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I formally petitioned for the nursing program at our local community college. I did not get in last fall but was told by admissions that I would be in this fall, 2003. Just go ahead and take all my other classes and then all I would have left would be the nursing and clinicals. Well, I've done that. I am finishing up A&PIII and a few other general electives. Nothing what-so-ever to take this summer!

And now...I'm being told that I will not be in this fall either! Talk about discouraged! I am 46 years old, kids grown and out of the house and I returned to school full-time to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse and now this!:confused: I honestly do not know what to do. My nursing advisor told me to go ahead and take more classes and that I would be in the program fall of 2004, or I could sit out a year. "Sit out a year"!! They don't seem to understand that all of that learning, especially A&P and Micro are those darned subjects that if you don't use it, you loose it! I've even thought of camping on the nursing directors door step to protest!! (Oh yea...she did insert a student into the fall program. Funny...she and this girls mother worked together for twenty years. Yes, she admitted to doing this but said she didn't realize that she would be starting this fall. Right!! Guess it's who you know at times!)

Anyone else run into this type of situation? I live in Ohio and other nursing programs are offered but in other cities. Any help would be appreciated. :bluecry1:

Angella Walker

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Try another school!

I know that it is discouraging. Nursing programs are so competitive right now. Don't put all of your faith into one school. You might want to try a private college. They usually (i stress usually) don't have waiting list but the downside of them is the debt that you accumulate.

Don't give up!


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Hi, LadyTopaz (love that name!)

I'm so sorry for your disappointment.

As Angella said, try another school . . . even if you've missed the application cut off for Fall, other schools may start students at the holidays as well, that way you'd only sit out one semester. It is true that local to me, the one expensive private school tends to still have nursing openings in July.

If another school is not an option--are there courses you might take that would support your nursing work? Exercise physiology if you want to work in orthopedics, or child development if you want to work in peds? A second language if your patient base will be diverse? Or courses you might later apply toward a BSN?

And if you really don't want to be in school that intervening year--what about working as a CNA. The clinical experience could be invaluable!

Also, do find out if your on a waiting list, and how far back on it you are--maybe somebody will drop out before classes start!

Anyway--the important thing is to find that plan B that'll keep moving you toward your dream. I'm 46, too. . . . a year goes by in the blink of an eye . . . you'll get there!


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I have started looking into alternative classes that I can take that will apply to a BSN. Guess I'm just feeling blue because I had my hopes up that I would be starting clinicals this fall. And true, I could possibly still get in this fall if a few students are dropped but our school will not even tell you where you are on the waiting list. In my opinion this is considered part of our school records of which we are entitled to see when requested!

I have been a State Certified Nurses Aid now for a little over a year working in long term care facilities part-time. I am not sure if a long term care facility is where I would like to be. The majority of residents are either dementia or have other behavior problems. Guess the days of mild mannered little grannies is long gone.

I think that I just took an evening to sink a little low on the confidence scale but it's slowly coming back up !! :) Thanks for the advice!


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Hi! Just a thought-could you get your LPN then bridge? An LPN usually takes twelve months and you would be able to use that to jump ahead a bit. I know of a lot of people doing that when they dont get into the ADN of BSN program right off the bat.

Good luck to you, I know you must be super-frustrated!

Amy :)


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Thanks for the suggestion but the LPN program has a two year waiting list! (I had already thought of that avenue)

Super-frustrated is putting it mildly!

Our local community college offers LPN and ASN programs. I am now looking at commuting to Dayton, Ohio to Wright State and just say the heck with it and go for my BSN. The time frame would be the same if I sat out a year for my ASN, three years. I have enough classes that I can transfer in as a sophmore. But at my age, 46, returning to school for a degree is somewhat a little scarey. Heck, I'll be almost 50 by the time I finish!! (Yikes!)

Thanks for the info though....


dosamigos76, RN

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I can understand your dissapointment and frustration. I am sorry that this happened to you. If you have the option of getting your BSN right off the bat-go for it! I wish that was an option here where I live in New Mexico, but it isn't. I HAVE to go the ADN to BSN route! I hope to get in the ADN this fall and I just turned 45, so please don't let your age hinder you one bit! The time will still go by.... Good luck in whatever you decide.



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I don't know what to say.... I know in this area - there's only one school that offers an ASN in nursing, so.... if I were in that position (and I just may - I'm trying to get in for next fall) I would be so devastated. :(

Anyway, I don't know what to say but wanted to offer some hugs!!!!!! ::HUGS::

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:wink2: don't ever give up!




Katnip, RN

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First, like everyone else said, don't give up. Second, you might want to try to write a very good, logical letter to this Dean and state why you so very much feel you need to get into the school THIS fall. Exceptions can always be made. I've seen people in nursing school who failed Adult Heatlh TWICE and they are still in the program.

Try to be a little assertive. You never know, it might help.

Don't worry about age. I'm 46, just finishing my BSN. I wasn going to go for my ADN, but found it would have taken the same amound of time as the BSN.

Wichever way you choose: Good Luck!!!


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Ok...I'll stick it out! You've all convinced me. Now one question...does anyone know of a good web site on the Endocrine system? Listing how each hormone works with the other, etc?? The one for my A&P book is terrible!

Thanks everyone!! :)


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laadytopaz, where in Ohio are you going to school? I'm going to Sinclair in Dayton & there's a waiting list there of approx 4 quarters from what they tell me. (I'm not in the program yet...still have to take my pre-admission exam)

Wright State has a great nursing program too. I went to school there 10 years ago & got a bachelor's in psych. Had a couple friends who were in the nursing program there & liked it.

Have you taken a look at other schools? I know Kettering Hospital has a medical college & has a nursing program there, too.

Hang in there!

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