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  1. dawn1971

    Medtech, Indiana Buisness College

    No, it's not that hard to get into, but it is a tough program. The 2nd degree program is easier than the regular oneto get into. My class had about 25, but it varies each year based on new students. They are very serious about application deadlines, so if you want to start in the fall, you have to apply by the end of this month. their big weeding out process is the prereqs. Feel free to pm me if you have other questions. It really is a good program.
  2. dawn1971

    Medtech, Indiana Buisness College

    If you already have a degree, try Ball State. I graduated from their 2nd degree program last May
  3. dawn1971


    I am a new RN who is interested in getting her WHNP, I can't find any programs in Indiana (IUPUI used to have one, but discontinued it!). Any graduates from there? Any input? Thanks!!!:spin:
  4. dawn1971

    St. Elizabeth School Of Nursing

    I have a friend who graduated from there in May, she said it was HARD (but when is it ever easy?) Anyway, a bunch of us started at the same time, and I have to say, she was the most clinically prepared out of all of us! Good luck.
  5. dawn1971

    Indy hospitals/ job-shadowing contacts?

    I work at Methodist and after I interviewed, they set up a shadowing time. Hope this helps!
  6. dawn1971

    Hourly Rounding / Walking Reports

    I am a new grad that is on a unit that is trialing hourly rounding by CNAs. I am finding that they tell the CNA that everything is great, and then call me, even for water....
  7. dawn1971

    Is it too late for me?

    I am a second degree person that graduated this May. I am 35. If it's what you want, do it. Don't live a life full of regret. Dawn
  8. dawn1971

    New grad ER links....

    I want to go into ER as a new grad, thanks for all the info...
  9. dawn1971

    I cant figure out how to use allnurses.com!

    Methodist is part of clarian. Go to http://www.clarian.org
  10. dawn1971

    Prior degree and career fair=$$?

    Thank you, nfahren, you are 100% right. I KNOW it will help me a lot in nursing (ie:dealing with families, referals to other agencies and I already know how to document my butt off, let alone the fact that I had to deal with OT, PT , and ST on a daily basis). That's the important stuff, not an extra .50 per hour!
  11. dawn1971

    Prior degree and career fair=$$?

    That's what I thought, but I guess that I was holding out hope that since my experience was in social services, instead of finance or something, that it might do SOMETHING. Oh well!!!!
  12. dawn1971

    Prior degree and career fair=$$?

    I have a question. I know that typically prior degrees don't mean anything and that new grad rates are new grad rates. However, I have a BS in sociology and have 5+ years of experience in social services. Does this give me the potential to make anymore (even loose change!) than other members of my class? Does anyone know? I have a career fair tomorrow and supposedly they will be doing onsite interviews, so I'd like to be prepared. Thank you!!!
  13. dawn1971

    Clarian north

    Really? That happens?
  14. dawn1971

    So, I was accepted. Now what?

    1. I took micro as a pre-req. Ask other students in your program when they took it. For us, the hardest nursing classes were semesters 2 and 3 out of 5. Find out when the toughest nursing classes are and AVOID micro. 2. No, you don't need strength training, there are always a bunch of people to help with transfers. I've clinicals in 4 hospitals and 2 nursing homes. Most hospitals don't want you to move pt's by yourself if they need assistance. REALLY. But, that being said, you should be able to pull your own weight (HA) in comparison to others.
  15. dawn1971

    Night shift ... And a babysitter?

    I will be in the same situation in May when I graduate. I think nights would work best due to kids schedules.... Their dad lives four miles away, so he will watch them two nights... my plan is to find nursing student or elem ed college students to sit for the one night.