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I just met with advising and counseling today at my school to double check that I had all my prereqs done and that I had nothing left to take except for nursing courses come fall. One of the prereqs... Read More

  1. by   javamom
    Definately keep going strong to get it resolved! I had the same problem with English. I rec'd a D in Eng. 1 and a B in Eng 2, since I completed English 2 with a B (the English classes were 12 yrs ago), they allowed me to jump over the English 1 requirement for nursing.

    Just remember, you get more bees with honey than vinegar! It might be hard to be "nice" but do your best! Good luck!
  2. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by StaceyS
    Just remember, you get more bees with honey than vinegar! It might be hard to be "nice" but do your best! Good luck!
    Ah, very true StaceyS !
  3. by   nynurse2b
    I truly know how you feel. At my school I dropped micro and took it over the following semester because it was necessary for me to get a good grade in the class. Once I got over the disappointment of not starting my program I decided to give them a call. When I called to find out about my grade they then informed me that I was ill adviced on how to drop the class and was not a student. So I then explained the deal that was made with the Proffesor. The thought of having to sit through a 3rd semester of micro made me want to go crazy. It worked out that I had to pay for the class and was given the grade from the prior semester. It is def all about the money. We are just money to them. You fight it girl all the way.. I know you are going to make a great R.N. because you are not going to let any set backs stop you!! Hope it all works out for you.
  4. by   Mr. L
    Talk to the Nursing Dean explain your situation ask them to hold your eligibility date open for you and offer to challenge or CLEP the course (you also have time to take an online self-paced course, they are not cheap though). You have nothing to lose. All they can say is NO but they won't say anything if you don't ask.........

    Me..Similiar situation, I'm taking Algebra again via CLEP this time...
    Hang in there Kid!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   legsmalone
    Fight them all the way to the top! I have a classmate who has a degree in Psychology from UC Davis. When she started at nursing school here (its a California State university) the school woouldn't accept her basic math, english or history courses and told her if she wanted to graduate, she would have to repeat them...
    She went to the president of the university and got everything waived. If you fight it to the top, sweetly like sugested, you should be able to beat this silly loophole.
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i too would ask the math department if i could clep the class? hang in there and let us know how it goes.
  7. by   farmmom
    if I can get in with the low grades I had in high school by beggeing and talking to everyone there has to be a way that you honors classes can be proven or okayed for math .Ask every person at the school what to do or who to talk to
    Someone there will know the answer and take the time to tell you
  8. by   kimtab

    Take a deep breath, transfer credits are always appealable. Don't waste your time doing anything some secretary or your academic advisor tells you though, you'll be on a wild goose chase.

    Find out the name and contact information of the person at your school who makes the decision what transfers. They are usually in the General Admissions office, that's a good place to start looking. Make your appeal directly to them, and request from them a list of supporting information they need to aid in their decision. Follow up with them on a frequent basis until you get an answer, and keep a copy of all your correspondence at least until you see the credit show up on your transcript.

    Good luck! I hope things go your way. Starnge that you wouldn't get credit for Testing out of Math, you got college credit for those courses originally, right?

  9. by   Scavenger'sWife
    I agree with previous posters....keep appealing it to higher & higher powers until you win. You have a great case here.

    I had a similar probelem. Went to nursing school at age 45. Was my class president, had a 3.5 average, profs loved me, I loved school....then *TWO* weeks before graduation the Dean tells me I don't have enough credits to grad. Seems a class I took 20 years ago didn't count for reasons I won't elaborate here. The school had known about this for a YEAR and NO ONE told me that I needed a Sociology class. I yelled that I had seen my advisor four times for class scheduling and counseling, as per the rules, and was NEVER told I needed this class.

    I ended up going all the way to the college Vice Pres to complain, and presented my case. Let him know that with NO money problems, NO personal problems, and an ACT score of 26, I could have gone to ANY college I wanted but that THIS college had wooed me, saying they would help me as an "older" student, to navigate the trials of returning to academic life.

    Well, I demanded an exam to get credit by exam. Was told there was no exam available. I pointed out that the college brochure adverised the class was one that you could test out of, and I WANTED THE TEST.....that if the prof didn't have one made up, then give me the final exam he gave for the class.

    This VP called me at home that night and said there was an exam made for me if Iwanted it. I ended up studying on Fri thro Sun for my Nursing Final, taking the Nursing Final on Mon....borrowed a Soc text from a friend, studied it Monday night for about 6 or 7 hours, and took the Soc Final on Tues. Guess what? I passes with an 87%. SO THERE!!! (But I got credit only for "Pass" as it was a "Pass-Fail" when you take a credit by exam.)

    The moral of this long story is:

    KEEP POUNDING ON THEM!!!!!:angryfire

    Make the Powers-That-Be give you what you deserve!

    (Oh, by the way.....I forgot to mention that at the same time I was dealing with all this, I was planning my daughter's wedding which was 7 days after graduation!!!)

    No wonder I am such a looney-bird! :chuckle
  10. by   TeresaRN2b
    Thanks all! I am sitting here unable to do much right now because of the holiday weekend, but I will be taking this to the top if I have to. I am also applying to another school's nursing school as well to cover my butt. I should be able to get into their program because they still have spots available for the fall term. I really want to go to this school not the other school (because the other school is a 30 minute drive and more expensive), but I am trying to cover all my bases. I am going come hell or highwater to start nursing school in the fall! I have waited 10 years to do this. Thank you all for your encouragement. I am much calmer today.

  11. by   CountrifiedRN

    I just wanted to say sorry things are so frustrating for you right now. But just remember, where there is a will, there is a way! Even if you have to go to a different school. And who knows - maybe it will be better? If you have to commute for 30 minutes, you can tape the instructors lectures, and study by listening to the cassettes on your way to and from school! See, there are positives to almost everything!

    I hope you have a great thanksgiving!

    ps - if the school is not flexible enough to let you test out of the class, while keeping your original start date, especially because it was an oversight on the part of your advisor, I would reconsider whether I really want to continue there anyway. :stone
  12. by   Lausana
    Glad you're going to fight it Teresa! You've definately got an argument--to me they've passed the 'statute of limitations' on this one-they already decided you met all requirements and gave you a position on the list. They screwed up on the technicalities! Will be praying you hear good news on this soon!
  13. by   peaceful2100
    (((((((TERESA))))))) DEFINITELY fight that. Persistence is something that we all will have to use. I am sorry you have to go through all this. It does sound like you are being punished so fight it all the way.