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I turned in the last of my paperwork to the admissions secretary today and confirmed she received my background check and drug screen information. I THOUGHT I was all set to go... It turns out I'm... Read More

  1. by   Soup Turtle
    Quote from KellieNurse06
    wow...sorry to hear this! That is so discouraging huh? I can empathize with you though...when I started my nursing program..I got the letter, and had to go to orientation with the other students accepted...turned in all my papers & everything just like you did......on the 1st day of school I got pulled out of class and was very snottily informed by the lady who is like the head secretary or something from our campus that I was not supposed to be there & I am on the waiting list for a different campus..and did I know there are other students that have been waiting etc etc blah blah blah....... I told her well I am not the one who screwed up & it isn't my fault that happened...and she cannot tell me after the fact that I cannot be there.....if it was before school even began then maybe I'd understand...but I even got into another school altogether and could of started a month earlier there but chose to go to this school instead.......Anyway my other half was fit to be tied & wrote up a letter threatening to seek legal action on top of getting all the money paid back to us that had been shelled out (about $2500.00) and that this was totally unacceptable........Well I didn't have to give the latter to that woman because I called the head of the nursing program & explained everything to the assitant to the head & also threw in that I am an adult of xx years old and do not appreciate being scolded like a 5 year old child........so the woman must of went and spoke to both parties and she called me back apologizing like crazy for that womans rotten attitude & told me the department head said foer me to just stay in and continue on as it was not my fault this error occurred. I can tell you I was sick to my stomach worrying that I was getting removed...heck I'd probably still be waiting right now........anyway it wasn't my fault & that's too bad.......that lady who was rotten to me has had a major snippy attitude to me everytime after that....but I just chuckled to myself & killed her with kindness to drive her over the edge.......too bad if people did their jobs correctly then it wouldn't of happened.....end of story!!!
    So the short of it..I'd go to the highest up person & explain my situation......don't let your hopes get built up just to be smashed down by someone because "they made a mistake"....it wasn't your mistake after all!!!! Good luck!!!!!
    OMG, and I thought they waited a while to tell ME! I'm glad you got in...that sounds like a horrible experience!!!
  2. by   Annaiya
    This is just scary to hear. I agree that if it is the school's fault they have to let you in. (Although it sounds like you'll get in anyway.) I think you're right in trying the nice approach first before getting angry. If you do get in you'll have to deal with these people in the future and those relationships can be hard to rebuild. I hope that this isn't indicative of the whole program, nursing school is hard enough without poor administration. The program a friend of mine was in could never tell them when the next semester started. It usually wasn't until the beginning of Jan. that they'd say when Jan. classes started! My friend lives out of state, so she had to plan her visits home very carefully and had to leave early "just in case" they started the semester early. I'm amazed these people are allowed to keep their jobs. Good luck getting in!
  3. by   chenoaspirit
    I bet you will get in. With the nursing classes I attended, we lost probably 20-30% of the class within a week, some even the first day. I know it's frustrating, but dont be too hard on them. The person who sent the emails may be new. Im sure he/she feels bad about it. You need the faculty and staff on your side, I wouldnt raise too much of a fuss. You dont want them mad at ya before you even get in. Just my opinion. In my class, if you were on the sh$$ list, you were screwed. Dont worry, you are as good as in. I bet within the first week, you will get the call.
  4. by   HisTreasure
    The dropout, fail out, fall out rate of nursing school is unbelievable. You're number three? Oh yea, you'll be fine! Matter of fact, are you too busy to go to Staples to get school supplies today? They're having a super sale! LOL.

    Seriously, keep your head up and remain faithful. What God has no you no man can take away.
  5. by   Soup Turtle
    :spin: I am shopping for all white shoes online right now.
  6. by   Achoo!
    Best of luck!! It may be last minute but my money is on you getting in!
  7. by   Tweety
    I hope you get in. Good luck!
  8. by   JaxiaKiley
    I was on the alt list at my school, and I got the call, so hang in there!
  9. by   Soup Turtle
    Today, I just found out that I got in!!! I was so happy that I thought I was going to cry. My eyes actually welled up! Then, I got dizzy and weak and seriously thought I was going to hit the ground. I'm sooooo happy. Now, I just have to pass the classes.
  10. by   HeartsOpenWide
    \Did not see that you got in before I read the post. CONGRATS!
  11. by   shippoRN
    congrats!!!! i was following this thread, and hopeing for the best for you, thats great it worked out and you will definately pass those classes.

    congrats again!!!
  12. by   Cherish
    Congratulations...now that you are REALLY in. You will do great. Prepare to have no life for the next couple of years...but soon you will get your reward. CONGRATS!!!:hatparty:
  13. by   moongirl
    Quote from TurtleSoup
    Today, I just found out that I got in!!! I was so happy that I thought I was going to cry. My eyes actually welled up! Then, I got dizzy and weak and seriously thought I was going to hit the ground. I'm sooooo happy. Now, I just have to pass the classes.
    HERE IS A BIG FAT "TOLD YA SO" !!!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!