Gifts for clinical instructors?

  1. My school splits our semesters in half. We just finished our first half and three of the instructors are moving on to different courses for the second half. I'm in one of the groups with an instructor that is moving on. Another group purchased a $150 gift certificate for their instructor. We went to lunch with our instructor yesterday but did not give her a gift. I wrote her out a thank you card but it turns out I was the only one that did. Now my group wants to get her a gift. Most of the group thinks it a good idea but a few of us don't. It seems inappropriate to spend that much on a gift for an instructor knowing we will have that instructor again in a year. I purposely waited to give her my thank you card until after my evaluation so it didn't look like I was trying to kiss butt or influence my eval. I understand giving a gift to say we appreciate the your time and support but I think $150 is too much for a 9 week class. What do guys think?
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  3. by   purplemania
    $150 is too much and maybe even inappropriate. A card is a nice touch. I have had students give me lotion (every nurse needs that!), pens, calendars - small stuff we all use. But cards are very nice.
  4. by   All_Smiles_RN
    There's usually ten of us in our clinical groups, we each throw in $3 and get her a $30 gift certificate to somewhere like chili's or applebees. $150 is just insane! I've seen other groups chip in a few dollars and get a gift set from bath & body works also, also in the $30 price range. I agree, anything more than that seems inappropriate.
  5. by   hollykate
    I'd agree. I've often served as a preceptor for an entire class of Paramedics (one future Paramedic at a time). They usually give me some small thing- sometimes a tshirt from the school saying "Paramedic program" on it...
    I'd be uncomfortable with 150.00!!!

    The nicer piece, is actually the thank you notes. When they are specific beyond just thanks, I save them and keep them in a book. It's nice to know I made a difference- and especially nice to know when... one thing I remember is a note that pointed out specifically, "you were so patient when I missed 5 IV's in a row. I learned a lot from those misses and can now do IV's really well." Yes, it's one of the reasons I agreed to precept again...
  6. by   truern
    My clinical groups have always given our CI a gift (usually because *I'm* in the group and I buy it..hehe), even those split semesters, however, ours are always in the $30 range as well. I always pay attention to the CI's hobbies and such, and find something appropriate that reminds me of her

    Personally, I think $150 is overboard and borders on trying to buy a grade or something
  7. by   Plucker
    150$ is totally overboard IMO! We never spent more than 30$ and we had the instructor for a whole semester. We did a pedicure certificate for one, a nice plant for one. We also usually do a spread for the floor we are one becuase most of those nurses are really great to us and we just want to show them we appreciate it.

    The card was a good way to go
  8. by   TexasPediRN
    Flowers or a plant and a nice card are a good way to go

    150$? NEVER!
    Its the thought that counts, not the amount of money spent!!
  9. by   susi_q
    I also am a clinical instructor for 8-9 week segments ... also agree that $150 is inappropriate. My clinical groups have ranged from doing nothing to paying for my lunch on the last day, giving cards, or chipping in and giving me BB gift sets, a massage, chocolate, candles ... more than that is excessive. IMHO
  10. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    I think what you did was perfectly appropriate, and probably very much appreciated.

    My school is the same way, with the semester split into two rotations. I have the same clinical instructor for the second half of the semester, and I just planned on getting her a card at the end.
  11. by   kristen38
    We have a policy at my school that we are not "allowed" to buy gifts for our clinical instructors. The way that we have gotten around this is just by getting something small, like a card with some pens (one teacher we had was always losing hers), and though it was a really small gift, it was practicle and was something we know that she would use. In another clinical group we all took a picture of our group and one girl pasted our heads on Star Trek picutre, and gave it to our teacher. It was his favorite TV show. Again, something small and inexpensive. Another way we get around it when we give the unit we were working a gift (usally a gift basket fill with whatever the individual students can afford) they usally open it right away and everyone shares it, including the instructor,
  12. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Hey, send me the $150. I'll pick out a nice gift for your instructor (about $30), and put the other $120 in on a Littman for myself!

    Seriously, a parting gift is very nice to receive, but don't you think nursing school is expensive enough? Save your money for books, etc, and only purchase something as a small token of your gratitude if you feel led to.
  13. by   Jessy_RN
    I agree with 150 being too much.

    50 sounds sufficient and more than enough.

    Consider a gift certificate other than a restaurant. Maybe a clothing or general store would be better?
  14. by   Nemhain
    $150 is waaaaaaaaaaay too much. Usually, $30 to $50 is appropriate for a group of 6 to 10 people. If you do want to splurge on him/her and don't want to give things that may add to their clutter you can always give a gift certificate for a spa service (think massage!) which would be about $60. I know nurses love massages!

    One of my instructors loved to bake and eat chocolate sweets so we got her a chocolate dessert cookbook and in it (on the blank pages at the back) we hand wrote each of our favorite sweet recipes (grandma's chocolate fudge for me!) and then bought a few decadent truffles to put on top of the wrapped book. The final cost was about $45 and she loved it!