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Animaniacs has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg/Telemetry.

Bay Area, CA

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  1. Animaniacs

    California Corrections application process question?

    It can take anywhere from 2-3 months. I just got a job interview after I sent in my application 2 months ago for the prison. but I recently took a full time RN job at a local hospital, so I will need to cancel the interview. i don't want to burn bridges since I just got hired a few months ago, so I'm going to stay at my job for 1 year then look into correctional nursing again.
  2. I'm applying for a California department of corrections RN position. There's a lot of steps, and I'm hoping I don't miss any when I mail it in. 1)I did the online self assessment, and I passed. My list and rank was given, saying I could apply for vacancies, 2)I filled in the standard application form 3)made a copy of my license the job application checklist only ask for the standard application form and copy of my license. do i need to include a copy of my resume or cover letter as well? it doesn't ask for it?
  3. Animaniacs

    Peformed poorly in my job interview :(

    Feeling down, I dont know how I did in the job interview for an RN position.. I had a job interview for Orthopedics department in a hospital, its a huge step up in pay and it's also in a big hospital. But I felt like I didn't do a great job with "tell me about yourself" or "why are you deciding to leave for this department" I've been a nurse on the floor for 13 years. I felt nervous and just didnt feel like I did a good job. It was awful. I absolutely don't like interviews, it's so nerve-racking and i get intimidated easily. I did okay with giving examples and scenarios from my work experience, but I could have elaborated more and spoken more confidently. i dont even know how i got the job at my previous hospital when i started. I started there as a student extern, and it wasn't too difficult. i did odd jobs in my past such as delivering newspaper or working in fastfood, and those weren't too difficult. sure i was nervous, but they just gave me the job coz they needed me. If I could sum up my peformance in between A to F. I would rank myself as a C- simply average. On a scaled of 1-10, its probably a 6.5/10. I prepared so much but failed so bad in my opinion. They say the only way to be good at it is to actually experience a lot of interviews, and improve on those failures.
  4. I've been in med-surg and tele for more than 10 years as an RN. When people refer to floor nursing, do you guys also include ICU or any area/unit where the patient is admitted as inpatient? what about ER, can that be considered floor nursing, seems like most of what I hear as "floor" nursing is mainly from units like med-surg tele, orthox, and step-down. I don't like it when I tell other people nurses that I'm a med-surg tele nurse. They just look down on me,and then they ask me how much I make, and I tell them $xx amount per hour, and they have a smirked in their face and act like "I make so much more for doing an easier job as a nurse" if I win the lottery, man I'm gonna make those people eat their own ****. but but yes there are jobs for inexperienced nurse besides floor nursing. Although it would be good to gain 1 year experience in a hospital. Places where I've seen new nurses hired are mental health, correctional/prison, public health. I know this one nurse with no experience hired by the state correctional facility and now she is a director of nursing after just 6 months into the job because her boss resigned and she took over it. Sometimes you just have to be lucky and land a good position, but for the most part you take what you can get in floor nursing.
  5. Animaniacs

    job switch dilemma

    Sounds like a good deal. I'd go for it. Change is always hard, but eventually you'll get used to your job and become comfortable. 30k more a year is a good incentive, sure you'd have to give up school vacation, but it's worth it.
  6. I'm just curious. I'm reading different threads online, and I completely understand that the cost of hiring/training new nurses is expensive. So when managers hire new nurses, they are hoping the nurse will stick it out and work for the hospital for a couple years at least. But Where I work (on the floor in an acute hospital), they are always hiring new nurses, because most of the new nurses who are fresh out of school only work for 1 year, sometimes less before going somewhere else or they move to another department. I've seen new hires only work for 4 months before going somewhere. I've seen new hires go through orientation, but decided to leave just after 4 weeks into it because they got a job offer in another hospital with higher benefits. I've seen new nurses work for 6 weeks, and move to another department. In other words, it's very high RN turnover where I work. I've been there for 13 years now, and I'm looking to work somewhere else also. I don't have anything against the decisions made by those nurses to move to another hospital. That's their decision. So I'm considering going to another hospital. But I just want to work in a new setting before moving on. How many months is ideal to stay in 1 job/position as a new hired nurse before considering moving to another hospital? 8 months?, 12 months? 18 months? 24 months? without it looking like it's a negative thing. I know managers love to ask "where do you see yourself in 5 years" how can i answer that question when I don't even plan to stay for more than 18 months. I'd like to work somewhere else less demanding.
  7. Animaniacs

    Performed poorly on interview.

