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After much debating with myself, I went ahead and applied for nursing school for fall semester. I have just got to take microbiology next summer. I was wondering, how many does your program admit... Read More

  1. by   nrselisa
    My school takes 16 LPN & 16 RN students each year. Entrance is based on the NLN entrance exam.
  2. by   shanzo89
    My school had over 700 applicants this year for 250 openings. These were all the openings for the LPN, Associates RN, and Bachelors RN. (They had two programs this year- a new one and one they were phasing out.) This area was hit pretty heavily in the last year or two with technology layoffs, so that may have had something to do with the large number of applicants. In the old program, you were ranked based on your grades for the pre-req classes. The new one was based only on your NET score (which was meant to help students coming straight from high school, they weren't required to take any courses before beginning the nursing program.)

  3. by   nursejws
    subec, where are you going to school at?
  4. by   eak16
    this year my school accepted 80 out of the 350 that applied to the BSN program.
    They do not focus mainly on GPA though here- you have to have extensive volunteer health experience, multicultural experience, a letter of recommendation from an RN, a personal essay, and sit for a two hour proctored essay. This year the proctored essay question was "here are descriptions for patients a, b, and c. (All are very sick and have various social circumstances- have to be very politically correct in answering!) You can only treat one. Who do you choose and why? "
    Lets just say applying was very stressful. But hey, I got in!!!
  5. by   Goldenearring1
    Our program accepts 160 students and we had over 3000 applicants for the Fall of 2002! My program is a hospital-based diploma program, and they have a tuition benefit reimbursement this year. If you sign a contract to work for them for two years schooling is paid for.

    See ya,
    Nursing Student
  6. by   subec

    I'm going to UT Arlington. I start this fall.

    Where are you going?
  7. by   nursejws

    ohhh. I thought about UTA, but I live in N Dallas and that's a LONG drive. I'm going to Collin County. Now I'm wondering if I'll be able to buy my book for this biology class that starts Monday @8am.
  8. by   subec

    I also live in N Dallas, but I'm going to move to Arlington in July. I only have the two years of nursing classes left, and then I'll probably move back to Dallas.

    What biology class are you taking this summer?
  9. by   nursejws
    hey subec,

    Small world. Sorry for the delay, I've been on the other side of FW all day getting my truck out of the shop...FINALLY!

    I have to take the gen biol 1406, since I haven't had any bio since high school. I called PJs and the book is $79 and the lab book is about $30...I may have to withdraw for summer I and try summer II because I had to pay the deductible on my truck to get it out of the shop. I'm happy, happy, happy to have my truck back, but sad, sad, sad to postpone the class.
  10. by   howie122832
    My program takes 30 students.... For last january's class there was 180 applications!!!!! We started with 30 and we are now down to 16!!
  11. by   Lisa2902
    Our school accepts 12 RN students for the 2-year ADN program. I'm not sure how many LPN or LPN-RN transition students ... I think maybe 12 each. You had to have certain pre-reqs completed, take the NLN and score in the 50th percentile or higher (on composite of all), then they took the NLN composite and multiplied it by your GPA in order to rank the candidates.
  12. by   bhppy
    60 seats are available for the BScN every year and only about 40-45 get filled. There isn't a danger of not being accepted unless you don't make the grade!

  13. by   nursejws
    Well, I guess I'll try for Summer II. I have to withdraw from Summer I and the biology class I was to take because the book was way more than I anticipated, and my loans won't go through until next month. :imbar