For all those needing to pass exit HESI

  1. PM me if you want material that me and my classmates wrote down after the tests about what we remember on the exams!

    We all collaborated and typed up information from the review on Evolve website and wrote down what we remembered from each exam we took..... a good core of us passed on our FIFTH try, so you CAN do it!! Don't give up!

    Another tip: Google and download NCLEX 3500 institutional version. Look at what 2-3 areas you're CONSISTENTLY weak in, and then just focus on doing questions from NCLEX 3500 and other sources on THOSE areas. Then every 3rd day or so, do questions from a little bit of everything!!

    The HESI really pounds you on maternity and psych!! Unfortunately for me, as I found out, I was really weak in those areas. Also it can be tough in professional issues and delegation. Because I was in an ADN program, our who class was weak in management and professional issues, so we had to overcome this by teaching ourselves the materials for the HESI, but we did it! You can too!

    Also, do 250 questions a day for a few days up until the exam! Split them up, dont do 250 in one sitting! Do 50, walk away for a bit, go watch a movie, watch your favorite show, then come back and do 50 more. You WILL retain more information!

    Im just trying to help those who are unfortunate enough to have a school cover their butts by handing out an exit exam like this that claim they are trying to "help" the students by ensuring they are ready for the NCLEX. We all know this test can be a pain. I've experienced it first hand. I'm just giving information that helped ME pass, so hopefully this post will help someone else out too!

    PM me! I will give anyone what our class and a couple of classes before us remembers about the HESI!

    Have a great day, and dont be discouraged, because you CAN do it!!!!
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  3. by   Junebugfairy
    if you put this much effort into studying, you would actually pass the first time.

    like me.

    i do not need a 'heads up' about questions on the hesi, or any extra 'insider info', because i study my behind off.

    instead of trying to focus on other's education, you need to focus on your own test taking and study skills.

    i found the hesi to be easy.. anyone that went to nursing school *should* know that information..

    i passed the first time, with flying colors.

    study, study, and then study some more.
  4. by   jollydogg_RN
    I'm glad you passed the first time, but not everyone is lucky enough to attend an institution that really prepares you for the HESI. Just because you may have, doesn't mean everyone else has.

    When your college tells you "Just take your best attempt, you'll probably fail the first one" you know you might be in trouble.

    Why are you being hateful and cynical about this? All I'm doing is giving people who might have been in my situation some tips and advice that helped me. I'm just showing concern cause I know what I went through for the past 3 months has been hell. I mean, if this offer for help DOESN'T apply to you, why are you coming on this post and trying to start a flame war? Why come and post something negative when I'm trying to do something positive for some people who might benefit from what I'm trying to say?

    I really dont understand. Why should I just worry about my OWN education when I have the ability and information to possibly help others? I care about people who are trying to be nurses, because you know what, those same people just might be taking care of someone I KNOW someday, and I want them to pass and be ready.

    Its unfortunate you only care about yourself, by the way your posting thats what it makes it sound like. And actually, I'm debating between FNP and nurse education as my masters, so naturally I care about what others are going through and I'm constantly looking at how I can help myself AND others.

    Like I said, if this post I made is of no use to you because you passed, thats awesome, and Im glad you did, but PLEASE stay off of here and try to start something that doesn't even need to be started.

    I'd appreciate it.
  5. by   Junebugfairy
    my institution is a nursing school, they simply teach nursing and expect that we 'get it', and if we do not then we fail..

    no one prepared me.. i study 6+ hours a day, i prepared myself.
  6. by   jollydogg_RN
    i wont get in a flame war with you on a post where im simply trying to give hints and advice to people like me who needed help for the HESI.

    please refrain from ruining the nature of my post.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    please remember that these are copyrighted tests. giving general study hints is one thing. providing actual test questions and answers is forbidden under copyright laws and may result in failing exam.

    this article sheds light on the exam and how it should be properly used:
    hesi exams: health education systems, inc - associated content
  8. by   lunden
    jollydog i think u r doing a wonderful thing. i didn't understand tthe other post myself. but why turn something positive into a negative. her post was intended to help anyone that needed help. thats it
  9. by   purplestang
    Can you send me your notes on the HESI? It would be a BIG help....thanks!
  10. by   sirI
    Please bear in mind that helping others to study by pointing them to an appropriate study guide is one thing, but to actually write down exam questions (as you remember them) and providing them as study material is violation of copyright law. Please see NRSKarenRN's post above.

    Thank you to the OP for wanting to help others as they study.
  11. by   goodstudentnowRN

    Please send me your notes on the hesi too...I study too but anything that will help me with my studies will be appreciated. Thank you Jolly and you have a very good heart. God Bless!
  12. by   XYcsccSN
    Hooray for cheating!! Sharing information that was on the HESI is cheating- cut and dry. Offering tips on how to study is fine but when you get together with classmates and write questions down- You are a cheater. You deserve to be kicked out of your school for this. I hope someone tracks you down so you can get brought up on academic misconduct. People who have to cheat to get through nursing school scare the H#LL out of me. Sooner or later you will make a huge mistake that will cost a patient their life because you thought it better to cheat in nursing school than to study. Cherish you license when (IF)you get it because it won’t be yours for long!!
  13. by   2BSure
    This is NOT an ethical thing to do (also not a legal ting to do). I suspect your college would boot you for this practice and let's face it your posts are not very anonymous.
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  14. by   jollydogg_RN
    This got blown out of proportion fast.

    First of all, I never claimed to have written down questions. I said material we remembered. And I even said from the evolve remediation site.

    Ach version of the HESI has a gigantic test bank,so what good would just studying copied questions do? Lol. What a joke. Whoever said I cheat way through nursing school... What another joke. Don't act like you know me.

    We wrote down study material from the tests so we could see what they tended to ask more questions on. We did NOT copy questions and answers. We EARNED our grades.

    Some of you people that have nothing better to do than criticize others make me laugh.

    SirI and Karen, hopefully this clears things up.