I am sooooo bored I could scream

  1. I am so ready to get back to school. I enjoy my breaks but wish it was only for a couple of days. Any one else as anxious to get back to grind as I am??
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  3. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Hi LeslieRN2B,

    Yeap!! You are not the only one. I think that because I'm so consumed by it during class that when I'm out I'm bored.

    After the first few weeks of break, I have done most of what I had planned to do. So, this last break I found myself waking one morning thinking.... Where is everyone? Too much peace and quiet for me... They were all at work.

    Hand in there!! If you start on the 25th...Just a week left.
  4. by   leslieRN2B
    I won't have to wait that long.. I start back the 20th..good luck to you!
  5. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    You too!! Stay tuned when you can... There will be so many posts on this BB
  6. by   Jennerizer
    Now that it's just a little over a week away....nope, not looking forward to it. Where did the summer go?????
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Enjoying every single lazy arsed minute i have left till the 25th because i KNOW it'll be chaos from there on out
  8. by   essarge
    I'm good for about three/four days then I'm ready to continue. Don't know what it's going to be like when we have our 6 week break over Christmas!! LOL!
  9. by   marilynmom
    I get bored really easy as well. I enjoy school, even the hard classes and like that it keeps me really busy.

    I start back on the 25th as well so this last week before classes start I am totally cleaning out my apartment. We are buying a house and I can not belive how much junk I have accumulated around here.

    But other than that, yes I am ready to get back. I love school.

  10. by   Dublin37
    Yes I miss the structure, and my kids and husband will be back at school, I'll be back to running the roost (dh is a teacher) am totally looking forward to school, but NOT the subject matter this semester! Advanced Physio, ick! Heather
  11. by   PSUNURS05
    moi aussi....we finished classes the first of august and go back the 2nd of sept. it will be a hecticy semester but I am really bored.
  12. by   kats
    I go back to classes tomorrow- yea!!!!!!!!!!!! This summer break has definately been way too long! Hopefully, this will be my last semester with pre-requisites. I will be holding my fingers and praying like crazy in between studying until November when I will find out if I am accepted to the nursing program starting next January.
  13. by   Jen2
    I just finished completing my "Study Have", I have everything there except for the books. I have a second orientation on August 27th. Then the first day of class is on Sept. 2nd. However, I have signed up for so much O.T. at work so the next 2 weeks I will be so busy.
  14. by   shyne
    I've been extremely bored also. The good thing is that I start classes in 2 days!