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Hi all i'm not in nursing schol yet but i was wandering for those of you who are how are you thought to give injections.Do you pratice on dolls or what?Sorry if this question seems dumb but i was... Read More

  1. by   gardenmum
    We also were given plenty of time in lab to first use the injection pads, then "dummies", then our lab partner. First intradermal, then subQ, then IM. Most are as scared to give the first shot as they are to receive it from their classmate! I'm really glad we had this opportunity on a "real" person because it's amazing but you don't see a lot of injections in the clinical areas. Once you've actually "mapped out" your site on a real person (yep -- we're even taught to map out the ventrogluteal areas on each other), most feel a lot more confident in the clinical setting when attempting to get the "right" spot. (Our labs are small (9-10 people) and we get to know each other quite well.)
  2. by   Deliasgone
    "At my school we praticed on eachother in lab."

    -What did you inject each other with?

    At my school we practiced on oranges.
  3. by   enair
    I learned to give injections from my mother, public health dentist. I gave skin tests for 1 week. Then after 1 month, the theoretical and practical lessons for giving injections started. Our final practical exam for administration of medication (emphasis on injection) was to give IM, SQ and ID to our designated partner (fellow classmate).
  4. by   NaomieRN
    Your school instructor will show you how to give an injection. I gave my first injection two weeks ago and my clinical instructor walked me through. Thank God, I was not nervous, the patient told me that he did not feel anything pain, it was a smooth injection.
  5. by   marilynmom
    I learned the same as most of you all.

    Oranges and hotdogs one day, real live person the next!

    I mean that is just how it is. You practive everything either on your lab partner or dummies and the next thing you know, your sticking a Foley in an actual person....and it turns out you actually DO know what your doing (

    Practice makes perfect.
  6. by   Kemccanha
    Quote from Bonny619
    We used these injection pads that simulate the way it feels to give an injection. After that, you just go ahead and give them to patients!
    :yeahthat: That's exactly what we did! When it comes to the real injection you just act like you've done it before! Which actually, you have!
  7. by   BlaineCM
    We also practiced on the injection pad one day, got checked off injecting the pad the next day, then waited for an opportunity to inject a human in clinical. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be when I injected my first real person. My instructor walked me through. Having a patient tell you that they "didn't feel a thing" is definately a big confidence booster.
  8. by   jemommyRN
    We used a big rubber dummy thigh to practice angles etc.
  9. by   81ke83
    we practiced on each other and rubber butts. Then we had to do two hours at a flu shot clinic. There are alot more stressful things than injections
  10. by   praeclarus
    Good for all of you..We didn't have anything to practice on..So, yes, we basically practiced on our very own deltoid muscles, not that it's recommended or anything. But during our return demonstrations, we had to inject our partners with NSS mixed with sterile water.. For intradermal routes, we were asked to practice on tomatoes. I, on the other hand practiced on my arm...Ouch!
  11. by   fleur-de-lis
    Rubber butts, I love that!

    We had the injection pads, which once they have been stuck a million times are not like skin at all. I wish we had got to practice on each other, our school won't allow that.

    One word of warning, even with adults, be prepared for the patient to jump a little. I had a patient with cerebral palsy that I gave an IM to, and I had done a few before and a million subq's, but this pt jumped when I stuck him, and I jumped too! With the nurse and the pts sister right there! Luckily they were talking to each other and did not notice, and I quickly recovered and finished smootly. Just be prepared and expect the unexpected!
  12. by   TouchstoneRN
    besides using the "pillow" while in lab, I would use hot dogs and citrus fruits to practice on at home...but honestly nothing can quite replicate a human body part. :spin:
  13. by   mybackpages
    At my school, we practiced one time on the instructor (yeah, no pressure there). Then, next semester, next clinical, I was told to just go do it. No guidance, no supervision. I felt horrible b/c I didnt press strong enough and the first jab didn't go through her skin. Luckily (?) my pt. was demented and didn't know. There should be more practice!!!!!