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cathiep has 2 years experience and specializes in NICU Level III.

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  1. cathiep

    ASU's RN-BSN Program...

    Here's what I've found. They do not require as many classes as NAU. You only need to take statistics on top of what you took for your ADN as a prereq. I'm taking it through Rio Salado distance and it's not bad at all. You will need 10 upper division general ed classes or credits (sorry I can't remember which right now) to graduate but the nursing portion will only take 12 months. They start classes in Aug and Jan. I had been hoping to do the U of A's old RN-BSN program but they are not bring it back anytime soon. Let me know if you need anymore information. Cathie
  2. cathiep

    ASU's RN-BSN Program...

    I start the program this fall. I'm down in Tucson but there are a group of us traveling together. We'll be going up to Phoenix once a week for a year. Classes are from 2-6pm with some online content. Hope that helps. Cathie
  3. cathiep

    Will I ever see the light of day?

    They do! Most have been on the unit for over 20 years.
  4. cathiep

    Will I ever see the light of day?

    I am loving the NICU but nights are killing me. I was wondering how long it takes to get to days in other areas of the country. At my hospital it is a 10 YEAR wait, ugh. Thanks, Cathie
  5. cathiep


    I am so excited! I just found out that I got the NICU for my preceptorship!! Only 8 more weeks and 4 test to go... Cathie