How difficult are the nursing courses?

  1. Hello again...
    I hear a lot of people talking about the pre-req classes and the difficulty of those classes (I've already completed those classes when I received my BS in Public Health). But I was wondering for those of you who are almost done with the nursing classes or who have completed them - how difficult is/was it?

    Did you find a lot of people dropped out due to the level of diffiuclty? I think I am an average student but very determined. I am in a huge debate with myself - as to whether I go for it or not. It's a huge risk for me, being that I have a good job at this time and I haven't been in school for over 4 years. I will have to find a part-time job also while going to school full time - anyone else in those shoes now?

    If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it. I need a little more input before I make my decision.

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  3. by   AmyLiz
    Well, I can't tell you how difficult the nursing classes are as I haven't started mine yet, but.... I think if you are a determined student, you should do fine. Determination always helps. I know when I was getting my BA (in psychology) I did better in the classes where I was more determined to do well. In so much.

    As for the pre-req's...I haven't had to take some of them since I had already had most when I got my BA degree. I only have to take chemistry, communication, and (believe it or not) psychology. I don't think that will be too difficult. (I'm taking chem spring quarter and the others later) Apparently I have to re-take psych because it had been over 10 years since I took the intro to psych course for my BA. Oookay. I'm sure I could probably TEACH that class, but I'll look at it as an easy A!

    I think you'll be fine. If you're worried about working & going to school...cut back on your classes. Instead of going full-time, go part-time if you can. I'm working full-time & going to be taking classes in the evening. I'm also taking a few of the classes online.

    If you are really determined...I don't think you should have too much difficulty.
  4. by   javamom
    I'm in my first semester of nursing classes with completed pre-reqs and I was out of school for 12 yrs. If I can do it, you can too! If nursing is your dream, then go for it! Good luck making your decision!
  5. by   NMG
    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, all the nursing classes take place during the day, so I would only be able to work in the evenings. And if that's the case, I would rather just go full time for two years to get it done. But going part-time is always an option!

    Thanks again for your support! Best of luck to you!!
    At least you will get an easy "A" is that psychology class!
  6. by   NMG
    Thanks javamom! I just have those nervous jitters! Is your first semester overwhelming at all? That's great that you are going back to pursue your dream! Good luck! Keep me posted on those classes...
  7. by   javamom
    NMG, I think that nursing school is overwhelming, period! :chuckle I have my ups and downs like a lot of the other gals and guys. My classmates and the upper classmen at my university all say that it does get a tad better after the first semester b/c you're into the routine.

    But one thing to consider is to look for a school you'd like to go to and specifically ask if you can go to nursing school part time. At the universities and comm. colleges in my area, they're all full time, no part time at all (except pre-reqs of course)

    Good luck deciding! Be sure to let us know what you do!
  8. by   Mkue
    It is a lot of hard work but is doable ! Good Luck !
  9. by   kimtab
    Yes, they are very hard and I thought the science pre-req's were easy. I work part-time, and if you have most of your non-nursing classes done then you probably won't be taking a full load of classes, but that doesn't tell you much. We get 10 semester hours of credit for the 8 class hours and 16 clinical hours we spend each week. Then there is the lab time...and reading...and paperwork. You can make it work though. It hasn't killed any of us yet!

  10. by   Nurse Keli
    I did worse in my pre-req's than I am doing in my nursing classes. I am in my last semester and I look back and think if I did all of this anyone can. I just set my mind to it and did it. You said you are a very determined person so I say if you want it, do it. Make your life what you want it to be. Make yourself HAPPY!!!!!
  11. by   litepath
    ~~~I'm in my final semester of an ADN program. i didn't see anyone drop out that wasn't lazzzy or simply determined that this wasn't for them. We had a few, probably ten or so drop due to grades and I know of only four of them that are returning or have returned. I had my "pre-reqs" done but i still had psych, A&P and Nursing for the first two semesters, psych and nursing the third. I had never been to college before and have done well. It's only been 27 years since I graduated Highschool. Academically I am highly average, I seem to make the same on tests whether I study hard or not. However from a life skills/motor skills standpoint, I have a clear advantage. With that BS degree behind you, I'd venture to say that you got more than what it takes academically and otherwise. It takes every part of your being to be succesful in any endeavor. Mind, body, spirit~~

    ~~~Good Luck~~~
  12. by   maire
    When I went into this, I was told how brutal the whole thing would be. So far, I don't find it brutal at all. Time-consuming, yes, but not brutal. For my program, there is a lot of assigned reading for both lecture and lab, with weekly quizzes to test retention of those readings. I also have to find time out of class to come in to the lab to watch videos that need to be seen before class and to practice skills to pass lab practicums and perform them in the clinical setting. Finding time to study for the exams, do the readings, watch the videos, practice the skills, and take care of my family is the problem I have with school, not the material itself. Note that I do not work outside the home, but if I did, I'd have to factor that into my planning as well.
    I'm working on my time management skills!

    Good luck. Just don't go into it paranoid or you'll stress yourself out to no end before you even get started. If you're determined, you'll do it! :kiss
  13. by   essarge
    Our school has excellerated our junior year classes by splitting our large class in half. Our clinical nursing courses are now 6 weeks (we cram 12 weeks into 6) and at times it is overwhelming. I have found that if I write everything on my calendar at the beginning of the course, things are much more managable. The only two times that I feel overwhelmed are at the beginning of the course when they give us all of our assignments and at the end when finals are coming up. I also work full time which means that I work Sat, Sun, and Monday 12 hour shifts with school Mon, Wed and clinicals Thurs and Fri. If I can handle that and everything else life throws at me almost anyone can. Just manage your time and you'll be fine.
  14. by   NMG
    Thank you all so much for the positive remarks! At this point I am trying to weigh everything out. Being that I am single and have several bills each month...I am trying to figure out how I will pay for everything and not stress out about money on top of school! Did any of you have this issue to deal with also? The university is $10,000 per yr and I will barely get enought financial aid to cover that cost! So much to consider and think about...

    Thanks again for the encouragement!