give me a nursing diagnosis? please...

  1. this is the complaint:
    chest pain during breathing. high fever and chills.

    the diagnosis has something to do with the lungs/thorax if that's possible, coz that is what we are studying right now.

    i have risk for infection r/t possible exposure to infections in the lungs aeb by fever and chills.

    but it doesnt sound right does it?
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  3. by   Altra
    Ineffective Breathing Pattern

    Risk of Impaired Tissue Perfusion


    Fear/Anxiety r/t SOB

    Ineffective Thermoregulation r/t disease process AEB fever

    Hope this gets you on the right track ...
  4. by   suzanne4
    What is going to be your most important priority? What do you suspect is going on with your patient? Start with the most important and obvious and work your way down......................I want to see if you can think this through yourself instead of just giving you the answer directly. You will learn more this way...........................

    Am here to help you with don't worry.
  5. by   Animaniacs
    Risk for infection r/t to possible exposure to infection in the lungs aeb fever, chills and pain with breathing.

    fever may be a result of something going on inside the body to control/fight off infection or else the client would not have a fever and chills.

    then the pain in the lungs may indicate an infection that has gotten there and thats how it all started.
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  6. by   francine79
    I think Acute Pain would be your primary dx.
    You could also use anxiety, ineffective breathing pattern, activity intolerance and probably several others
  7. by   suzanne4
    The patient is not at risk for infection, he already has an infection if he has a high fever and chills.
    Would pain be your primary concern? No.
    Think breathing.......................patient has chest pain with taking a deep breath, so his respiratory status is going to be compromised. Respiratory is always going to be first when considering this type of patient. If he isn't taking a deep breath, what is his oxygenation going to be like?

    Now go from here..........................
  8. by   Brickman
    Ineffective Breathing Pattern
    ABC,s always. If patient is having pain from breathing than you can expect more problems developing.
  9. by   LadyT618
    I'm with Suzanne...ABCs...breathing is always (most of the time) primary concern. I love Suaznne, the way she takes you through the process, like an instructor. It is truly the way to learn in lieu of being given the answer.
  10. by   Ortho_RN
    I agree.. Remember your ABC's.... They make some excellent nursing diagnosis books...
  11. by   CarVsTree
    Great responses. Also, always remember, risk diagnoses NEVER have s/s. It has not happened yet.

    For example, Risk for falls r/t impaired mobility. No AEB because there is no evidence of a fall.