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NOW, how many of you admit that your GPA really does matter. Even if it just to you. Myself. I am guilty. I did not apply myself in HS in 89' and I was at the bottom of the barrel, which was my... Read More

  1. by   Vmommyx4_RN
    My GPA matters to me but only because I am older (didn't care when I was younger) and it is a personal achievement. But, I also believe in balance. I have four children, a husband, work part-time, and go to school full time. I have 3 semesters left and have decided that B is for Balance. When I start to stress and "go crazy", I look at my grade in the class - if I am at a B or A I chill.

    I am very guilty of freaking, especially when I was working on my pre-req's - had to get an A. Now, I just want to get done, enjoy my kids & husband. I don't want my kids to look back on these years with horror and imprint lasting mental scars or put walls of resentment up between us. One of my friends mother is a RN, she remembers these years of her mother going to school while she was growing up - she has explained to me the very negative impact it made on her.

    Now if I was single, I am guilty, it would be all about the A. But this is a personal thing, I have had many nurses tell me that after you are done, no one will ask "so, what was your GPA?".

    So, I think so long as the individual is learning - who cares - except on a personal level.
  2. by   maire
    Yes, GPA matters to me. Has ALWAYS mattered to me, even in grade school/high school (except for my sophomore year, when I thought smoking and drinking were more fun than homework...thankfully that phase only lasted a year). I know what I am capable of, and I expect nothing less from myself. However, I don't cry when I get a 'B,' I just fume that I didn't make the Dean's List.
  3. by   nurse2be in ny
    Yes, it definitely matters to me, partly because I may want to go on for a master's. But it's more important to me as just a personal achievement.
  4. by   AmyLiz
    Oh yeah...GPA is very important to me personally. In high school, I did "okay" - graduated in the top 1/3 of my class. But I could've done better. When I was in college the first time getting my bachelors in psych, I just coasted through. Didn't care about the grades as long as I passed. I skipped classes, etc...did the whole college fun thing. This time, however, I'm in my early 30's, married, working...and getting A's gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I think I got one or two A's when I was getting my bachelors degree...and that was slightly over 4 years of classes! My first term this go-round, I got a 4.0 and LOVED IT! I was hooked. Had to get more A's. Now I'm in my second term (summer) and am definately getting one my other class (A&P I), I don't know what I'll end up getting. I've got a low A right now, but we have a lab practical and an exam left, so it will depend on how I do on those. (Studying my butt off as we speak)

    GPA may not matter in "the real world" once you graduate, but I am also planning on going on to get my BSN and (hopefully) go on to CRNA school (depending on how I do in biochem & organic chem!)
  5. by   manna
    OMG - I really am incredibly anal about my grades.. I'm getting better though. (I'm finally giving myself credit for having a TON of responsibilities on top of school, and still keeping a decent GPA).
  6. by   shirleyTX
    GPA does matter, but in my opinion my family is more important. I have a one year old son and my life now with him is better than any A you could give me. My GPA wasa 3.7 but after making a B in Micro it's a 3.68, I wished I could have made an A but Nothing is worth ignoring my angel for a measly letter grade. I know it's a balancing act but I would hate myself knowing I sacrificed my time with my child just to get an A. I gotta b, so what I'm happy with my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   LauraLou
    I have completed all my pre-req's and all the co-req's except one and have a 4.0. I have worked my butt off to get those A's, so yes GPA does matter to me.

    I guess I feel the need to make the best grades I can to justify not working for 3 years and having all the financial burden on my husband. Since he is working all those hours, I would feel terrible just sitting around watching tv instead of studying.

    I was always a B student, but I guess guilt is a good motivator as I am now an A student!
  8. by   bluesky
    shirleyTX you are totally right!

    I am now in my last year of nursing school. I was making straight A's until this Summer when one day I actually put my 20 month old in his room for 2 hours by himself because I was writing a 20 page paper for psych nursing. After listening to him cry for 30 minutes, I realized that he was more important than my grades and making him suffer was *not* excusable.

    Generally, I care about my GPA because I know it gives me opportunities, however I do not respect the GPA as a true reflection of a student's knowledge or intelligence.
  9. by   kimtab
    Yes it matters. You may think now that nothing will ever get you back in school once you graduate but if you decide to go on to a Masters progra someday you had better have a good GPA.

  10. by   renerian
    It matters to me, but in my nursing career of 17 year no one has ever asked me what my GPA is? LOL.

  11. by   justjenn
    Great responses people. Love this forum because we are all Honest!

    It will take me a long time to pull up my GPA to a 3.5. It's amazing what 1 C will do to you. Problem is, I may end up getting a b in my class & that will bring my average down to a 3.0 I guess. Ugh.

  12. by   flaced
    I got a BS in Animal Science in another country. After the first 2 years I dropped out of school. I had no idea how to study at the university level. After another 2 years I came back to finish. I got mostly A, and I learned that is much easier to get an A than a C. It's a matter of organizing your time, material you learn and technique you use for memorizing and understanding things...
    Anyways, I came to the US, got a BA in theology where I had mostly A. School in the US is soooooo easy.
    Now I am starting the ADN program. I am not sure about the amount of study for the nursing courses, but in the prerequisites I had only As. School is fun!
    However having the summer off, I went over the A&P courses to see how much I remember. I was dissapointed to see that I retained only about 50%. I read once again all the material and I feel that I know it a lot better.
    I guess the grades are important. I want to go to CRNA school one day, so they should be important to me. But more important is what we retain and are able to apply in our carriers.
  13. by   jgreenlady
    Hi, I'm Judy(new, please read about me at "Introductions" thread) I have completed all pre-req except A&PII and have a 4.0. I'm an "older" student and feel very driven to maintain good grades. I guess just to prove I belong there and also my husband has such confidence in me. I start 1st semester Nursing August 18 and will be taking A&PII concurrently. I am aware that the A's may be about to turn into B's or C's and I can live with that as long as I know I've done my best. I have an 8 y/o and I can also relate with bluesky. There may be some times when I have to make that type of decision. He is accustom to mom at his baseball & basketball games etc. Hopefully dad will step up and fill the gap.