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  1. happilymarried

    Finding myself terrified of looking stupid in clinicals

    Please don't take offense to this because it is not meant that way but your critical thinking skills ARE still lacking! You are a first semester student with no medical experience! I can say that because I, too, was a first semester student and worked as a receptionist at a diesel engine shop (I'm about to start my fourth semester now and I still work at the diesel engine shop)... However, three semesters later, now I have 10 times the confidence during clinicals. Just give yourself time, you will get there! I still have tons to learn and there are still many times when I feel inadequate but I am getting there and you will too!!! Best of luck to you!!!
  2. happilymarried

    Horrified to start nursing school in Jan

    Each person is different and will have a different experience while in ns. I started ns with a 3.94 GPA. I just completed my third of four semester and I now have a 3.90. I have made A's all the way through ns but I recieved my first B in third semester. I work full-time and have two kids. My husband works full-time as well and he started law school last August. We are incredibly busy and we work hard to get everything done everyday. I learned how to study differently for ns and that has helped me tons! Being open-minded toward school and being flexible in how you do things will only help you! I remind myself often that the time is going to pass no matter if I sit on the couch eating Doritos and watching judge shows all day or if I work my tail off! The difference is, in May I will be able to put RN after my name. I wish you the best! You sound very organized and on top of things. Nursing school is hard to get into and it is hard to complete but thousands of people have done it and you can too!
  3. happilymarried

    Sympathy Pains....will they ever go away?

    IMO, a large part of being an effective nurse (or nursing student in my case) is to be in tune with the patients. I don't "feel" the pain the patient is experiencing but I am aware it. As nurses we are in a great position to explain to the patient what they may experience during a procedure. I think that being a sensitive nurse to your patient's needs equals being a caring nurse. It sounds to me like you are going to be an empathetic, caring nurse.
  4. happilymarried

    Happy Holidays

    Thank you for the kind words! I am thoroughly enjoying my break now!! I hope you and yours have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  5. happilymarried

    A light at the end of the tunnel!

    The most challenging for me was the one I just finished... After every single semster I have truly felt that way!! So since you are asking me right after I finished third semester I will say... Third semester!! But seriously, it is probably different for each person. What I am most/least interested in really helps (or hurts) my ability to learn the information. A different way to look at the challenge would be the grades... I have had a 4.0 all the way through nursing school but I just lost that I got a "B" in OB/Peds last semester. But let me tell you, I have ZERO desire to work in OB and it made learning that content such a challenge! So in the end, I hate losing my 4.0 but I am thankful I passed and I earned that B, let me tell you!! I wish you the very best while you are in nursing school! It is the hardest thing I have ever done but also incredibly rewarding and the time absolutely flies!!
  6. happilymarried

    A light at the end of the tunnel!

    Congrats to both of you!! I am also starting my fourth semester and I am SOOOOO excited! I can't believe how fast ns has gone by!! Yay us!!! Lol.
  7. Changing jobs can be very stressful and we all know how stressful nursing school can be. If you are at a place where they will work with your school schedule I would stay there! I have been a receptionist at a diesel engine shop the entire time I have been in ns (about to start 4th semster now) and I am not going to leave that job until I graduate. They work with me and I don't have the stress of learning a new job to deal with on top of being in a difficult program. Good luck to you whatever you choose!
  8. happilymarried

    Please help me out im confused!!!!!

    I am a traditional student and just completed the third semester of my RN program. My advice to you would be to thoroughly check out the LPN to RN program before you go that route. When my third semester started we had 10 LPN's join our class. We took our last final for third semester on Monday and 5 of the LPN's failed. None of the traditional students failed. Please don't take this as if I am implying that LPN's can't handle an RN program, I don't think that at all. What I do think is that third semester (at least at my school) is incredibly intense! When you couple the volumous workload with learning the ins and outs of a new school and trying to approach problems from a different viewpoint it may add up to a disaster. That was certainly the case for the 5 LPN's in my class that did not make it to fourth semester. Those nurses are incredibly bright and contributed a lot to our class and they still didn't make it. Just my , take from it what you choose. Best of luck in whatever way you go!!
  9. happilymarried

    What Color Are Your Scrubs?