    I'm really bad at interviews myself. that's one reason I stay in the same job for a long time coz i dread interviews. it doesn't help that english isn't my first language, and i have a thick accent, i talk like i'm a teenager going through puberty with that screechy broken voice. i hope you get the job. it's nerve racking having to wait and find out. do you have other job/interviews lined up besides CVICU?
  8. Animaniacs

    Is Job Hopping the Norm for Nurses?

    this is an old topic, but i figure it's better than creating another one. base on experience as an RN on the floor, i see many new nurses fresh out of school only work there for 1 year, sometimes less. I rarely see any nurses stick it out for 2 years. I know this one nurse, and I'm sure she's been at 4 different jobs in the last 5-6 years. It's good experience I suppose. I've been a floor RN for 13 years. Is it such a bad thing to be in the same job for long time in an acute care hospital, especially being on the floor for that long? I know it's a jumping point for nurses to a more specialized area. Some people go to Surgery, Maternity/L&D, ICU, or ER just as an example and work there for a long time, but nobody stays on the floor. I wasn't really interested in working in management or being a supervisory role nurse. Is that really a bad thing to be in the same job? I'm the longest tenured RN in my department, seen so many people come and go. I feel like I'm an old relic despite the fact that I'm only 40. Nurse leaders are really pushing nurses to go for their masters. why? I don't want to go for my masters, I'm content with my bachelors. They push to take on a leadership role. Why? I'm content with just having my own patients and not dealing with staff personality. I just feel this pressure sometimes like what I'm doing is such a bad thing, and I don't know how to react to it.
  9. Animaniacs

    New Nurse - No Job!

    Some of my fellow new grad nurses are not even from the area where I work. But this is the only place they can get a job. Just keep trying though, you might have to apply somewhere else, maybe a different city.
  10. Animaniacs

    Got A Job!

    They won't expect you to know what the meds are for. Well maybe the basics, but nothing in depth. I would assume it's mainly dosage calculations. If you're good at dosage calculations, then are you good to go. Don't be nervous. I've never taken a pharmacology exam when I was a new nurse, but I did take pharmacology dosage calcuation exam, which I aced. i'm curious, how long did it take you to get a job?
  11. Animaniacs

    Career Suicide??

    Any experience you can get is welcomed I would assume. Although it may seem like it's hard to get a job right away, just don't give up, and keep at it. We hire a lot of new grads where we work in an acute care hospital with no experience. Most about 75% are there 1 year or less before moving on once they get that experience. I plan to leave my nursing job soon as an RN of 6 years in a m/s-tele department to travel the world for a couple years. It's a career break. If I don't get hired when I come back after 2 years, then so be it. The blame is on me, and it is not their fault that they don't want to take a chance. All I can do is keep trying to apply, because when one door closes, another one opens (hopefully, lol) but good luck to you, I'm rooting for you.
  12. Animaniacs

    Turning in letter of resignation - help!

    I understand this is an old topic. But I decided to use the search feature and found several topics, including this one because I have a similar question. I understand 2 weeks is the minimum. I also read in this topic to give multiple copies of the resignation letter, one to the director, and one to human resources. What is the reason behind that? My plan is to talk to my manager in person, and turn in my letter at the same time. But I had no idea I have to give that same letter to Human resources as well. Well if anybody can help enlighten me, it is much appreciated.
  13. Animaniacs

    ACLS renewal course after card expired.

    thanks for all the responses. that's what i figured at best, i remember the instructors telling us that in the future they will be more strict regarding taking the renewal with an expired card, they won't let you take it.
  14. Hi folks. My ACLS card expires at the end of June, which is this month. I'm registered to take the ACLS renewal course next month, which is a 1-day course in the middle of July. My workplace signed me up for the class. I'm just wondering if I can even still take the ACLS renewal course considering my ACLS card is expired. I don't really want to take the 2-day ACLS class, but then again I might have to. I remember going to a 1-day ACLS renewal class 2 years ago, and someone was able to take the class despite their card being expired. I think they give leeway as long as it's in the same month, not sure what happens if it's not in the same month. I went to the website of the place I'm taking the class at, and it says the 2-day class is for people who are new to ACLS or who have let their card expire. Anyways, I figure I might post here first and see if anyone has been in similar situation, and what to do. I'm going to that place tomorrow to complete my registration, if they say I can't take the 1-day renewal, then I might have to sign up for the 2-day course instead. Thanks.
  15. Animaniacs

    Should I reschedule my NCLEX exam date?

  16. Animaniacs

    Should I reschedule my NCLEX exam date?

    I see that you are from UK. I'm going to UK for my family member's wedding. Well, I'm not confident at all, I'm just ready to take it and get it over with because I don't want to forget everything I studied in the last 2-3 months:uhoh3: lol, plus I'm the last person in my class to take who hasn't taken the exam yet, as far as I know, there's probably a couple of people, but yeah. I'm reading Suzanne's suggestion regarding Saunders and she said to do all 4500 questions, 100 per day in the cd. But it's hard to do 100 questions per day since I have to work 12 hour shifts. that is highly unrealistic for me at this time, but I did half of the questions 2200 from saunders, I will also do 360 questions from Kaplan, and another 180 questions from hurst review.