Getting a new look for school!

  1. I am so excited about being accepted and starting school on the 25th, that I decided to go and get a new hairstyle and color tomorrow. I've worn my hair shoulder length for 20+ years and I just may get it cut short lol.
    Anyone else going to make changes or anything similar?
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  3. by   Jennerizer
    Sounds exciting! Let us know how it turned out.

    My hair grows so slowly, I'd be afraid to get it cut shorter for fear that it would take forever to grow back if I didn't like it. No major changes going on over here.
  4. by   Browneyedgirl
    I permed mine in February.

    I straightened it Tuesday night. well, kindof hair holds on to kink like white on rice! And I'm getting a cut tomorrow.

    Next week, me and my bestest girlfriend are going clothes shopping. NO MORE MOMMY DUDS!
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    My daughter told me that the blonde highlights I've been having put in my hair every six weeks for 6 years have begun to NOT be hiding the gray hair and in fact make it look more gray. So . . . she talked me into coloring my hair. All over. I've been afraid to do that because I've seen some weird unnatural colors. But we consulted with my stylist and came up with a strawberry blonde . .darker than before and it covers all the gray.

    I love it. And now I actually look like my red-headed kid's mom. I have two redheads and two dark blondes.


    P.S. Of course, I'm not going back to school. . ...
  6. by   dosamigos76
    Sounds pretty-you gotta post a new pic so we can see!
  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    I started nursing school with hair to my elbows, and by the time I graduated it was to my chin! I just didn't have the time or energy to spend an hour blow-drying it and another half hour with the curling iron or hot rollers. When I started working as a nurse, my husband convinced me to grow it out long, and until two days ago, it was at my bra strap in the back. I went to have it cut, and resisted my urge to get it all chopped off again (Men!), and now I'm disappointed! LOL! It looks exactly the same, only two inches shorter. Boo! I feel like I wasted my money.

    I think long hair is pretty, but I feel so unprofessional when it ends up in a ponytail at the end of the shift. I can't win. At least my husband is happy with it.
  8. by   Berta
    Thinking about a real short haircut. Mine is down to my waist. The only thing holding me back is that I have a real round face. Sometime that doesn't look good with a short hairstyle. Also was hoping to lose some more weight. I've lost 25lbs so far and rest just doesn't want to budge. I've got quite a bit to go. Oh well.. I have bought a couple of new tops and 2 pair of pants.
  9. by   dosamigos76
    Berta-Congrats on the weight loss and it's so fun buying new clothes, isn't it! If you're really interested in short hair, there are so many good styles that work for different people. Go to someone you trust or that is highly recommended. Waist length hair-I can't even imagine. That would be a BIG change, wouldn't it.
    Kristi2377-I can't imagine the weight of hair to my elbows! Wow!
    I am so excited about getting my hair "done" today. I have absolutely no idea what I'll wind up with. To top it off, the day after summer semester ended, my husband left on a trip to South Carolina and Georgia to see his brothers, and won't be back until Wednesday morning, so I guess I'll be surprising us both. lol
  10. by   angelina28
    Yep I went and cut my hair short also... I needed a break and find it's alot easier to manage now.. With starting school and having a daughter I gotta get up and around to it make's it so much nicer..
  11. by   dosamigos76
    angelina28-How neat! Glad to hear that you like your shorter locks.
  12. by   Bevi

    I got a perm in april... (my hair is long) and swore to myself i'd cut it before nrs. school.....
    now i'm chickening out.....
    Have you thought about keeping your shoulder length hair and pulling it back, or using one of those cute bun holders? (the oval leather/suede patch with the wee stick that threads through each end and holds a neat bun)... those are very cool, and look neat.
  13. by   dosamigos76
    Bevi, that's a great idea-especially if I chicken out. My problem is my hair has gotten thinner and I don't think wearing it long helps. For micro we had to put our hair back and I got so many compliments on how different I look it started me wondering. You know, "Geeze, does my hair look that bad? Maybe I should do something more with it." Ya know what I mean? lol
  14. by   KAYfutureLPN
    To celebrate getting into nursing school this April I got my hair cut nice and short. It looks good and it's now August and I still haven't felt the need to let it grow back. I am probably going to get my hair trimmed and my eyebrows done next week before I start school on the 11th. As for clothes, I probably need to get some new ones but I think I'll just wait until the fall. Congrats to all starting school soon!