has anyone ever missed/skipped clinical?

  1. Don't incriminate yourself here, but just wondering has anyone ever purposely missed a clinical day for something other than a sickness? I know I try hard to got because it's much more trouble than its worth to miss clinicals, unless it's something completely out of my control, like being sick or my car not starting, and that has only been once or twice in 3 years of nursing school. I tend to feel guilty, so I will just go. However, I have a dilemma because next year we have clinicals scheduled on a Tuesday and there is an event I've been waiting for a long time also on that night; it's a 12 hr clinical. This might possibly be the first day of clinical....double whammy! Ugh, I feel guilty already and nothing has even happened yet.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    not a smart move, missing the first day of clinical. look at it as practice for when you're a real nurse and will miss all sorts of things you'd rather do, because you have to go to work. it's a growth thing... sometimes there are things we learn in a curriculum that aren't explicitly stated in the syllabus, but they are learning experiences all the same....
  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I have missed one clinical in 2 years of NS. That was only because our instructor encouraged us too, we still got critical u for it but it was worth it. I needed the mental health day anyway...
  5. by   Jessica-
    Depends what it is for... I know some people that got written up because they missed a day to go on a trip they had planned prior and others have been sick and missed a day and therefore it was okay because it's better not to be around patients when you are sick. Just think about if what the event is worth it if your school is not happy about it in the end.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Don't miss the first day of clinical, please don't. See if you can switch days ahead or time. Think about. Say you miss that day and something important comes up later or you are very sick you may not be able to miss another one.
  7. by   mangopeach
    Nope. It would be more trouble than its worth. If you miss a clinical day, you have to make it up, otherwise you fail clinical if you have not met the required hours. Although not always possible, they try to schedule clinicals at hospitals that are close to where you live and on days & times that are convenient to you. Its hit or miss with that but so far I've been lucky. I wouldn't want to chance having to make up a clinical day and the only hospital I could do it is far away from me or on a day that I have other obligations and can't make that day.
  8. by   citylights89
    It's my last semester...not sure if that would make any difference. I just want this one day. Erghhhh.....wonder if I could do half a day?
  9. by   pockunit
    I missed one day this semester because of N/V/D and didn't want to get a pt sick. Other than that, I've sucked it up and gone in. We don't get enough hours on the floor doing pt contact, IMO. I don't think we can afford to miss out on it. One classmate, however, has missed >4 days with no apparent consequences, so maybe I've been wasting my time by going in.

    Also consider that you might run into someone who knows a classmate or a teacher at this event, and then your cover is blown. Not a good situation to be in.
  10. by   citylights89
    True. This is supposed to be an management/administration clinical. Hopefully clinical will not even start by then and I'm just wasting my time worrying. Class starts the second week of January and the event is 2 weeks later. Clinicals usually start 2-3 weeks following the start of class. hopefully, they don't send us off right away...
  11. by   virgo,student nurse
    I am praying for nothing but healthiness. We have to pay $100.00 dollars to make up a 6 hour clinical day. Not really worth it.
  12. by   0402
    I missed part of 2 days of clinical during nursing school. One time, I was allowed to miss post-clinical conference and about 20 minutes on the floor, in order to get home to take a kid to a dr's appt for an acute issue. The other time, I got to leave about an hour early for the Marine Corps Ball. I think I had to do an extra, small writing assignment, but I figured that I would ask because the worst they could say was "no."
  13. by   lifelearningrn
    You just have to consider the risk/reward ratio. Is this a true 'once in a lifetime' event? Because unless it's your wedding, or a very sick child, or dinner with the president of the U.S.A.. I can't think of a great reason to skip your clinical. I mean, if it's a concert or other 'touring' type event, just wait until next time.. it's not worth throwing away years of hard work.
  14. by   ImThatGuy
    On that last Monday holiday (Veteran's Day?) I got to a community health clinical site about five minutes early. No one was there yet so I turned around and went home. About five hours later I drove back by to run some errands, and they were all there and looked busy. I said screw it and went on my way again. I told the teacher that the next day and she didn't seem to care.