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I am a mother of four and start this spring.I am hoping that with the chaos in my house that I will be able to do it all.I have the want and need in my heart and in my head I know that I am capable... Read More

  1. by   Robin61970
    I have 2 full time and 2 part time is a challenge, thats for sure, but I just look at it this what my house isn't immaculate....I have a 3.5 and my kids are happy. There are days when I have lots of homework and I'll ask what do you guys want for dinner and they all scream "cereal" be doesn't hurt every now and then.....
  2. by   Mkue
    I have two teenage sons at home 13 and 14 and one son at college who is 20 ! yahoo..

    So I only usually have to do laundry for 4 people, and sometimes #5 will drop by with some


    Good Luck to YOU !! Are you close to Ft. Wayne? I was just there over the weekend!
  3. by   ashemson
    I too have children, three girls ages 8,5,and 2. I usually study after they go to bed, from 8:30 until around 11or 12. I have a sitter for the youngest two, so I take them to the sitter and head to school library to study also. And like most of the others, I feed and do laundry, and the other stuff gets done "when I have time"! It can be done...Good luck!
  4. by   kittyw
    I have a patho final tomorrow... guess where I got to study??
    Chuck E Cheese!!!!
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    :chuckle @ kittyw. sounds like something i would do.

    i have 2 boys (11 y.o. and 2.5 y.o.) and it's been difficult at times but very doable. sometimes i feel guilty for taking so much time away from the boys but in the end it will all be worth it. i'll have a job that i can count on to support me and the boys should anything ever happen to SO. for the time being, i just try to balance it all. school and the boys come first. every thing else will get my attention when i have time.

    if the house is messy, so what? it will be there when i take time to straighten it up. it's not like anyone else is gonna do it for me. :chuckle

    if we eat take-out 2-3 times a week and eat canned soup, grilled cheese, and hot dogs the rest of the week, who cares? they are fed and happy.

    i'll forego a load of laundry or 2 just to watch a tv program with SO. TRUST ME, the laundry isn't going anywhere.

    it's all about priorities.
  6. by   nursedawn67
    I'm no longer a student, but I do have kids and did when I went to nursing school...I bought a dry erase calender board and on the first of the month I wrote out jobs for each of the children to do daily. That helped with the chaos of the chores around the house. This also freed up time for me to keep up with homework and to have freetime on the weekend to do things with the family. Good luck!
  7. by   farmmom
    thank you all.I commend every one of you.Thanks for the support and I will take an idea probably from each of you to help me get through this.:kiss
  8. by   Debbie5
    Hi Farmmom,

    I am also a mother for four. 18, 16, 13, 12. It makes for a very lively household. I am 43 and am in my fourth year at community college. As you can see, it can take a while to get through. I am determined to make it. I am planning to transfer to a Bachelor degree nursing program in fall of 2004. I took a lot of remedial math and english classes and I also had to have a year of general biology before I could take my upper level A&P. I still need chemistry and microbiology, and a few other classes. I cannot take two sciences together. I need time to let it all sink in.

    If you are patient with yourself, you can make it. Your kids will be so proud of you. My kids are always asking me how I did on my tests. I can now help Julie with her Algebra and I sit with my kids in the evenings and we do homework together. It's great.

    Good luck.
  9. by   nrselisa
    I am a mom of 3, an 11 yr old daughter & 6 & 1 yr old sons. Organization is very important. I put the boys to bed at 8 every night & send my daughter to her room to read or watch TV until bed time. This is my study time. When I am working on my care plans or have a lot of studying to do, then I will rent them movies & get a pizza. This will keep them busy for a while. My husband works 12 hour nights, so he is able to throw in a load or two of laundry when I need help. He is also there to help when the kids are sick or has a Dr. appt. (Thank God! Missing one day of clinical can break you at my school.) Sometimes I lock myself into the bathroom & study my note cards in the tub! I am going to have to do something really special for my family after I graduate, they have been such a great help to me.
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by farmmom
    thank you all.i commend every one of you.thanks for the support and i will take an idea probably from each of you to help me get through this.:kiss
    and welcome to the board!
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i have a young adult son 22, a teenage daughter 15, and a teenage son 13.
  12. by   gordi24
    I'm a mother of three children one of them has ADD, the other one ADHD, and the third one so fa
  13. by   gordi24
    I'm a mother of three childern one of them diagnosed with ADD, the other with ADHD, so far my youngest doesn't have either thank god. My time is very limited with my husband and childern, and it's hard too find a place quite enough to study, and to find someone to take the childern for a couple of hours so that I can.
    I have been studying really hard and keep my goal in mind when I don't feel that I can make it anymore. Alot of the times I just want to lay down and sleep but I can't I have other jobs that need to be done including a part time job at a nursing home. But I am making it. I have a 3.0 GPA and intend on maintaining it.So good luck in your schooling and if you want something bad enough you'll get it.