 before I applied to this program and have been getting my share of B's.

    I know you are hurting and I feel for you. I was terrified going into the final and passed. However, if I didn't get a high enough score I honestly don't know if I would have it in me to retake the class.

    It is not that you are not smart enough, it is a goofy program with confusing tests that you are supposed to infer what they are trying to ask.

    Take a deep breath see your advisor and knock the test scores out of the ballpark next semester. You didn't fail...the program failed you.
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    aaaw I am sorry about your grade. Just remember if given the opertunity to get back on teh horse, do it!

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    I am so sorry. Not many people can say they know how you feel, but I do. Eleven years ago went I went to LPN school we had to keep a B to stay in the program. Well I failed nutrition and my overall grade went down to a C. They kicked me out and I had to start over the next year. I felt like such a failure. But I did go back next year and I passed. And do you think I have ever had to use the word "legumes" in my career? NO!!!!!!!!! I hated nutrition. So, keep your chin up. Everything happens for a reason. Take it again and get a tutor or a study partner. You can even private message me if you need help. I never had any trouble with med/surg, and I'm actually a med/surg and geriatric nurse. Plus I'm back in school getting my RN and BSN so alot of things are re-freshed in my mind. Here is the hug you requested.:icon_hug:
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    {{HUGS}} I'm so sorry, I know it's so hard to take after such a grueling semester. Nursing school can be so HARD with everything that we students have to deal with (life, family, workloads), but believe for yourself that if you want it, you CAN achieve it. Just regroup and go at it again. Saddly, one of the girls (not the only one mind you) in my class also didn't make it this semester and I saw her in the registers office. She told me she'd failed, but smiled so brightly and said that she was going to try again in August when our next class begins. I don't know how to explain it but I was really impressed with her demenor. Like she wasn't going to let anything get her down or get in the way of her goal. WOW.

    I personally believe that everytime we trip, get up, and try again, we become stronger. It's the time you trip and stay down that you've let life get the better of you.

    I hope you will try again, I truely believe that if you really want to be a nurse, you won't ever regret it.

    Lot and Lots of hugs and encouragement going out to you!!:icon_hug:
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    What you need to do now is have a good cry and then get back up and figure out what went wrong.

    You can do it. :icon_hug:
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    After posting my post, and then reading yours, my heart goes out to you. I cannot offer more than my hope and prayer that you find the strength and courage to continue....
    A person who finishes first may get the glory, but the reward comes from perserving long enough to finish last. Gold weighs down the mighty, while the just get rewards which last much longer.
    Know that if you are true to your heart's desire, you WILL get where you belong. My heart goes out to you, and a offer of friendship as a fellow student.
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    I can SOOO sympathize... I just found out today that I failed one of my classes. There were only three grades, midterm final and a paper, and my final grade just wasn't high enough by nursing standards, but... the worst part is that it will be this time next year before I can retake the class.. so I have a year to think and worry about it!
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    I'm sorry about what happend. Take a break, dust yourself off and try again! When you take it over, you will already have somewhat of a knowledge advantage over the other students! *HUGS*
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    I'm sorry too deliasgone. *hugs*

    I am in SC too what school do you go to? I graduated from HGTC in Conway in August.
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    (((hugs to you)))