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I formally petitioned for the nursing program at our local community college. I did not get in last fall but was told by admissions that I would be in this fall, 2003. Just go ahead and take all my... Read More

  1. by   ladytopaz

    I live in Springfield, not far from Sinclair, but I only live one mile from Clark State Community College. Decided to go ahead and register for classes to transfer to Wright State for my BSN. Figured that if I have a year to sit out for the Associates I might as well make good use of it. Then I'll officially transfer to Wright State for my BSN.

    I have been told though that there is still a possibility that I might get in the nursing program for this fall. But that depends upon students not accepting as of May 20th and others failing, so it's a big wait and see situation.

    Glad to see others from our neck of the woods, (SW Ohio) on here!!

  2. by   renerian
    That happened to me. I graduated with 80 hours of education. I finally had to threaten age discrimination to get in a class since new high school grads were getting in before me having taken over 2 years of classes. Funny I had a seat right after I got an attorney.

  3. by   zannie
    just a thought - to get your foot in the door while you're waiting, maybe take a CNA course? Does your community college offer them? Or your hospial or local red cross?

    I'm taking one over the summer, then am going to finish up my prereqs in the fall and spring.
  4. by   AmyLiz

    I'm not exactly sure how Sinclair's policy is regarding the waiting list. When I first sat down with an advisor, they were saying that it was a 4-5 quarter wait & that you got on it after you were eligible (ie. passed the pre-admission exam, etc). Then they told me that since I have most of my pre-req's out of the way (since I've already got a BA from WSU & they transferred credit), that the wait could possibly be shorter for me than the 4-5 quarters. A friend of mine in my chem class backed that up & told me that a girl that was in his NA training class last quarter just got her letter saying she was admitted to the program & would start this fall. Apparently she's only been there 3 quarters. seems to me that they take into consideration how many classes you have under your belt. Here's hoping. I would love to be able to start the nursing classes before Fall 2004!


    Good idea! Taking transferable courses is a great idea! Even if you get accepted into Clark State's program this fall and get your ADN, you can go to WSU to take their RN-BSN program & not have to worry about taking some of those goofy gen-ed's that are required there.

    I had thought about just going the BSN route at WSU, but then decided that I'd be better off going to Sinclair for the ADN first. Waaaay less expensive that way. After I get my ADN, I'm considering going the RN-BSN route. I *might* go the RN-MSN route since I've already got a bachelors, but I'm not sure. Capital University offers a RN-BSN program at their Dayton campus (on First Street, I think) from what I'm told, so I may go there instead of WSU. I figure I've already got one degree from WSU...why not go for 3 degrees, 3 different schools? LOL! :roll
  5. by   Mrs.Yost
    Have you considered a web-based program like Deaconess?
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i agree, don't give up!
  7. by   ladytopaz

    I took into consideration the cost of Wright State versus Clark State also. Much cheaper to go to Clark State. I'm only going to go part time this summer. Going full-time this past year to get all the pre-req's out of the way really burnt me out. I need a little break before really hitting classes again this fall. And, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I just might still get in the program. This waiting of up to three years though is for the birds. Especially when there are girls coming right out of high school and getting in the following fall. Sounds like age discrimination to me. I think they need to have their high school diploma's before they can petition, but at Clark State they don't. They can petition their Jr. year in high school as long as they have taken Chemistry and passed the Compass test. I think that is so unfair. But guess that's the politics of life, right??

  8. by   AmyLiz
    THREE YEARS? Man, that is ridiculous. Ugh. and students petitioning their jr year in high school? Heck, I didn't know what I wanted to do w/ my life when I was 16/17 y/o...I'm impressed that some do...or at least think they do!

    Feel free to PM me anytime!
  9. by   camkib
    Originally posted by renerian
    Funny I had a seat right after I got an attorney.

    My, my renerian....that does seem "odd"
  10. by   ladytopaz
    Ok..I've been off of here for a while but...I did do some researching. According to the "Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974" we are entitled to "SEE" those darned waiting lists and exactly where we are on them!! The waiting lists are considered part of our student records.

    So..I am exerting my rights and putting in writing my request to see my student records "which will include the waiting list" for the nursing program.

    Wish me luck!!
  11. by   Mkue
    I hope you get to see the list.

    I'm from Ohio too and many schools in my area have had waiting lists for several years. Not enough instructors or clinicals sites, not sure which or both.

    Good Luck, hope you get in somewhere soon.
  12. by   ladytopaz
    Yes, the waiting lists are terrible! And I can understand the shortages of instructors, but in our area, it is also the available sites for clinicals. You can't do all of your clinicals at LTC facilities. I even suggested maybe some of the larger physician's offices allowing clinicals to be held in their practices. Not sure if they liked that idea or not.
  13. by   tonicareer
    I have been applying to BSN, ASN and LPN for 5 years. Still haven't got in. Have a 4.0 and perfect attendence in prereqs. Yes the high school students get top priority in acceptance. My science courses are going to time out so it will soon be the end of the road for me. I can't take the time and money to retake the classes and wait 5 more years again. Lot of students experiencing the same difficulties.