How Do You Make Your Flascards?

  1. Hello!

    Just wondering how all of you make your flashcards? I usually just buy the normal sized index cards and handwrite them. I also have one of the rings that open up so that I can punch holes in them and keep them all together. However, I am always interested in new or better ways. I was thinking since I will probably be using them alot more in my nursing classes than in the pre-reqs, that I would laminate them. Have any of you ever tried this? Do you think it's just a wate of time?
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I use the lined ones so i can write the answers straight in ink. I write the word on the blank side in permanent marker. Bundle them together with a rubber band. Use one card to write where or what in the book that the cards are covering.
  4. by   meownsmile
    3x5 cards and rubber bands,, dont make it an expense if you dont have to. Make them for each unit, rubberband them together and after you are done put them aside until later study if needed. Laminating them might be nice if you plan to sell them to someone later, but why bother, after school they are either great dust magnets or fuel for the next barbeque. You wont touch them after you take your NCLEX id almost guarentee it.
  5. by   Mariannsi
    Simple, 3X5 index cards written in ink. Rubberbands so that I can bunle them up in various topics i.e., Terms: PO, b.i.d., etc.

    I wouldn't be so eleborate on the cards -- your time becomes precious and I feel it's better to read and re-write notes.

  6. by   Jen2
    Thanks everyone!! I think I will stick to my usual way, it has worked for two years so why change? I have heard of people printing them out from their computers, but I think that handwriting makes it stick more for me. It is always so interesting to see how everyone else does it. I am always so interested in new study techniques.
  7. by   RNIAM
    Some people like to write them out and some like to type them. I think if it's working for you don't change it. Usually I take notes from the book, then I make study cards from the notes. Speaking of that I need to get some reading done.
    In AP we had to learn diagrams for the bones and muscles or whatever. I made copies of the pictures from the book and taped them on index cards and studied them that way without having to carrry the "big book" around. Worked for me.
  9. by   renerian
    I never used them.......sounds like a good idea though.

  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Used 4x6 ruled. They are much easier to write on than traditional 3x5s.

    Each card got a header as to its section: "communication" "psych" .........etc

    Each card had a number in the order it was written to give reference to the approximate position in the topic. It was helpful to be able to go back to the section in the text that inspired the question and see if I still felt that way about the subject.

    I drew boxes on numbers and letters that indicated headings and subheadings so they would not get confused with question content at a glance.

    Most importantly, I wrote short, valid, test questions to myself.
  11. by   Berta
    I also write mine out by hand.
    The only thing I have planned diff. for this semester is that I bought a little index card binder to keep them together. Its like a mini notebook. Got it at walmart for around $3.
    I had to laugh at the indexcards they had to go with it. They were prepunched at the top and cost about 1.50 a package. I think I can handle punching my own at .50 a pack.
  12. by   hobbes
    I used to use index cards but a proliferation of cards for A&P, and Micro plus occasionally losing cards led me to the software solution and I now use a flash card program. Like it much better and I can download the cards into my PDA.
  13. by   sagelola
    I prefer handwriting mine, that way I have to "practice" the information again. I don't do the term on one side and definition or whatever on the other. They are all on the same side. I have been using the 3x5 binders for the last 2 semesters, and I absolutely LOVE them. My cards stay neat and in order, don't get lost or ruined. For myself, I use those little sticky flags to show which cards I have problems on or want to take not of. They are color coordinated at the time so I understand what I mean by it.

    You should see my stacks of note cards from Anatomy, Micro, and Physiology. Phys is the biggest. I would estimate that there are close to 250! The stack is HUGE, I'm telling you! My phys teacher used to tell us in advance "possible" essay questions for the tests, so I would write the entire thing out and study them. Of course there were way more questions than he ever used!

    But, these kind of flashcards have worked well for me, so I will continue to use them. I have 3 notecard binders right now, and may get a couple more!
  14. by   essarge
    I write NCLEX questions on one side and answers on the other (using whatever we are studying). I try to answer the questions and then give the rational. Gives me an excellent chance to answer questions right on exams and I'm sure will come in handy when I take the NCLEX!