    At Rose State we wear royal blue pants, white top, white shoes and if we want a jacket it has to be royal blue. I actually like our uniforms... Well, the white shirts aren't my first choice but overall I like the look.
  10. happilymarried

    Is Nursing school Hard?

    It's funny, my priorities have changed a lot in ns but they changed because I changed them. My family has always been my #1 priority and they still are. However at times I have to put school higher on the immediate list than my family but it is for them that I do this. My ns friends have started becoming a kind of second family to me. I see them as much as I do my real family. My extended family and peripheral friends have kind of gone by the way side because I just don't have the time to visit them. Ns is so different from typical degree programs that I have found that regular people do not understand the amount of time/dedication you have to exert to succeed. That is a large part of why I don't bother discussing ns with those people. Because of how it consumes most of my time/energy it is hard to talk about anything else and those peripheral friends/extended family don't necessarily want to hear me talk all the time about ns. I work with several people working on their degrees. I hear them talk about how hard their programs are and I want to say, you have no idea! But I don't because until that person is in ns they will never understand how difficult it is. So I use this forum. You all do understand what ns is like and I appreciate what you have to say about it! Thanks everyone for being there for me, this forum is like my third family, lol.
  11. happilymarried

    COMPASS Test question

    I think most community colleges will allow you to take a zero credit hour math course if you do not score high enough on the math portion to go directly into college algebra. Go talk to your entrance counselors and find out, that may take the stress off of you. I know it is no fun taking classes that don't apply toward a degree but if that is what you have to do then go for it!
  12. happilymarried

    Transfer Options??

    I would check to see if transferring is an option first. You said they kicked you out of the program because you got below a C... If you aren't in a nursing program you probably won't be able to transfer to another one. The act of transferring means you are currently in a program. I would make an appt with your school and talk to them about what options you have there. Then I would take your transcripts to a few other schools and talk to them about what they can do for you. Then you just have to weigh your choices. One thing is for sure, the time will pass whether you are in school or not, the difference is you can sign RN after your name if you continue on and finish nursing school somewhere. Best of luck to you!
  13. happilymarried

    Nervous about entering REAL hospital world

    One day during second semester, my prof was watching me put in a foley. I could feel the sweat running down my back I was so nervous! I was thinking in my head that I was screwing up everything I touched. After I finished and we left the room my instructor said, you seem so in control and compassionate. I was totally floored! Here I thought she was gonna tell me how I need to re-read my skills and work on chilling out or whatever and she said completely the opposite! My point is, just because you are shy doesn't mean you care any less or are less able to be a nurse. Generally I have a big mouth and I am pretty outgoing in a comfortable setting (not so much in clinicals). Time and time again my big mouth has really made me look like an incompetent boob because I needed to fill the air space so I said something stupid. I think quietness and calmness are very good virtues to have when caring for the sick. It shouldn't be a three ring circus in the pt's rooms anyway!
  14. happilymarried

    Do whiners make it through nursing school?

    [quote name= happilymarried - the drive? LOL...boy oh boy. I have so much drive enough for 5 RN students 'n more. I petitioned, but it was denied. My mentalhealth counselor & I are going to meet on Monday & she is going to call the School of Nursing and talk to them to get me back in. Lol, yeah I see your point! Well I sure wish you the best with everything! BTW, can I borrow some of your drive later on if I need it???
  15. happilymarried

    Do whiners make it through nursing school?

    I'm sorry to hear that... Do you have the opportunity/drive to repeat 2nd semester?
  16. happilymarried

    Tell me how do YOU study.

    Take a multivitamin EVERY DAY!!!! I started taking a Centrum vitamin within the first week of my first semester and while I have missed class once or twice it was never because I was sick!