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Hi, Im from New York and i go to a local community college. My tuition is $100/credit for residents and $130/credit for out-of-state. What's yours?... Read More

  1. by   rosemadder
    My community college was just raise to $32.00 per credit hour. I thought that was high until I read the other posts!
  2. by   fnimat1
    At my college it's $73.50 for county residents and $147.00 for out of county residents....yikes!!!

    "RN 2B from Jersey"
  3. by   CherryPez15
    Hi All,

    I'd love to be paying the low tuition that some of you are paying!!

    My college costs $290 per credit hour, plus a $65 "student services" fee (whatever that is), a learning/library resource fee of $100/semester and $50/year testing fees. With what I'm paying I should have just stayed with a 4 year university. Oh well - live & learn.

  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Hi... $38 for in district (county), $49 for out of district (other counties in AR), and $99 for Out of State.. Then there are a half a million other lil charges.... Not sure how long these prices will last.... We were a Community College and now started Jan 1st, we merged with the Univerisity of Arkansas.... They say it will remain the same until you start you Junior and Senior Level classes then they are going to raise tuition for those....

  5. by   pkmom
    it used to be $74 per 3hr course in Dallas, that was nice.
    now its around $120 an hour for non residents( which i think is a crime) but around $65 for residents.
  6. by   essarge
    OH! Those other "fees"!! We are charged $100.00 for Student Government Fees. I am finishing up my sophomore year and haven't seen any student government activity to speak of. Kind of makes you wonder when there are 3200 students on this campus at $200 per year per student=640,000 of my math is right! Wonder where it goes!
  7. by   stevie b
    its 32 a credit for in county,but,180 for out of state! I just moved here,and if it wasnt for a wonderful woman in the admissions office,who helped me qualify for in county,I wouldnt be in school this semester.Also,it helps that the hospital I work for has me on scholarship for the whole ride.If it had been left up to my finacial resources I would be sitting at home,just reading these posts and dreaming.
  8. by   Dublin37
    I'm in S. CA too, and it's $11.00 a unit (hour). I won't have to pay too much until I'm in the actual program then there are tons of fees. But I think everyone has those. You know equipment, supplies, lab fees etc. But if it makes you feel any better, rent, and ownership is really high here. To rent a one bedroom apt. in an ok area is about $1000 a month. A two bedroom house, is about $280,000. But I hear New York has really high rent/own prices as well. I'm feeling pretty lucky. Heather
    I am paying $43.00 per credit hour here at a great community college, I believe it's $140.00 for out of state. After being out of school for such a long time, I have to admit I was pretty intimidated as to how I was going to afford school, books, supplies, etc... But I too was helped by a great financial aid person, along with a good advisor, as to picking the classes I would need to complete my pre-req's and getting funded for school.

    I'll be paying back loans for a while I'm sure, but I have no reason to gripe when the loans (I was able to get 1 grant) are giving me the chance to get my education.

    Here's to all of us...for going to school, studying, taking tests, pulling our hair out, etc....

    Have a great day!!