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After much debating with myself, I went ahead and applied for nursing school for fall semester. I have just got to take microbiology next summer. I was wondering, how many does your program admit... Read More

  1. by   subec

    I'm sorry to hear that, but at least you will still be able to take it this summer.

    Good luck.
  2. by   nursejws

    I've emailed the Professor this morning asking for his advice. Hopefully he'll have one. I was looking at the schedule last night for the rest of the summer. If I do not take this biology class now, it completely throws everything else off!

    In Summer II, I need to take 6+ hours. I hope to take A&P I...what else should I take? This psychology class I want to take is at the same time the A&P class is. I will check for a night class too. I've taken all of my math and english. Anything that will go towards a BSN, as I will eventually pursue my bachelors degree, and maybe more.

    I don't want to give up and let this class go just yet. Wish me luck!
  3. by   babynursewannab
    My BSN program accepts 65/semester with 15 alternates on stand-by, but 300+ apply every semester. Out of those 65 about 75-80% graduate.

    My school also has a 95% 1st time passing rate for the NCLEX. So, that's cool.
  4. by   carlalogan
    I believe ours accepted 120 this year! They are trying to keep up with the demand We'll see how that affects us.
  5. by   Twomunchkins_99
    Hello, my school accepted 45 this year, there were over 100 applicants, they base it on the nursing pre-exam, grades, and pre-requisites.
  6. by   rachyrach
    My school takes 16 every summer. We just started 5 weeks ago and have already lost 3's tuff. We are NLN accredited and have to maintain an 80% on all exams and a satisfactory in clinicals. My instructor said on the first day " The chances of all of you graduating together is slim to none." PRAY FOR ME!!!!!! LOL
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by rachyrach
    my school takes 16 every summer. we just started 5 weeks ago and have already lost 3's tuff. we are nln accredited and have to maintain an 80% on all exams and a satisfactory in clinicals. my instructor said on the first day " the chances of all of you graduating together is slim to none." pray for me!!!!!! lol
    rachyrach, you can do it! keep the faith!
  8. by   shunda
    In my school they accept 50 students and they only admit Fall and Spring semester. It is based on who has the requirements finished such as A&P I, Mth 100, and Psy 200- Eng 101. Whoever the first 50 are to turn in their nursing packets; those are the ones to get accepted.
    May God Continue to Bless Us All!

  9. by   StudentSandra
    My school had been accepting 28 each fall for the ADN Program, we finished the first year with 16. We have a new instructor next year and they are taking 45 this fall.

    Entrance is based on a formula using your ASSET score (entrance exam), GPA & extra points for A&P 1&2 and Micro - 1 pt for an A, .75 B, .5 C. So although there are NO "pre-reqs" it does help to get some of the classes finished ahead of time. Actually, I'm very glad I took that extra first year to get all the "support/co-reqs" out of the way first, the Nursing classes are 10 credit hours each semester. That's enough for me. :-)
  10. by   elusive
    Im in Canada (ontario) and my program accepted 60 to the BScN, 30 to the RN and 30 to the RPN prrgrams, those numbers were cut in half by second semesterby the "Christmas Graduates" of 1st year. We usually have A LOT of people apply, sometimes nearing the 1,000 mark, its kinda scary that there are this may people applying and so many get turned down...and then I look at some of the people who get accepted and go "what were they thinking?" If you GPA is more than 1.0 point higher than last years rock bottom im sure you'll get in easily. Im not sure what you have to do (other than the pre-req's and grades) to get in. We had to write a paper about why we wanted to get into nursing etc..So play it up..highlight everything good about yourself.. make yourself known to the admissions people (this really helps trust me).
    Good Luck!
  11. by   allthingsbright
    Our LPN program admits 75. I am not sure how many the ADN admits, but I guess I will find out!

  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    64 rn students will start in our program next month.
  13. by   cloudydrms
    The ADN program I attend accepts 48 students in the fall and spring semesters. They're currently trying to get funding to up it to 64 new students each semester.