First Year Finished!! Anyone else?? - page 3

I can't believe I just took my last final of Junior Year. It's done! I'm a Senior!:spin: For those of you who are trudging through, keep on going! Anyone else celebrating with me??... Read More

  1. by   kangamangus
    ME! ME! ME!! Less then a year to go now till I graduate!!
  2. by   anne5852002
    ONE YEAR DOWN, ONE MORE TO GO!!! The past year has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. I truly believe that i earned four months off for summer. CONGRATS, TO ALL WHO HAVE MADE IT TO SECOND YEAR!!!
  3. by   Do-over
    Took my final this afternoon, passed the class, now onto year 2! Congrats all!
  4. by   octechADN10
    I finished my second semester out of five on May 6th, IM OFFICIALLY A SENIOR NOW!!! I came out of adult med surg with an 88 and pharmacology with an 89, I was so close to A's but I guess I'll take the B's. Start PEDS on May 18th!! Im really excited about the summer
  5. by   oppa84
    Count me in. I just finished taking my last final for my 1st year this past week. Now, I'm looking forward to the summer where I'll be taking OB and Pedi. 2 more semesters to go and I'm done.
  6. by   JusJami
    Thank God it's summer! Anyone have pointers, tips, suggestions, ect. for what I'm in for come August when I start my 3rd semester?
  7. by   crazyNursingStudent1
    Hey all
    My last final is WED. cant believe I only have one year left!
  8. by   happilymarried
    I took the HESI for 2nd semester yesterday and passed! Now the final is in a couple of hours and I am posting messages instead of doing any last minute studying! I am SO tired of studying!!! And man, I hope summer goes by nice and slow!
  9. by   Pmkn10RN
    I took my last final aka simulation today! It's so nice to be done!
    I think a drink has my name on it....
  10. by   TrailBlazerRN
    I finished my freshman year, only three more years to go!
  11. by   Blove86
    I just finished my last Psych final, Im OFFICIALLY a senior nursing student!!!!!
  12. by   Nepenthe Sea
    I'm done with my Intro semester...four more semesters to go! I broke out the beer last night. :beercuphe
  13. by   kat von b
    I take my final tomorrow morning! One year down one to go!!