How do you find time for your love ones?

  1. With so much time spent on studying how do you find time for you boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and/or kids? I'm sure many relationships have gone down hill. How do you keep things positive in your relationship?

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  3. by   mind_body_soul RN
    I have to pencil "husband time" into my planner. Whatever is not written down in that little book doesn't get done...that includes household chores.
  4. by   shamrokks
    It's so hard to find time. I have never put my family time into my calendar other than appointments for specific things. I will need to start doing this. My children and boyfriend will appreciate it.
  5. by   Jennybrie
    I devote Saturday's for my boyfriend and me with no school or school projects. This includes staying off the schools website and email. On Saturday I am no longer a nursing student, just a 30 year old woman who wants to have some fun. It's the break from school that I need to recharge and keeps us together. Thankfully he is in school and works full time so he can understand my schedule and the need for me to "disappear" during the week.
  6. by   Red35
    I just's a cannot study 24/7-that is burn out waiting to happen...

    For example: Saturday I'll be watching the Bronco game with my loved I can unwind and give my brain a break.

    At least one day a week or a half a day is devoted to loved's keeps everyone sane.
  7. by   atlnurse477
    I take advantage all my free time and basically spend it with them! I also tell them about my schedule so that they are informed of my whereabouts and that they know why I need to sacrifice my time away from them.
  8. by   going4theko
    Between school and work, it gets pretty crazy trying to find time for my friends/family/boyfriend. But I try to schedule them in whenever I have some free time (as horrible as that sounds LOL). I'm on break from school right now so I have another 10 days to relax before I'm back on my grind!
  9. by   luvnlfe,LMT
    Easy for me, I am a mom to a 20th month old and my husband works all the time. So I only get to study when the little one is in bed.
  10. by   nursesunflower85
    Well my relationship went downhill during nursing school, but it gave me more study time. I tell my family when i have my no human contact days, but I do allow myself a few hours a day to relax and be with my family. If I completely ignore my books for a day my anxiety level goes up
  11. by   Applehead

    Time management is important. As long as you know how to manage your time, it all falls into place!
  12. by   amygarside
    Schedule family bonding so that we can spend precious time with each other. Once it became a habit it does not seem as hard as one might think.