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vonxojn has 5 years experience and specializes in Surgical Nursing, Agency Nursing, LTC.

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  1. Hospitals in NC are starting to make the RN's and LPN's wear an additional tag on our badge that hangs just below our photo that reads in big letters your RN or LPN status. Of course you see that more in the hospitals that are Magnet status here. These bigger hospitals will not hire an LPN on staff. They want an all RN facility. So that leaves us to go to LTC, Urgent cares, and MD offices. I love working in a hospital and being able to use all my skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years.
  2. vonxojn

    bridge program to RN

    I'm in NC. I looked on our NC BON site to see what programs are out there. I found about 5-6 schools that offered the programs. Look into the schools because majority of them wants you to retake A&P if it's been longer than 5 yrs. Which is a pain for me because I've been a nurse for 11 yrs. Good luck
  3. vonxojn

    Caught stealing drugs

    I work in the ER at my facility. Recently there has been 2-3 nurses that were caught stealing narcotics. Usually my radar is pretty good when I come across someone who might "dabble a little in drugs". Well the last nurse that was caught totally blew me out the water. I never expected her to steal narcs (IV Dilaudid). Another nurse caught her in the act and she was immediately escorted into the DON office with the other Charge Nurses. She was given a choice to leave the ER and go directly to a Rehab facility or be reported to the nursing board and lose her license(the way the rumor was explained). It was told she went to rehab that very day. Have any of you experienced a large amount of your nurses that you work with getting caught stealing narcs, if so, what drug of choice did they steal?
  4. vonxojn

    Why are others nurses rude to agency nurses

    as an lpn in agency.. i have had rn's make little remarks or speculations about my pay such as.. "you probably get paid more than i do and i'm staff". no the remark translated is... why r u an lpn getting paid more $$ than me an rn? i can understand why they would think that but i feel i get looked at funny because i chose a career (agency nursing) that pays a lot more $$$ for my lpn position than being a staff nurse at that particular hospital. i do everything the rn's do and some considered me an rn before they knew i wasn't an rn. i'm pursing my rn degree now but once i do get my rn degree...i plan on still continuing my agency work...making even more $$$$ than i do now. why do staff complain about how much an agency makes when they can just as easily make that same amount of money if they join agency/travel themselves. don't punish me for my job choices. sorry for the rant.
  5. vonxojn

    loneliness and isolation - that agency nurse

    I do local travel in my area. I had recently moved to this new area and knew NO ONE in my area. I went from a job at one hospital where we all got along, went to clubs, and had each others back at work to being at a new facility where I was completely on my own in every sense of the word. I went through a small time of saddness but came to the realization that I'm here to do a job and move on. If I make friends than great but if not...my co-workers do not define me or my quality of life. I'm pretty much a natural loner to start with and I don't usually start mingling with people at first...but that's my personality. So I don't usually make friends right off the back like others. I'm a very friendly person but quiet mostly. Some new travelers try to break the icing by bringing in treats for the whole staff on certain occasions or no occasions at all. It often times works. Hopefully they'll remember ur name (out of respect) the next time they see or work with you. Goood luck and hope this helps some.
  6. vonxojn

    Computerized charting in the ED

    I'm working in the Ed for the first time. The Nursing/MD charting is done in Wellsoft. It's simple to use.
  7. vonxojn

    I Could NEVER Do PICU!

    I'm one of those nurses who would say, "I could never do Peds", especiall PICU. I love children but it hurts to see children get ill and die. I'm so tender hearted when it comes to children. I applaud that there are nurses like urself who can do the job. I pray that u continue to assist these sick children and their families in their greatest time of needs.
  8. vonxojn

    vancomycin iv over 1 hour

    I have seen most nurses run 1GM of vanc over one hour but I worry about Red Mans Syndrom. So I run it over 2 hours just to be saafe.
  9. vonxojn


    I need to update my resume. Can anyone tell me of a good nursing resume template I can use? I would like for my resume be to the point but not plain if that helps. Thanks
  10. vonxojn

    Nursing Education Credits

    Can you tell me where I can go to get Nursing eduction credits? I have to renew my License in January and I'm looking for credits. I thought there were sites you could go to that didn't cost any money to join and can get access to free credits. If you know of any sites or even sites that don't cost as much, that'll be a big help. Thanks
  11. vonxojn

    My mother is embarassed that I'm going to be a nurse...

    I have a friend that was going to nursing school for an LPN. Her mother was an RN. The mother always had something to say about my friend becoming an LPN instead of an RN like her. Well I can see where the mother as an RN, would want her daughter to be an RN BUT it's what the daughter should want, not everyone else. The daughter wants to be an RN but wanted to start out as an LPN first-Her Choice.
  12. When I was in school, we had very little contact with kids. We didn't do much with clinicals on the Pediatric floors. That's made me very reluntant to care for kids. It's different caring for your own verses someone elses.
  13. vonxojn

    My son needs help. The system isn't working!

    I'm back with one last thing....don't even look into rehab centers for him because HE has to do it for HISSELF. If he wants rehab..then let him find rehab hisself. Why should YOU do all the foot work. Plus if you do go through a nonprofit organization to help pay for his rehab and then he either don't finish or go right back to the bad habits.... valuable resources have been wasted on someone who really didn't want it in the first place and the funds are not there for someone who really does want to change. Good Luck on your decisions.
  14. vonxojn

    My son needs help. The system isn't working!

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I know ur probably going crazy right now. Being a mother myself I have always taught my children to be responsible for ur OWN actions. This is a case where everyone has been an enabler to ur son. He will never learn from his mistakes if you and the rest of the family keep bailing him out. You'll go broke if u haven't yet. Everytime you bail him out, does he get better or try to change? I know ur heart stings are pulling right now every time he calls begging for help. Drug abusers are manipulative and don't care who they hurt as long as they get their fix. Let him learn from his mistakes and do the time if it calls for it. My sister is dealing with a boyfriend of 6 years with a habit. He said he'll change but that only lasts a week or two until something gets missing- like her CAR!!!!! He's doing 5 years prison time because of his habit. He has completed 3 so far. My sister said even though she misses him, she now has felt what it was like to have peace of mind. He even said that this is what he needed to see where his life was taking him. Now when he gets out, I'm interested to see how he'll do once free but hopefully the jail time would not have been for nothing. I'm curious, what do you think would happen if you let him do his jail time? If you let your son stay in jail you'll teach him tough love. I doubt he'll turn his back on his family while in jail. He'll need you more than you'll need him. Take a deep breath and stand your ground as a parent and as someone who loves him and wants what's best for him. Please don't take me as being critical but I was brought up old school, disrepect IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!! God Bless you and your Family.
  15. vonxojn

    Chemically Dependent Nurses

    I worked in the ER where i had suspicions that a particular nurse was using drugs. She was finally caught one night and another nurse reported her. Being she was an employee of the ER for the long time, of course, no one talked about it. The last I hear, the nurse is working as a traveler now. So my question is, Y is she allowed to do this. From my understanding, everyone had an idea but they either turned their heads or just suspected it. I believe as a favor to her, the ER department decided to "let her go" instead of reporting her to the board. Good Looking Out!!!!! Now she can go to another facility and rip them off as well. U really taught her a lesson.
  16. vonxojn

    Do you ever wish people didn't know you were a nurse?

    I generally don't let people know that I'm a nurse. They tend to change their style of nursing and do things that that don't do. Like a "real" physical assessment. But then you do have those nurses that make it their goal for the day to let you know that they are a nurse. Once they tell you that they are a nurse then they expect "special treatment" for themselves or family members. Or try to tell you how to nurse..yeah right.