good quotes?

  1. good morning! for my last clinical day i was thinking about baking cookies and wrapping them in little bags and tying quotes around each bag to give to everyone in my clinical group. i was wondering if yall know any good inspirational quotes (nursing or not nursing related)..if so, please pass them on! i would greatly appreciate it! have a wonderful day!
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  3. by   vonxojn
    Nursing Quote:
    It doesn't matter about the amount of years you obtained as a nurse, it's about what you do in those years as a nurse.
  4. by   ZooMommyRN
    i was given a a scholarship by the 40 et 8 thru the american legion and instead of the usual thank you card, i made a mini scrap book, the intro page says "what i learned in semester 1..."
    pg1 - i learned i want to help everyone, but i also learned i can't help them all.
    pg2 - "i don't know, let me look it up" is an acceptable answer
    pg3 - a person's eyes can say it all when their mouth can't.
    pg4 - i learned to respect one's pride because it may be the only thing they have left in the world that is theirs.
    pg5 - sometimes the only form of communication needed is a smile
    pg6 - i also learned that nurses have a great sense of humor ...
    pg7 - student nurse dx - risk for increased intracranial pressure related to information overload
    pg8 - a&p in a nutshell: air goes in and out, blood goes round and round, any variation on this is a bad thing.
    pg9 - nursing school - boot camp for your brain
    p10 - coffee is a foodgroup! student nurse dx - increased risk for excessive daytime sleepiness related to altered sleep pattern aeb toothpicks holding their eyes open during study time
  5. by   KJRN79
    pg4 - i learned to respect one's pride because it may be the only thing they have left in the world that is theirs.

    i love this one!!!
  6. by   justme1972
    "I almost learned everything I needed to know in life in Kindergarden, the rest, I learned in Nursing School."

    "Give me strength to understand the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
  7. by   allthingsbright
    how 'bout "nursing school sucks." ok, j/k! I have senioritis, i think.

    florence nightingale has some awesome quotes, do a search on her. cute idea.
  8. by   Daytonite
    I have a file of these things. Some are really funny because I like the funny ones. Two of my favorites are "Welcome to S**t Creek. Sorry! We're all out of paddles" and "When the chips are down the buffalo is empty".

    Anyway, here is an older thread where someone else asked for suggestions of inspirational sayings. I posted a big long list from my file on it.
  9. by   kenzy
    I'm always amazed at the quotes found here under the premium users. I would look there if needed, theres some great ones, not just for nursing but life itself.
  10. by   emtb2rn
    To keep it all in perspective, I'm partial to my friend June's saying,
    "Sometimes you're the dog and sometimes you're the hydrant."