How do you study???

  1. Hi, I'm new here. My name is Marcy and I just started the ASN program on monday. So far it's went pretty well. Not too overwhelming. I was just wanting to know how everyone else studies. What seems to work for you? I'm not the type that can sit down and study hours on end everyday. I've been studying 1-2 hrs a day but that's all I can do. I don't read the chapters word for word...I basically skim through with my highlighter and highlight important terms and anything else I think is important. I actually feel I learn more when I just skim. I know that sounds weird but I think it's true. When I read word for word I get so caught up in all the little details that I forget all the main concepts and my mind feels like I jumbled mess of information. Can anyone relate? Is there anyone else out there that studies like I do? Has it worked well for you in nursing?
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  3. by   Achoo!
    I read through everything, then go back and write down the vocabulary. I also do the quizzes at the end of the chapter and take lecture notes to study from. That has gotten me through so far
  4. by   dawn1971
    I'm in my senior year of a BSN. What got me through (and gets me through!) was flashcards. I skim like you do, AND focus on tables, as well as doing the chapter reviews. However, in some classes, it's just not enough. It helps me to write the cards, as well as go through them, so I can memorize all the details. Good luck!
  5. by   shellsgogreen
    i usually skim only before the material is covered in class, then when i get home from lecture, i rewrite my notes completely...i also use a digital recorder, so a day or two later, i go back and listen/write again, in case i missed something (which i usually do..eek! )
    somewhere in between there i highlight what's emphasized in the text, but i always read through everything, as there are bound to be things covered on nclex that we haven't covered
    funny thing is, i'm always worried that the one paragraph i don't read will wind up being the focus of three questions!:crash:
  6. by   sydie
    I just started semester 3/4 and have done well so far...this is how I prepare:

    1. I do not read/skim the book. I will use it to clarify a concept that is not completely understood between lecture/notes.

    2. I turn my notes into thorough notecards...I have to re-write the info in order for it to "stick".

    3. Study group with 2 others. We study the weekend before every test for about 8-10 hours between Sat/Sun. This group doesn't mess around and we really get into the material!

    4. I take the chapter quizzes that are on the cd-rom that come with textbooks and study using my Saunders NCLEX book after I feel I have a handle on the material.
  7. by   NaomieRN
    I am not yet in the nursing program, but I have been successful in all the prereqs classes and planning to use the same strategies:
    Skim through the chapters before class, record lectures with my digital recorder, listen to the lectures as soon as possible, rewrite my notes (typing) and seek help if I need to. I will not wait last minute to study. Cramming just does not work for me. The information goes to temporary memory and I cannot retrieve it later on.
  8. by   cathiep
    I start my last semester next week and this is what I've done. I like to skim the material before the lecture. For my Psych rotation I started using a digi recorder for the lectures (a tip from a student who had this prof before) and added to my notes on a second listen. I also do study guide questions. Our school requires HESI case studies before each test and they do help to get in that test mode. I just bought the Saunders NCLEX book and plan to use that.
    I would recommend a study group for test. We do the same as the Sydie. We only meet the week before a test and usually for about 10 hours over 2 days and we save socializing for lunch/dinner breaks.

  9. by   JR816
    Cathiep has the right idea.

    I have found it very helpful to ask prior students about the prodessor and their testing technique. Every teacher is different. If you know what to expect from them it will make it easier to study the right material.
  10. by   Princess74
    Flash cards work really well for me, as well as going to the books website. Reading the chapters in the book does nothing for me.
  11. by   Bala Shark
    Some instructors base their exams on what they lectured in class..That is only some thou..Some instructors make exams based on reading..If you can figure out which one does what, then it might be easier for you in studying..But watch out, some instructors might change their exam method just to throw you off some..So study the notes and read the book..It is important that you take good notes or you can tape record the class to make your notes later..